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Now for the TV in the store to smart through TV technology, but also appeared a lot of curved for TV, the value is very high. TCL Mini LED, size and clarity is the focus of more attention to consumers. How to choose to use a cost-effective, placed in the living room and good-looking TV? Today I'll tell you about a few of our Chinese TV shopping lifestyle, you can effectively avoid these few deep pits!

TV shopping tips

1. brand smart TV

Buy a TV for the average family or an important thing, or buy for their own use is better. No matter how big or small several brands are, TCL Mini LED article and go to the regular store. Do not greedy for cheap and preferential prices and buy irregular channels or fake brands.

2.1080 P hard screen is preferred

4K TVs are better than 1080P TVs in terms of design, sound quality and picture quality, but this advantage is not obvious on small screens. Unless there is a super-sized display, 4K clarityu002Fpicture picture quality and 1080P no difference, and the general family, 55 inches is already a large size, now not suitable. 1080P enough, the price is more favorable. In addition, 4K resources are few. At present, many 4K resources are not real 4K sources, with the current network speed is impossible to support the real 4K. This is the reason why there is little difference between 1080P and 4K picture quality.

And hard screen 1080P smart through the TV to be more competitive advantage than soft screen, it has a good dynamic data display system performance, a broader view angle. But in terms of foresight, 4K TV technology or enterprise more advantageous.

3. Preferably with 3D function

A. Panel is very important for smart TV with good 3D function. There are two types of 3D panels on the market, namely shutter 3D and polarized 3D. TCL Mini LED, the shutter type is richer in 3D resources. However, the quality of the panel determines the strengths and weaknesses of 3D. If the 3D display is good, the panel will not be bad either.

B. Nowadays, many movies in cinemas are in 3D, and 3D movie sources are more abundant. Many video applications have 3D movie source areas. If you buy a smart TV with 3D function, you can easily enjoy the cinema-like experience at home.

4. Check the viewing angle

A real hard-screen TV, whether front or side, can be seen clearly no matter what position it is.

5. Preferred model with excellent power saving features

Energy saving and power saving, is undoubtedly a major trend in the development of China's current Chinese home appliance companies. As one of the essential home appliance industry for students' families, if its power consumption is huge, it is also a lot of our sum. A good smart TV, free to adjust the brightness, intelligent power saving, or quite in important.

6. Tap the screen hard screen test

Buy a smart TV, if it is a physical store, you may want to click on the screen, no watermark is the real hard screen panel. Hard screen panel color gamut wide, color saturation, vivid colors, picture quality more stable and clear.

About the TV parameters selection

1, picture quality

Of course the first is the picture quality. The most important thing to buy a TV is definitely the performance of the picture quality. But now many TV brands do not pay enough attention to the picture quality, and even avoid the important, the focus on the promotion of some flashy things, such as how thin the body, the content is twice as much as the competition. It can be said that the cart is put before the horse.

Parameters related to quality include color gamut, HDR, etc. Color gamut is the range of the number of colors that can be represented. You may be familiar with this horseshoe-shaped chromaticity chart, developed by the International Commission on Illumination in 1931, where the horseshoe-shaped area is the color gamut visible to the naked eye. The color gamut that each television set can represent is represented by an RGB three-dotted line triangle. The larger the triangle area, the larger the color gamut.

The color gamut value of ordinary LCD TVs is around 74%, while wide gamut TVs can reach around 90%, and cadmium-free wide gamut technology can reach 105% (CIE 1931 standard). Due to the use of KSF fluorescent crystal and color filter technology to improve the backlight purity, it can improve the color gamut coverage and avoid cadmium pollution to achieve health and environmental protection. A higher color gamut means that the TV can display richer colors and the picture is not only gorgeous but also more realistic. Although the wide color gamut does not directly represent good picture quality, but the picture quality of good TV must have higher color gamut coverage.

HDR is the abbreviation for High-DynamicRange, which was first used in the field of photography, and is mainly used in TVs to develop a richer picture of light and dark information, but HDR is not an important technology, but a data display treatment effect. The collective name for it, before it came into question, in order to be able to achieve the HDR effect, some TV manufacturers have been in both areas we have achieved a not insignificant result.

An important part of the bright color technology is the control of the area backlight. It can intelligently analyze the image and adjust the brightness of the backlight in different areas, so that the backlight in the dark is lower and the backlight in the bright part is brighter. To further improve the contrast of the image, there is also a big asset of bright color technology - luminance signal detection technology, a unique algorithm can calculate which parts of the screen should be brighter and Which parts should be darker, combining backlight control technology with light and dark control to make the contrast more pronounced.

Although there are more and more HDR TVs now, most HDR TVs only have a real effect when playing HDR sources, while the bright color technology is achieved through backlight control and signal source analysis, without the support of the source, playing any format of video can present HDR effects. This picture quality technology is certainly more practical.

2, sound quality

Sound quality is also important to the TV, but now the TV is getting thinner and thinner, sound quality is even worse than the early CRT TV, although the content is getting richer, but the sound is dry and faint, the overall viewing experience is largely affected by the pursuit of thin design and good sound quality is not completely contradictory to this fact.

3、Hardware configuration

Because the smart TV is equipped with an operating system, so the hardware configuration must keep up, just like we buy a cell phone, we must buy those with high configuration, so that it will be smooth and not card. Judging a TV's hardware configuration mainly depends on the processor, memory, flash memory and other parameters, of which the combination of 2GB memory + 16GB flash memory is currently more common, at least 3-4 years is enough.

4, appearance process

Technology development progress on the TV process technology level has improved significantly, bezel, base and other parts of the basic information are used metal material material, after anodic oxidation, drilling and cutting process analysis processing is very classy, even the back structure design is also very careful, do not hesitate to use metal materials, brushing process, etc., the face value is getting higher. In addition, the corporate full-screen design trend of thought we now have very widely popular, not only in the cell phone market industry, "full-screen" TV is because in reducing the boundaries of the bezel, watching network television can bring a good effect.

With the New Year coming up, it's a good idea to go to the mall and buy a new TV to put in your living room for the New Year. Learn these shopping tips, buy a TV becomes very simple, the whole family together to watch a wonderful program, really a very warm picture!

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