How to Update the Driver for the HP LaserJet M1005 Scanner

There are two ways to update the driver for the HP LaserJet M1005 scanner. The first method is manual, and the second is an easy and quick automatic method. Below, we'll go over both of these approaches.

Method 1: Manually update the HP LaserJet M1005 drivers

We do not advise manually updating drivers because it takes a significant amount of time, effort, and technical knowledge. To manually update the driver, however, follow the instructions provided below.

  • To access the Settings menu, press "Windows + I" on your keyboard.
  • The moment the Settings screen appears, select "Update & Security"
  • Click on the "Windows Update" option located on the left side of the screen once you have reached the Update & Security screen.
  • Click "Check for updates" when the Windows Update settings screen displays.
  • Download the operating system update that Windows identifies for you. It will take a few hours to download and install the Windows update, so please be patient.

Method 2: Automatically update the HP LaserJet M1005 MFP scanner driver

Use Bit Driver Updater to download and update the HP LaserJet M1005 MFP scanner driver quickly and safely if you don't have much time. With just one click, this program automatically downloads, installs, and updates the driver. In addition to this, it significantly increases computer performance. Furthermore, because it only installs WHQL-authenticated driver versions, it is also one of the most reliable driver updaters.

Additionally, using this software to obtain, install, and update drivers is a breeze. All that is required to complete it is the application of the steps shared below.

  • Install Bit Driver Updater by downloading it from here.
  • By selecting the Scan option, you can either manually run the scan or let the application scan your computer automatically. Get all the information regarding this through visiting HP Printer Repair Service Center in the USA
  • You will see the scan results in two to three seconds. Click the "Update Now" button next to the HP LaserJet M1005 scanner driver to continue.
  • Choose "Update All" if you want to update all the drivers at once, backup and restore drivers easily, speed up the driver download process, and exclude some drivers from the scan and update.

It was explained above how to use Bit Driver Updater to download, install, and update the HP LaserJet M1005 scanner driver in the simplest manner possible.

Final thoughts on the HP LaserJet M1005 MFP Scanner Driver

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