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"Don't panic, slow down, hold on, we can win, we're about to succeed, come on ..." What do you do with such a fierce shout? To tell you the truth, this is the game we are playing in the "pin table tennis game" Marlboro Gold, let's take a look! The rule is this: use chopsticks to pick up a table tennis ball and walk around a circle to get a point, the next pair of people continue to clamp. Those who score more points within the stipulated time will win. Start grouping, divided into two groups, the group leader is Xiao Zhao, the group leader is Xiao Li, I was divided into two groups. The students rubbed their hands and eagerly tried it. With the teacher's order, the tense and intense table tennis match began. Our team first played the team leader Xiao Li. I saw that she was bound to get it. One arrow stepped forward to squat down, calmly picked up the chopsticks, clamped, then clamped. The table tennis seemed to be sucked on the chopsticks. One pin for one quasi. As for Xiao Zhao in another group, the table tennis seemed to be against her Parliament Cigarettes, jumping around in the box. She was chasing and chasing in the box with chopsticks. She was really anxious to eat hot tofu! "Come on, you can do it." With the encouragement of the classmates, Xiao Zhao finally picked up a table tennis ball Cheap Cigarettes, but Xiao Li in our group has scored a goal, far exceeding the opponent. Next is Xiao Li and Xiao Liu. Li and Liu fight, who will win? I saw that Xiao Li raised his small hand holding the ball, and started off with full confidence, but it was often contrary to expectations. Without taking two steps, the table tennis fell and jumped on the ground. Looking at Xiao Liu again, he saw that he was holding the ball steady, guarding his left hand from time to time, walking cautiously like a chick who had just pecked the eggshell, watching the score, suddenly Xiao Zhao came out, Grab Xiao Liu's clothes and make a grimace to Xiao Liu. At first the table tennis did not fall, but then Xiao Liu couldn't help but laugh, and the table tennis fell to the ground. The most hilarious is Xiao Hao. I saw him struggling to hold the table tennis. He did n��t dare to care about it. I do n��t know who was doing the trick. He tripped Xiao Hao, and even the person drew the ball and fell on all fours. Among them, Xiao Hao held up his chopsticks without forgetting his original intention, and shouted eagerly: "My ball, my table tennis!" The members of our team have been trying hard to hold it, and it seems that it is my turn, but I get nervous. If I can't hold it, will it make the students feel cold and ironic? If I lose halfway, will the students look down on me? I, who was originally stress-free, is now a hundred times more stressed. "It's your turn, short paragraph." What, so fast? Suddenly I stopped. No, I can save a goal. I strode forward to pick up the chopsticks and started to catch the ball, no, no, the ball ran in the box, my hand was shaking, "Come on, you can do it, we believe you, you are the best "" As long as you dare to take the test, you will be successful. "Encouraged by the students, I am more confident. I learned the way the students in front of me, and I went all the way to the table tennis clip to hit the goal. Walking forward without twisting my body, I held my breath, and my heart almost touched my throat, and soon, almost, and finally, I scored. The tense heart finally opened. There was a burst of applause. Success has given me a sweet taste. In the end, we beat a group with a score of 29: 9. "We won, we won!" We cheered to learn in the game and grow up happily. It not only relaxed our mood, but also let us know the truth of doing things calmly.
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