How Do People Take Cocaine? Does Any Have Side Effect On Using Them?

Cocaine is a stimulant drug which means it can spread very quickly all over the body after consuming it. There are several ways of taking Cocaine, such as injecting, smoking, or snorting. It comes in several forms, such as blow, powder, coke, and also crack. 

Cocaine has a long history in the medical industry. Past-era doctors used Cocaine as a pain reliever when anesthesia was not invented.  

Nowadays, many countries have banned cocaine usage. This means it is illegal in many countries. Cocaine provides your body with a fleeting feeling of extreme excitement. But the overdose outweighs its temporary effects. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways of taking it and its side effects. 

The Ways Of Taking Cocaine

Below we have mentioned several ways of taking it.

1) Snorting Cocaine

One of the most common methods of consuming Cocaine is snorting. It is also the simplest method that has been discovered. It is considered a safer method. Snorting Cocaine means it simply passes through the nasal pipe into your body. It has many dangerous side effects.

Below we have mentioned some of the side effects of snorting them. 

  • One of the most terrible side effects of snorting Cocaine is a runny nose. In this case, excess nasal drainage will happen. Not only that but sometimes nosebleeds also occur. 
  • It also increases the risk factor for cardiovascular health problems such as heart pain, heart attack, chest pain, and so on. 
  • Snorting Cocaine can also increase the heart beat rate. Therefore you will feel abnormal palpitations and tensions. 

2) Injecting Cocaine

Another dangerous form of consuming Cocaine is injecting them. It is one of the most common methods of taking coke. 

While you are injecting them, you have to mix the cocoa powder with water to recreative some cutting agents and solvents. Due to cocaine production, it has been mixed with creatine, baking powder, and detergent. 

In this case, the injected liquid will be very much acidic. There are several side effects of injecting them, such as tearing up veins, collapsing veins, permanently damaged skin, and so on. Not only that, but additionally it also increases the risk of hepatitis, damage to blood tissue, and so on. 

3) Smoking Cocaine

There are two main forms of them such as coke and crack Cocaine. In this case, rock like coke or crack Cocaine has been heated up to a spoon or pipe. After that, the melted vapor is inhaled by mouth. 

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4) Eating And Drinking Cocaine   

Cocaine can be used by drinking or eating. This means if you want to consume it by drinking or eating, then you have to rub it alongside the gum. People who orally take Cocaine have a higher risk of cardiovascular issues and other heart issues. 

Side Effects Of Cocaine After Using It For A Long Time

Here are the terrible side effects of using them for a prolonged time.

  • After prolonged usage of them, you will lose the sense of smell. Prolonged usage of Cocaine will damage the odor receptors, which help you to detect the smell. 
  • Another one of the most common side effects is a lack of cognitive abilities. In this case, it will decrease the level of concentration and decision-making and also increase the risk of memory loss.
  • Prolonged usage of Cocaine can lead to inflammation. In this case, it will collapse the nasal cavity and nose, which is why nosebleeds may occur. It also collapses the holes in the roof of your mouth. 
  • Another side effect is lung damage. This can include internal bleeding and scar tissue formation, which leads to infection, injury, and so on. Apart from that, worse asthma symptoms also occur.  
  • It also increases the risk of nervous system disorder. 

What Is The Function Of Cocaine After Getting Injected Into Your Body?

Cocaine has several side effects for every person. Some people report feeling euphoria. On the other hand, some people report anxiety, hallucinations, and pain. The main ingredient is coca leaf which leads to damage to the central nervous system. 

Cocaine enters your body which builds up dopamine. It is a neurotransmitter that increases feelings of pleasure and rewards. 

One of the most important questions is how long does Cocaine stay in your system blood test? The answer is it will stay up to two days or 48 hours in your body. 


We have mentioned some factors of consuming Cocaine above in this article. Apart from that, if you think that you should consume methotrexate to decrease risk factors, then it is also dangerous. Methotrexate side effects are also terrible. If you want to get relief from this addiction, then you can contact your nearby health center.

We hope you found this article helpful. In case you have queries, please comment down below.

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