Chicken Invaders is a classic game of all time.

Chicken Invaders is an extremely popular game with fun content and simple gameplay.

Chicken Invaders is a classic games of all time.

The gameplay in the Chicken Invaders Series is extremely unique and interesting: players will control a spaceship outfitted with full guns, alone entering the lair of the alien chickens (with infinite shapes, which is ridiculous) to destroy them before they can invade Earth.These chickens are equipped with modern weapons and are capable of destroying the entire planet we live on. The game is a harmonious synthesis of the tension of fighting games with humor and playfulness that any age can enjoy.

To add to the fun, the game will randomly display items that will assist players in increasing their strength (shoot more bullets, fly in spaceships with more armor, and so on).From there, create epic battles, increase the player's survival rate against the large and stronger chicken army over time.

The game has up to 10 levels, and the highlight of each level is a boss chicken. The game will end when you lose all your lives, and the difficulty will increase with each level. The game can be played in two modes: single-player and two-player.


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