developing Miaoli's slow philosophy economy


From social welfare for all ages to multi-education construction, from industrial economy to urban construction and development, county magistrate Xu Yaochang took his time to build his hometown. In the face of financial difficulties, we have continued to fight back, creating more than 9 billion debt reductions, attracting investment of 1 trillion and 16 billion, and optimizing the construction of more than 100 roads... and many other governance miracles. Adhering to the governance vision of "Happy and Sustainable City", it has attracted tourists from home and abroad to visit Miaoli, and there has also been an upsurge of tourists returning to their hometowns to live a life!

Miaoli Slow Philosophy Promoter, Eight Years of Governance Journey

Nearly 1/2 of his life has been spent serving the county magistrate Xu Yaochang in his hometown. He can be said to be the person who best understands the unique beauty of "slow life" in Miaoli. At the release meeting of the 8-year policy book of the Miaoli County Government, the cultural and entrepreneurial circles, industry associations, youth entrepreneurship bases and other guests who participated in the transformation of Miaoli gathered together to witness the results of more than 2,000 days. County Mayor Xu recalled the past bit by bit and said emotionally: "When I first took office, the debt of the county treasury was as high as 67.6 billion yuan. I couldn't even pay the salaries of the employees. I often went to the bank at 3:30 just to pay the salaries on time." After several years of thrilling In those days, he became more determined: to lead the county government team to save money on food and expenses, increase income and reduce expenditure, and build a hometown. Moreover, it is a hometown that allows Miaoli children to go home and live a good life.

This is also the reason why Miaoli is able to turn adversity into a good card even though it is heavily indebted. Starting from the governance process in 2014, County Mayor Xu Yaochang led the team to overcome financial difficulties, actively carried out internal personnel management, provided multiple services for enterprises, young entrepreneurs, and county residents, and urged the team to improve administrative efficiency and quickly meet various policy standards. And instigate Miaoli's unique slow philosophy, towards the model of urban economy, gradually cultivate a good physique in Miaoli, and become a sustainable city that breeds international industries, youth entrepreneurship economy, and the well-being of county residents.

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