Cause of low sperm count in men.

While it's unlikely that Dad would carry the child, the health of his body, particularly the health of his sperm, plays a significant role in your chances of getting pregnant.

The likelihood that one of the swimming swimmers will fertilise your eggs is reduced if your child has little sperm. A low sperm count means that there are less sperm than is typical in his sperm. Vidalista 20mg is the medicine which increase the sex drive and sperm count in males.

The average number of sperm per millilitre of semen is between 15 million and 200 million. A male is said to have a low sperm count if his count is under 15 million.

Other important factors in a semen research are motility (i.e., the percentage of moving sperm and how they move) and morphology (aka the study of the shape of sperm).

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What is the cause of the low sperm count?

Sometimes there is no recognised reason for a low sperm count. However, a few options are as follows:

hormonal irregularities

Trauma may cause the testicles to become damaged (e.g. sporting injuries)

an inability for the testicles to descend (even those that were fixed earlier)

the varicocele (an enlargement of veins of the scrotum like varicose veins, which can be seen in legs)

Testicular inflammation, typically affecting one or both, is known medically as orchitis.

Ejaculation challenge

Some medicines are prescribed.

prior operations

Radiation exposure and exposure to hazardous substances are examples of environmental causes.

Lifestyle-related problems, such as alcohol consumption, smoking, drug use, and weight gain

Symptoms and effects of low sperm count

There may be no additional symptoms of a low sperm count in males than infertility. The following symptoms of decreased sperm count in males may affect some of them.

Cheap sex drive

Having trouble keeping or obtaining an erection?

A reduction in the amount of body or facial hair (which could be a symptom of a chromosomal or hormonal imbalance or an anomaly) (which could be a sign of a chromosomal or hormonal imbalance or an abnormality)

An enlargement, discomfort, or lump in or near the testicles

Keep in mind that while these symptoms may be suggestive of a potential issue, they do not constitute a professional medical diagnosis. To be sure, consult an infertility specialist and your OB/GYN.

How can I naturally increase the amount of sperm?

On the plus side, a reduced sperm count doesn't always indicate that males are infertile.

Additionally, there are steps he can take to improve the quantity of sperm he has and raise the likelihood that you two will succeed in conceiving a child. Use the following methods to increase your sperm count naturally:

1. acquire wholesome, nourishing food

Not only are mothers' dietary needs likely to be influenced by childbirth, but also others. Men also need to eat foods that increase fertility.

According to the research, dads require a lot of vitamin C, E, zinc, folic acid, and folic acid, all of which are mostly present in natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.

It has been demonstrated that nuts and other foods high in antioxidants, such as walnuts (as well as vegetables and fruits), might enhance sperm quality.

Additionally, deficits in nutrients C, D, E zinc, selenium folate as well as good fats like omega-3 fatty acids, might influence sperm production as well as quality.

The flip side of the coin is that some foods may be detrimental to semen. The quality of semen may be impacted by consuming a diet high in saturated fats (think fried, processed, or fatty meats and baked goods).

There is some evidence to support the idea that consuming too many foods containing soy results in reduced sperm counts.

Make sure your man consumes a healthy, balanced diet and takes daily multivitamins if you want him to be the finest swimmer. If the adage that "the best road to a man's heart is through his stomach" is accurate, then some wholesome home cooking might help with the preparation of food in the bedroom!

2. Reduced tension

Stress can help your man relax and can also have an impact on sperm production (in addition to making sex less pleasurable or nonexistent).

Make sure he gets enough sleep and exercises frequently (but do not run ultra-marathons because exercising too much has been found to lower testosterone levels and the quality of sperm).

Try to relax him using other methods, such as deep breathing exercises or even meditation.

3. Cut the heating off.

Your boyfriend has to keep his body cold while you're trying to get pregnant. Spas, steam rooms, saunas, and long, hot baths can temporarily elevate your partner's body temperature while lowering the quantity and quality of his sperm.

Keep your pet out of the sunlight (and ensure that your electric blanket is not allowed for the moment too).

4. Give up smoking and drinking

Smoking cigarettes and using drugs recreationally both reduce sperm counts. Men's fertility might also be affected by heavy drinking. Male fertility is significantly harmed by combining these two behaviours.

Smokers also exhibit reduced sexual urge and engage in fewer sexual encounters, according to research. Alcohol and other drugs used recreationally may also affect his performance in the bedroom.

The best course of action is to reduce or, even better, remove all of them. (Smoking secondhand smokes while pregnant can endanger both the unborn child and your pregnancy.)

5. Are you regularly in a sexual relationship?

Abstinence may make a person's heart grow fonder (and their libido grow stronger), but it has no effect on your chances of conceiving a child.

You might reconsider your plan if your partner is reducing his sexual activity and increasing his cold shower usage to accumulate more sperm for when you might need it most (during ovulation). Cenforce 200 is the medicine which used  to maintain the regular healthy sex life in most of couple.

When your male has normal sperm counts, according to research on male fertility, you're in the ideal position to have the best chance of becoming pregnant for the baby if you have intercourse every one to two days.

It is preferable to have sex every two days rather than every two weeks if your spouse has low sperm count.

Even for males with low fertility levels, prolonged abstinence can lower a couple's chances of becoming pregnant. However, this effect is not favourable.

What's the cause?

Even though more boys are willing to make the journey, abstinence can enhance the number of sperm. However, the longer you abstain, the less mobile and attractive the sperm will be (a problem since there are fewer boys who are capable of making it to the end of the road).

On the other hand, doing the wrong thing (let's say more than every day) won't make you more likely to win the baby jackpot. This is because you'll need a sufficient amount of sperm each time you work and having a sperm count more than three times a day won't provide him enough time to replenish his sperm!

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