LongCovidCareCenter Can Treat Long COVID Autonomic Dysfunction

LongCovidCareCenter is an online consultation website focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of Long COVID that integrates traditional Chinese and Western medicine. It is limited to simple remote consultation and cannot obtain comprehensive physical examination results. Therefore, the suggestions, guidance, plans and documents output by Long Covid Care Center to patients can only be used as a reference for patients to understand their own diseases in many aspects, and cannot be directly used as treatment plans. Patients must have face-to-face communication with doctors in local hospitals, complete the physical examinations required by doctors, and then be prescribed by doctors and treated under the guidance of doctors.

As LongCovidCareCenter mentioned before, for the illnesses we primarily treat, once we noticed how the coronavirus affects the brain in a way similar to post-concussion syndrome (PCS), we adjusted our treatment to brain fog long covid patients. provide the solution. We've had very encouraging results so far. Most of our Long Covid patients report significant improvement after treatment, including easier breathing, fewer headaches, and less dizziness and lightheadedness.

Treatment begins with a functional neurocognitive imaging (fNCI) scan in all patients. This measures how the viral infection disrupts the connections between nerve cells and the blood vessels that supply them with oxygen and nutrients. This disruption is called neurovascular coupling (NVC) dysfunction. Ultimately, our treatment aims to restore normal neurovascular coupling in areas highlighted by scans as dysfunctional.

To achieve this goal, LongCovidCareCenter patients undergo a week-long treatment called EPIC (short for Enhanced Performance in Cognition), which includes a series of physical and cognitive exercises and periods of rest. In addition to treating NVC dysfunction, alternating between aerobic exercise and rest can help recondition the autonomic nervous system.

According to the How Long Will Symptoms Of Brain Fog Last After Being Infected With Covid-19? article published by LongCovidCareCenter, in chronic COVID patients, the sympathetic nervous system often remains dominant, overshadowing any involvement of the parasympathetic branch. To counter the dominance of the sympathetic nervous system, patients complete a series of short intervals of aerobic exercise with periods of rest.

Aspects of therapy that directly target the autonomic nervous system include:

Cardio: This can be done on a stationary bike or treadmill. Our therapists monitor the patient's response during these sessions and adjust the duration and intensity of each activity as needed. For example, if you experience lightheadedness and lightheadedness on a treadmill—a sure sign that your sympathetic nervous system is still taking over—our therapists may recommend switching to a stationary bike for safety reasons.

Downtime: This includes breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, and brainwave sessions to promote parasympathetic nervous system activation and help you relax. For example, we use the 4-6-1 breathing pattern: inhale for four seconds, exhale for six seconds, hold for one second, and repeat. We assign different breathing exercises as needed. Brainwaves use a combination of frequencies to help your brain achieve a meditation-like state. This helps it calm down after treatment or when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Neuromuscular massage: This is a specialized form of physical therapy in which a therapist targets soft tissues. Many of our patients report neck muscle pain and stiffness, which often leads to severe headaches. Neuromuscular therapy helps patients relax and relieve neck pain by turning the sympathetic nervous system "off" and "turning on" the parasympathetic nervous system.

Treatment weeks also include a range of different therapies including cognitive therapy, sensorimotor therapy and neurointegration therapy, just to name a few. The goal is to promote the brain's ability to heal and restore healthy neurovascular coupling, thereby reducing the incidence and intensity of long-term symptoms caused by coronavirus infection, including those caused by autonomic dysfunction.

Over the weekend, patients will undergo a second fNCI to see how their brains improve during EPIC treatment. They also underwent a series of exercises they could do at home to continue their recovery journey.

It is worth mentioning that COVID-19 POTS may require the assistance of more than one healthcare provider. Cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, and even immunology specialists may be the necessary "pieces of the puzzle" to help you recover fully. This is because COVID can cause direct damage to some systems in your body that cannot be addressed with treatment. LongCovidCareCenter want to make sure you get as much accurate post covid brain fog treatment as possible when you visit our clinic.

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