Creators Of Journey Return To PlayStation With Sky: Children Of The Light

PlayStation players, we miss you! But now the sky is clear and your story is about to begin. We're excited to see Heaven: Children of the Light when the game officially launches on PlayStation 6 on December 6th.

15 years ago, the gaming company partnered with PlayStation. Our games FL0w, Flower and Journey test how interactive games act on an emotional level. We're very excited to recognize Journey Game of the Year and the awards these games have won, as well as the individual stories of all players.How our global game has affected their lives. These stories got us all thinking about how we can promote empathy through play. he isThis inspired us to move forward and develop Skye, the spiritual successor to travel, creating a place to share emotional connections and meaningful moments with people of all backgrounds.

We are incredibly proud of the vibrant community that thrives on Sky, and our players continue to amaze and inspire us! Our community member, SADist, has made a great animation of what the player will see and hear in the sky. We've based the trailer above on that animation and hope it recreates what all of us - players and developers - have seen and heard on Sky.

touching social experience

Find your place in paradise through adventure, exploration, and the people you meet. Look out for bluebirds and bells, and discover serene and beautiful landscapes off the beaten path. Fly to the clouds, play your own music, help another hiker, or connect with your lightweight friend who wants to show you your favorite shortcut.

A method will be established to identify everyone who enters the Celestial Realm.

Start your musical journey with AURORA Concert

Heaven weaves music, guiding and guiding players from light to darkness. It has always been an important part of the game, but now, after 18 months of development and fine tuning of our game engine, we are ready to introduce a new way to engage our players more than ever. Made in Games.

On December 8th at 8:30 PM PT, we will be performing a concert in collaboration with Norwegian artist AURORA! So that millions of players can join this musical journey, we have opened the largest performance venue in the world and a space for everyone.

If you've played Sky before, you've heard AURORA's voice in our original soundtrack. He gained worldwide fame for his Frozen 2 songs "Runaway", "Heal Me", "Running with the Wolves" and "Unknown".

From December 8, his music invites you to turn on Sky. As you perform "Exhale Inhale", "Runaway", "Warrior" and more, embark on a journey beyond any concert with countless players from around the world and AURORA.

The concert experience isn't limited to the setlist; There is a lot to do before and after the show at the venue. Play songs with in-game instruments (all skill levels encouraged!), meet friendly creatures that invite you to visit, and discover a relaxing bathhouse where AURORA herself guides you to healing relaxation.

We invite everyone! No login, purchase or minimal game development required.

And if you missed Grade 8, don't worry — it's available multiple times a day until January 2, 2023.

Celebrate the launch of PlayStation with special travel accessories

To celebrate this new beginning, a special travel pack will be sold to those who join us on PlayStation. Exclusively for PlayStation players, this set includes the carefully crafted cloak, cape and mask you once saw on travelers traversing the desert sands. On a nostalgic note, the mask has a special ability: when worn, little Sky will make a travel-inspired sound!

A place where everyone is strong together

When we opened our studio, we had no idea how impactful our efforts to push the emotional boundaries of games would be today. We're excited to bring our latest adventures back to the theater where we started. First we were petals in the wind, then travelers floating on the dunes, and now we sail together in the clouds. We can't wait to see you live on December 6th!



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