Give your old, Underused, or Unwanted Jewellery a Fresh Start

Repurposing outdated jewellery is more common than ever as recycling becomes more and more vital. Since it has been around for generations, some of the unused jewellery can be altered to fit various events. Whether you want to transform an heirloom brooch into a necklace or divide a ring with three diamonds among three heirs. There are countless options.

Without melting the original, we "Renovate" your old, unused gold, Kundan, and diamond jewellery into fashionable, wearable new items. Our skilled designers and technicians turn your jewellery around while maintaining its sentimental heirloom value and saving you a tonne of money. There will be no labor losses and no outdated jewellery will be wasted.

We provide remodelling old jewellery during which we check your old jewellery for flaws like loose prongs and cracked stones, among other things. We provide supervised Solitaire Settings' at your convenience. We specialise in Real Jewelry Repairs of all kinds. In order to accommodate contemporary tastes, we adapt and restore broken and damaged antique, vintage, pearl, emerald, ruby, and real Basra jewellery.

Our jewellery renovation is a fantastic technique to rejuvenate vintage jewellery that you don't wear anymore. It can be outdated, broken, inherited, or jewellery that wasn't made with your input. Using the sentimental components, remodelling allows you to design something new precisely how you want it.

Redesigning a piece of jewellery so you love it and wear it every day is a terrific way to personalise it and make it your own. We have redesigned hundreds of jewellery items, including antique pieces, anniversary gifts, and engagement rings. Our small, skilled team will collaborate with you to develop your remodelling plan before bringing it to life with breathtaking results.

Recycling Jewellery Promotes Sustainability

Making jewellery by remodelling or upcycling is a sustainable practise. By using remodelling old jewellery to make your next piece of jewellery, you may lessen the negative effects that mining for diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals may have on the environment. When having your next piece of jewellery manufactured, it's a terrific idea to use previously worn jewellery to create a fresh bespoke design.

The day of just repairing broken jewellery is over. Redesigning a significant piece of jewellery is now regarded as a wonderful way to commemorate an important event. Couples are increasingly choosing to rebuild their wedding bands or engagement rings as a way to mark their anniversary. Now a loved one who wasn't a part of the initial concept can participate.

Why should your jewellery preferences remain the same when life changes and our tastes in fashion and style evolve as well? By remodelling your jewellery, you can improve a diamond or add stones that you weren't able to buy when you were younger.


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