Transgender Model Stars in Taylor Swift's 'Lavender Haze' Music Video

Taylor Swift's highly-anticipated track video 'Lavender Haze' was once a deal with in many respects: it used to be her first video in three months, the first video for her ultra-modern album 'Midnights' but most importantly, trans mannequin and actor Laith Ashley stars alongside the Grammy award-winner.

"The Lavender Haze video is out now. There is a lot of lavender. There is plenty of haze. There is my tremendous costar Laith Ashley who I honestly cherished working with," Taylor Swift stated in an Instagram post.

Famous for being one of the first transgender male fashions to show up in a countrywide marketing campaign in the US, Laith Ashley thanked Taylor Swift for the ride and platform because, as he said, "representation matters".

"Thank you, Taylor Swift, for permitting me to play a small phase in your story ...Thank you for being an ally and for consistently the usage of your platform for good. Representation matters. And love will constantly win!" Laith Ashley stated on Instagram.

Speaking to Elle magazine, Laith Ashley stated that he does now not desire to be put on any kind of pedestal or say that he represents all of the LGBT neighborhood as that would not "be fair". However, he acknowledges that representation, mainly on a platform as massive as Taylor Swift's, is important.

"I've gotten hundreds of messages from younger trans humans and trans humans of all a while pronouncing how essential and how big it is for any individual with the platform that Taylor Swift has, particularly in the instances that we're in now," Laith Ashley said.

Politicians across the US have brought 124 payments which prevent LGBTQ people, concentrated on their freedom of expression, the protection of transgender students, and get admission to to fitness care for gender dysphoria, in accordance to the American Civil Liberties Union.

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