Here's How To Make Your Cash App Account Compatible With The Plaid App:

Make sure you update Your Cash app to its most current version (currently 4.0.3) and ensure that you're connected to your account before you open it. If you're not currently using the service in a different browser tab or on a different device, it'll prompt you to join Plaid.

Follow the on-screen directions to create Plaid services within the app. Link them both , which allows payments to be automatically credited to the Cash App account, without further steps.

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* You are now able to complete all of transactions and deposits in your Plaid transfers and deposit within your Cash app in the same as you would with any other financial application like Venmo as well as Chase Quick pay, which will instantly transfer funds to your account, and then transfer funds to any other account you want. Transfers will be made.

Be aware that although you are able to utilize Plaid's Plaid integration, it's not an actual bank account, but rather, it's intended to make it easier to complete transactions that were challenging for some users.

For those with more complicated financial needs, we suggest making use of traditional bank accounts through traditional banks.

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