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debris secondary damage

Look at the safety mark of the helmet

To buy some with a certificate of conformity, 3C logo, relevant policies to implement national standards and have EPS foam of the regular financial products.

Look at the material and strength of the helmet

Helmets of different materials have different protective effects. Helmet shell made of plastic, glass fiber or carbon fiber, the buffer layer is mainly made of foam, 兒童頭盔 the impact of the outside world, so the thickness of the buffer layer, the quality of the material determines the buffering capacity of the helmet. The lining layer is made of soft fleece. A good lining not only helps the head and helmet fit together, but also absorbs the impact. The role of the cap band is to hold the helmet firmly on the head, the combination of which is: camphor type, ring buckle type, sticky cloth type. The chin protector is part of a full helmet helmet with a section under the nose to protect the lips and jaw and provide better protection against impact to the face. Helmet-style helmets generally have air inlets and outlets, goggles protect the eyes and face, and are made of materials such as plastic and reinforced glass. If the material is fragile, goggles in the impact will scratch the face. When buying a helmet, you can hold the helmet upside down in your hand. Press the front, back and sides of the helmet inward with force. If the helmet is easily deformed or soft, it will not protect you.

Try on before you buy

Check whether students feel we can be comfortable wearing it, size different sizes and whether it is carried out properly. Too tight will make the head a sense of pressure, and may even appear dizzy and affect the safety of learning to drive system; too loose, the helmet will shake, fall off, slightly subject to cultural collision, the helmet will fly far away. Head and the liner just right contact while cheek to lower cheek paste and tighter better. Consumers should try on and then choose a helmet suitable for China itself.

Buy through formal channels

Consumers should try to choose a company with full license, good business conditions and good reputation to buy, do not salivate to buy a poor quality plastic helmet or construction site helmet cheaply. The plastic helmet of the present invention has no protective effect. The safety helmet at the construction site mainly protects the top of the head and only plays a protective role against damage caused by falling objects, and has no protective effect on the top, front and sides of the head. When using this helmet, once the accidental impact, crushing will produce debris secondary damage, the loss is not worth obtaining. If the collision or a small crack in the process of use, should be replaced in a timely manner, do not continue to use.

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