The charm of the Steam community

As the player's favorite gaming platform, Steam has been recognized by many players. More and more players are willing to find their favorite games on Steam, and at the same time, more game manufacturers see the broad prospects of Steam and choose to release new games on Steam.

For players, Steam is no longer a simple game launcher. The charm of the Steam community has infected every player who loves games. In the Steam community, you can establish friendships with more players, check your friends' dynamics, and share your game experience and skills with them. Not only that, but you can also see game experiences shared by other players. The Steam community has become an indispensable part of players.

Now that the Steam community is mentioned, the Steam account level is also essential. Because the Steam account level directly affects the player's experience in the Steam community. A higher account level allows you to enjoy more community content. For example, for every 10th level of account level, you can get a showcase to display badges, favorite games, screenshots, and works of art. The showcase is very beautiful, which can greatly enhance others' first impressions of you. The art exhibition cabinet can not only upload your favorite pictures but also can be used to display part of the background. In addition to more showcases, a higher account level means you can add more friends, and you can add 5 more friends for each level.

The method to upgrade the Steam account level is also very simple, mainly by purchasing games and synthesizing medals. However, in my opinion, the experience provided by purchasing game upgrades is too little, and the upgrade is slow, so it is not a wise choice. Synthetic medals can be upgraded faster. By playing games, getting Steam cards, and then synthesizing medals with the obtained cards, you can achieve the purpose of rapid upgrade. It is worth noting that not all games will drop cards. Only those games with trading cards can drop cards. For some players, such as myself, I don't have so many games, but I love the Steam community very much. I will choose to buy some cards on for medal upgrades, so as to improve the Steam account level and unlock community functions. This is a very friendly method for me.

Overall, Steam is really a great platform. Since I met Steam, I have found endless fun here. I love Steam.
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