How can I View EML files in Outlook?

Are you looking for an effective solution to view EML files in Outlook? If you also want to know the process, read the article to the end to get two ways. One uses a free manual and the other is an automated tool that you can choose according to your needs. As an instant solution, you can choose an EML converter to save your time and effort, and you can convert multiple emails without worrying about data loss.

EML file is an acronym of Microsoft. EML file contains a header, message, hyperlinks, attachments, etc. It contains only a single email while the PST file is the file format of Outlook. It can store multiple emails and is easily portable compared to EML. If you have 10 email messages, then you have 10 email messages, on the other hand, you can store unlimited emails in one PST file, it also saves disk space and is easy to carry.

Why do we need to view EML in Outlook?

  1. Currently, Outlook offers many advanced features and security purposes, so many customers migrate from EML to Outlook.
  2. Outlook offers a secured file format via password protection in PST file format.
  3. You can view EML files in Outlook on mobile, computer, tablet, and other devices.

Technique to view EML files in Outlook Manually

This technique requires you to download and install Outlook on your Windows computer and then configure your email account with Outlook. These are also the disadvantages of this manual approach. To overcome the challenges of the manual approach, you can opt for automated software which we have also mentioned in this blog. However, let's follow the procedure to view an EML file in Outlook.

Step 1. Now, launch Outlook on your windows machine.

Step 2. After that, create a new folder and give it an EML folder.

Step 3. Go to the EML file folder, select and move all EML files to the EML folder in Outlook that you created earlier.

Step 4. Here, go to the file and click on the Open and Export option.

Step 5. Next, press on Import and Export options.

Step 6. After that, click on Export to a file then the next button.

Step 7. Thereafter, choose Outlook data file(.PST) and then click next.

Step 8. Now, select and add the EML folder as you want to export in PST.

Step 9. At last, choose an Output file location and check on do not import duplicates, hit on finish.

Challenges of the Manual Approach

  1. Unable to keep the whole process in mind.
  2. It takes a long time depending on the file size, if you have multiple files then it takes hours and sometimes days.
  3. If you have skipped steps, you may also face data loss or file corruption during the process.

The process to View EML files in Outlook using Automated Tool

You can also use an automated tool, i.e., EML to PST Converter to convert multiple emails without worrying about manual challenges. This software is specially designed for non-technical users to professional users to save time and avoid data loss. You can complete the whole process in just 4 simple steps. This application is a trusted and expert-tested tool. When your data is critical and you don't want to take any risks with your data. You can choose an automated tool without any limitations to complete the whole process and it will deliver an exported file immediately.

Step 1. Download and install software on your system.

Step 2. Select and upload an EML file using the software panel.

Step 3. Choose PST in the export option list.

Step 4. At last, set the destination path and hit the finish.

Why do professionals avoid Manual solutions?

  1. You can convert emails with attachments, calendars, tasks, and other email elements from EML to PDF and 35+ file formats.
  2. Microsoft Outlook installation is not required to complete the process.
  3. You can select a file or folder that you want to convert.
  4. You can migrate emails from EML to Office 365 and 16+ email services.
  5. You can convert selected emails by date range, subject, to and received, etc.

Final Verdict

In this tutorial, we have explained different techniques for the same user guide as well as professional techniques. You can choose to meet your requirements. If you have a few emails, it is not critical, you can choose a free manual solution, and if you have bulk emails, they are very important emails, you can choose an automated tool to convert, without worrying about data loss.

In a free version, you can export the first 25 emails from each folder to check work performance and happy features. If you want to convert more than 25 EML files to Buk, you can purchase the premium edition to increase the working power and you can convert EML files unlimitedly.

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