What To Know About Car Inspection When Getting Title Loans?

Title loans are always a great option to get instant money because of their low requirements. People who have been unable to keep up with their credit scores can always get a loan amount with the help of title loans. However, this is not possible with traditional loans. Whether you want to use the loan amount to complete your expenses, buy new furniture, use it for your education, buy new clothes, etc., getting Oklahoma City title loans is always a good idea. 

However, there are certain requirements and terms and conditions related to online title loans which you need to agree to. Car inspection is also one of them, which is highly important to go through by the borrower. It is your car or vehicle that plays a prime role here, and it is important to go through with its inspection before proceeding with anything. 

Know about car title loans 

In simple words, title loans, also known as title pawns in some places, are fast as well as handy to get instant cash when you are in need of it. Also, in this, you need to volunteer your vehicle as a form of collateral. It is essential to involve your vehicle, which is lien-free and in good condition. This means that there are no outstanding loans against the vehicle. However, in the case of traditional loans, it is your credit score that serves as collateral and determines the loan amount. 

But with RV title loans, you can use your car as collateral and keep driving it even after taking the loan amount. After repaying the loan, the title of your vehicle will be given back to you. Also, depending on your income, you and the lender can get to know how much you can easily repay back at the decided timeline. 

What to expect from car inspection in title loans? 

Whenever you are approaching a lender for title loans in Oklahoma City, it is evident to go through the car inspection process. This is so because the lender wants to ensure that the vehicle you are offering as collateral has your name on its title as well as the insurance policy. Also, it is important to ensure that it is lien-free and in good working condition. 

The next thing that your selected lender will go through is whether the amount of the vehicle is paid off completely or not. If yes, then you hold a great chance to get a higher loan amount, but if not, then you might not be able to get a satisfactory loan amount. 

The car inspection is done to also know whether there is any modification done to the car or not. If yes, then whether they are street legal and according to the code and on the basis of state laws. Moreover, it is to know whether the car has been involved in an accident or not. 

How do lenders judge the value of your car via inspection? 

No wonder every RV title loans offer is unique and different, but there are a few factors that play a huge role while determining the value of your car and whether it can be used as loan collateral or not. 

Here are the factors mentioned below: 

  • Vehicle equity - If you have a financed car, then it might have positive or negative equity. This is the reason that the equity of your car tells how much of the car you own in dollars. However, to know the vehicle equity, you need to know how much money you need to pay on the loan and the actual value of your vehicle.  
  • Trade-in value - Another factor is the trade-in value which is different from the average value of your car, street value, or private party value. 
  • Overall condition of your car - It is important to know the overall condition of your car, which includes wear and tear, mileage, tire pressure, tire tread, the car’s interior and exterior, and much more. 


Whenever you are getting TFC Title Loans, you need to know that car inspection plays a huge role. Thus, the above-mentioned information will help you have a smooth experience while getting title loans in Oklahoma City.
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