Indies Highlights Coming To PS4 & PS5 In December 2022

The holiday season is here, and this year Santa brought a gorgeous tote bag to help keep you cozy in the cold. Whether you’re looking for stylish first-person action, pop-up horror, or a way to challenge yourself on the virtual slopes, this December indie event has enough style and variety to keep you playing well in 2023.

Release date of the Forest Quartet

First off, the good folks at Bedtime Digital are excited to announce that their emotional puzzle adventure The Forest Quartet is coming to PS5 and PS4 on December 8th . Read on to find out more.

Hello Neighbor 2!

The low-key viral indie provincial town horror has landed in Hello Neighbor, and let’s face it, this neighbor doesn’t want to move to Chile. An investigative reporter comes to the town of Raven Brooks to find out why people are disappearing and who might be responsible. And one resident is especially suspicious, the super creepy Mr. Peterson. A portly man with a mustache is the subject of many rumors and only you have the courage to find out the truth. But the more you dig, the stranger this whole city seems. Enjoy exploring the open world and the story directly dependent on your actions, and then try to outsmart the AI, which constantly learns from the actions of the player. There goes the neighborhood.

Release date: December 6 | Publisher: TinyBuild|: PS4, PS5


It’s December now, so you know what that means: snow season. And here’s more good news. Popular indie snowboarding sandbox Shredders is coming to PS5 on December 6th. The developers of FoamPunch called Shredders “a love letter to snowboarding.” Shredders will take you to the Frozen Wood resort where you and your friends will create a viral video that will turn into a snowboarding adventure of a lifetime. You can also interact with famous professional snowboarders such as Jamie Anderson, Marcus Cleveland and Zeb Powell as you develop your skills and perform tricks for glory. The original soundtrack from producer Jennifer is the perfect accompaniment when you and your online friends get together to hit the slopes.

Heavenly Children of Light

The creators of the indie masterpiece Journey are back with a new adventure. Sky is a game that uses the ability to fly to explore a beautiful world and create strong bonds with other people. Starting from a simple base island, embark on a journey to explore and recover souls across seven huge, beautiful kingdoms with a large community of players from all over the world. Sky is a game built on the pure joy of exploration and mutual collaboration as you and other players meet and interact with beautiful open environments. Use a system of unique gestures and actions to communicate with others, travel together and create great memories. With a huge world to explore and constant seasonal events offering new rides and interactions, there’s always something to see on Sky.

forest quartet

It’s time to reunite the band for one last gig. However, “Jungle Four” is very different from your usual reunion story. With the death of group leader Nina, members Kirk, J., who control the remains of Nina’s soul, witness the physical manifestation of emotion and struggle brought to life through vibrant graphics and stunning sound design. Explore stunning landscapes and complete puzzles to help your teammates begin the complex healing process with this emotional treat.

Release date: December 8 | Publisher: Bedtime Digital|: PS4, PS5

Fluorescent white

Welcome to Paradise! Unfortunately, Pearly Gates has a brutal attack, but that might be good news for you. As Neon White, an assassin rescued from hell, you race to destroy as many demons as possible in order to earn a ticket to the afterlife through the clouds. Show off your noble style by taking down demons in first-person combat quickly and effectively with the unique soul card recruitment system for special weapons and abilities. Incredibly high skill levels allow you to increase your time and rank, while secret paths and hidden items offer more replayability. And the icing on the cake is an amazing story written by OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes scriptwriter Ryan Shannon.


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