The Causes of Your Wireless Printer’s Malfunction


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All of us have been there. Your printer won’t cooperate when you need to print a crucial document. In an effort to determine why your printer is now having problems performing its function, you attempt again but get the same outcomes.

These issues weren’t as prevalent only a few short years ago. Yet since wireless printers were developed, it has happened rather frequently. Why? Simply said, wireless technology needs more moving parts to function than the previous generation of plug-and-play printers.

We can all agree, though, that the ease of being able to print to your wireless printer from anywhere in the globe is nothing short of a miracle and well worth the sporadic aggravation.

Problems with Wireless Printer: Common Root Causes

Thus, why do our wireless printers sometimes fight against us? The dreadful error messages that slink across the bottom of our computer screens can be caused by a number of different factors (usually at the most inconvenient times too). Let’s examine a couple of them and discuss possible solutions.

Loss of Internet Connection – This one may seem apparent, but frequently many of us take the internet for granted and hence infrequently consider the possibility that the cause could be an internet problem. There are several reasons why the internet can be down, such as a recent storm, service updates by the internet provider, or someone accidently flipping the wireless router’s off button. Sometimes all the problems might be resolved in a few minutes with a straightforward router reset.

Wireless Router Problems – As was already noted, there are situations when the problem isn’t even with the printer, but rather one of the many equipment that makes wireless technology function. If you discover that your internet is sending a signal.

Problems with the computer’s settings – Occasionally, especially in the age of automatic updates, when our computer’s operating system is updated, it might mysteriously reset our computer’s settings, causing the settings the printer requires to function properly to become messed up. This may also occur whenever you install new software or programmed on your computer.

Problems with computer updates – As previously said, it’s possible for settings that your printer and other devices need to function properly to get messed up when computers’ operating systems, software, or hardware are updated or upgraded. Hence, whenever you experience printer problems, consider whether something recent on your computer might have upset your printer’s settings.

Trouble with Printer Settings – Just as with computer settings, printer settings can become messed up in a variety of ways, including through auto-updates, unauthorised changes to settings, and power outages that cause everything to briefly shut down.

Problems with printer updates – Occasionally, when updating any software, there is a problem that causes the file to become corrupt or to be missing a crucial component. Any number of problems may arise when this occurs.

Lack of Ink or Paper Low – Paper jams and low ink supplies occur frequently, yet occasionally we forget about them while the printer is acting up.


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