Game of Thrones Star Becomes Villain in Loki Season 2!

Success with the first season that has revealed Kang's figure and also the Multiverse, the Loki Season 2 series will continue the story of the God of Mischief next year. Even though there are many leaked photos from the shooting location that have been circulating, until now it has not been revealed who the villain in season 2 will be. Even so, based on a recent report, at least now it has been revealed that Marvel Studios has tapped the Game of Thrones star for this vital role.

As a reminder, at the end of the first season we finally learned that the first villain Loki had to face was none other than a variant of Kang named He Who Remains. Sadly, after He Who Remains died and the multiverse opened again, it turns out that Loki must be faced with a new reality that now the Time Variance Authority is really being led by Kang the Conqueror. Considering that Kang is too big for him to face alone, it looks like in season 2, Loki will face other villains first that might give him trouble.

According to a recent report by Deadline, actress Kate Dickie has joined the Loki season 2 cast for the villain role. Dickie himself is famous for playing Lysa Arryn, Sansa Stark's aunt in the series Game of Thrones. Recently he also appeared in the new Viking film The Northman as a slave named Halldora the Pict. Unfortunately, for the sequel to Loki itself it is still not revealed which villain character Dickie will play later.

Considering that the Loki season 2 series will still have the theme of time travel and even the multiverse, it is possible that Dickie will play Morgan Le Fay, a wizard and time traveler who existed in the 6th century. When it comes to female villains who often threaten the stability of the timeline, of course Le Fay is the number 1 candidate. Even so, we need to note that this is just speculation, both Marvel and Dickie's side are still keeping their role very secret from fans.

Whatever character Dickie will play later, what is clear is that he will play the villain in the Loki Season 2 series. Where the Loki series itself is famous as an MCU show that only reveals its villain at the last seconds. We'll see, geeks. Marvel Studios itself has scheduled the Loki Season 2 series to air next Summer.


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