What to Expect While Consulting a Urologist?

Are you going to consult a urologist, but you aren't aware of what might occur during the consultation? Relax; this write-up will give you brief information about the same.

A urologist is a medical professional who can diagnose and treat your problems with the urinary tract. If you notice symptoms like urine leakage, difficulty urinating, dribbling, pain in the pelvis, lump in the testicles, or other things, you should consult a urologist.

When you visit a urology consultant for the first time, you might come across the following things.

Choosing the mode of consultation

The first thing before a consultation is to schedule your consultation online or offline. In today's era, people have become quite a techie and conscious about their health. Because of all this, they prefer to schedule their consultation with a urologist on an online platform.

Process of scheduling teleconsultation

Once you have decided to consult a urologist online to seek healthcare services, you might have to schedule your teleconsultation by following a few steps.

  • Download the Livlong app from Google play.
  • Select the speciality (urologist) for which you want to seek consultation.
  • Fill in the details of the patient.
  • Carefully verify the OTP.
  • Choose your mode of payment.
  • Make the payment.
  • Consult online.


Briefing about your symptoms

The very first and most important thing during your consultation with a urologist is briefing about your symptoms. It would help if you were very particular and honest about your symptoms and brought yourself to a urologist.

Suppose you are facing problems like dribbling, urine leakage, difficulty in urinating, frequent urination, blood in the urine, decreased sexual desires, lump in testicles, or trouble getting or keeping an erection. In that case, you should consult a urologist.

Discussion on health history

After knowing about your symptoms, the urologist might discuss your health history.

While you consult a urologist online, the urologist might ask about your and your family's health history. This is done for better diagnosis and treatment because if the doctor knows about your health history, it will become easier for them to treat your problems and make you fit in the present and future.

Physical exam

After knowing your symptoms and health history, the urologist might perform a physical examination. This will consist of ultrasound, sonography, CT scan, MRI, and other tests. These are done to diagnose your problems and then treat them with care.

Treatment plan

When you visit a urologist for the best healthcare solutions, your treatment plan might have medications and lifestyle changes. The urologist prescribes and suggests a treatment plan so that you can get well soon.


Once you have visited your urologist and started with your treatment plan, it is also important to seek a follow-up consultation if you need it. Follow-ups are also important; during this session, you can discuss the positive and negative changes after beginning the treatment.


Whenever you visit a urologist, you might come across things like a briefing about your symptoms, discussing your health history, physical examination, treatment plan, and other things.

But before you schedule your teleconsultation with a urologist, choosing the best urologist and healthcare company in the country is also important. Now you might be thinking about how to do so, right? So, for this, you need to research, check qualifications, check certification and verification, consider an experienced urologist, and check their reviews online.

While you try finding out the best urologist in India on these parameters, you will find the best healthcare company, Livlong. This company has experienced specialists like urologists, cardiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals on board. So, schedule your teleconsultation at Livlong to seek the best services from the urologist available online.

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