COVID-19: Donald Trump announces direct payments of $16 billion to U.S. farmer

President Donald Trump, on Friday, announced a 19-billion-dollar aid package for farmers hurt financially by the coronavirus crisis.
The aid plan includes $16 billion in direct payments to farmers to boost their incomes, along with $3 billion in government purchases of meat, dairy products, and other foods.
“The programme will include direct payments to farmers as well as mass purchases of dairy, meat and agricultural produce to get that food to the people in need,” Trump said during his daily news conference.
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said 16 billion dollars in direct payments will be made to farmers and the U.S. Department of Agriculture will purchase 3 billion dollars in goods.
The money for the relief has already been allocated by Congress in previous aid legislation.
Posted in Daily News Summary on April 18 at 12:50 PM

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