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Repricing strategies refer to the tactics and techniques used by online sellers to adjust the prices of their products in response to changes in the market, competition, and demand. The goal of repricing strategies is to maximize profits, increase sales, and maintain competitiveness in the market.

Repricing Strategies can be manual or automated. Manual repricing involves sellers manually adjusting the prices of their products based on market trends and competition. Automated repricing involves using software and algorithms to adjust prices automatically based on predefined rules and parameters.

Some common repricing strategies include:

Dynamic pricing: This involves changing the price of a product in real-time based on changes in the market, such as supply and demand, competitor pricing, and seasonality.

Rule-based repricing: This involves setting up rules and parameters that automatically adjust prices based on specific criteria, such as minimum and maximum price thresholds, competitor pricing, and profit margins.

Time-based repricing: This involves adjusting prices based on time intervals, such as hourly, daily, or weekly.

Target-based repricing: This involves setting a specific target price for a product and adjusting the price up or down based on how close it is to the target price.

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