How To Get MT In NBA 2K23 Season 4?

NBA 2K23 season 4 is about to begin, and we should be prepared. The key to becoming strong in this game is to buy 2K23 MT. So how do we get MT in NBA 2K23 Season 4? This guide below will give you details on how to get the game currency in NBA 2K23 Season 4.

How to get 2K23 MT in NBA 2K23 Season 4?

There are many ways to get 2K23 MT in NBA 2K23, such as participating in various games, challenges, and auctions.

Play as many games as you can

Of the many ways to get MT in NBA 2K23, the most obvious and straightforward is to play as many games as possible. This is a very easy way to make MTs, as you will receive a few at the end of each game. These MT will accumulate. On top of that, the number of MTs you get will increase as the season progresses.

Sell extra players

If you have too many players on your MyTeam roster, you can sell them at the NBA 2K23 Auction House. To do this, go to the Auctions tab in the MyTeam menu and select the players you want to sell. Set the starting price and duration of the auction, then wait for someone to buy your player. This is a very easy way to earn extra MT, especially if your players are in high demand.

When should we sell players?

In NBA 2K23 if you have extra players ready to trade, you can sell them at these times below, which will allow us to get more MT.
  • Late Sunday night to early Monday morning
  • Thursday night and Friday morning
  • Peak hours start at 6 pm CET daily
  • Thursday and Friday
  • Weekends and Mondays
We can gain an advantage in NBA 2K23 Season 4 if we can get enough 2K23 MT.
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