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When he returned to his apartment, he saw a letter from home, and his wife had died at home. Hanlin wept bitterly, without emotion and mood, and went home to report his illness. In accordance with the imperial edict: "Quan is allowed to return home for recuperation, and go to Beijing to listen to his illness.". Qin this. From then on, Quan Hanlin left the capital and returned home. The words are divided into two parts. Let's talk about the origin of the box. There was an old man named Zirong in Suzhou. His surname was Xu and his given name was Fang. His nickname was Xiquan. He was a supervisor in the Imperial College. In order to do the future, he stayed in the capital for many years. In the next place Cen Ji, the central media married the daughter of the Bai family in Beijing and gave birth to a daughter, who was born in August and named Dangui. At the same time, Bai's brother Bai Dalang also gave birth to a son, called to stay elder brother. Bai's woman only protects her own family. Besides, people in the capital don't know the way to the outside world. They don't like to talk to foreign relatives. They want to take this sweet osmanthus with their nephew. Xu Taixue was naturally a sojourner. Sooner or later, he thought about going home and keeping his relatives, but he was very reluctant. One day, Taixue chose the second Yin in Fujian, went home to take office, and took Bai Shi out of Beijing. Bai Shi was unable to fulfill his wish. He was in love with his own flesh and blood. Without telling Xu Eryin, he wrote a document in private. He dared not say that he was allowed to marry him. He only divided a box into two places and left it with his nephew as a license,316 stainless steel plate, hoping that he would go to the capital or the ends of the earth as a form of evidence. Bai Shi followed Eryin to Wumen. yuan Lai Eryin had no principal office for a long time, so Bai Shi filled the vacancy and went to the post together. And he had a son, which was born in the ninth month, and his name was Cake. Two Yin became two officials to go home, this has promised Dan Gui with the house of Chen. When the earth is far away, the things under the white child's heart are good, so he has to forget them. Even so, he feels sorry and often prays silently in front of the Buddha and Bodhisattva,316l stainless steel pipe, thinking about returning home and looking for the whereabouts of the box. After the death of the two Yin, keep the children, become a widow, the idea of the capital to rest. Think of that season out of Beijing, at least it has been fifteen or sixteen years, and the sweet osmanthus is very beautiful. Xu Chen's son grew up and was about to get married, but he didn't want to get sick and die. Seeing that Dan Gui's life was hard, she became a widow at Wangmen. For a while, she did not like Xu, and she followed her mother. Brother, wear some plain clothes and live next to each other. Exactly: Lonely and widowed, there is no fate. I look forward to my daughter in the sky. I don't say that Xu Dangui is desolate. I say that Quan Hanlin has been ill for more than a year since he broke the string and went home. He hasn't remarried yet. He is bored and goes to Wumen to play, intending to visit his beautiful concubine. For fear that the superior prefectures and counties would know, x70 line pipe ,x60 line pipe, the chariots and horses would greet him and see him off, and the wine and gifts would come and go. He was so impatient that he guessed that he was not very old, his face was delicate, and his stature was small. Others could not see that he was an official. He assumed that he was a traveling scholar. He lived in the quiet room next to the Yuebo Nunnery outside the city, which was a nun. There was an old nun called Master Miaotong. He was sixty years old, and he specialized in communicating with everyone. He was courteous and leisurely, and had a thorough understanding of the world. Seeing Quan Hanlin as a character, although he did not know that he was a noble person, he only recognized him as a young scholar, but also said that he was not a backward person and dared not neglect him. He often asked Xianggong to send tea, or invited Qinghua in the nunnery. Quan Hanlin also slightly asked the meaning of visiting his concubine, which was a wonderful recitation. The wonderful recitation said that the monk did not care about his own business. Quan Hanlin also shut up, and it was not easy to say. It was the seventh day of the seventh month, when Quan Hanlin was living in a guest house, hanging alone, thinking about the "cow girl Milky Way", which was very boring. Is chanting Song Wang Yanzhang "Qiu Wei" Ci, change its sentence not a word, cloud: The high willow cicada hisses, picks the water chestnut song to break the autumn wind to rise. The evening clouds are like buns, and the mountains on the lake are green. The curtain rolls up the west tower, and after the rain, it is cool. The sky is like water, the painting building is twelve, and few people are leaning on each other. One word is sent to "Crimson Lips". Quan Hanlin sang loudly and stepped out of the quiet room. Under the crescent moon, I saw a woman in plain clothes walking into the nunnery. Hanlin hurried behind his back and looked at the woman in the shadows. When Master Miaotong came out, the woman burned a note of incense in front of the Buddha without expressing her cold warmth. How was the girl born? If you have a double phoenix belt, you might as well wear a single shark gauze. The night incense knows who to burn with? Looking at the water sinking and the smoke curling. The cloud sideburns wind front silk volume, the jade face is drunk in the red tide. Don't teach to spend the pitiful night in the air, and the moon will work with the beautiful woman. A word to send "Xijiang Moon" that woman holding incense, crisp in front of the Buddha, to the top, mouth murmur, low slightly, I do not know to say a lot of words, did not hear a word. "" Young lady, "said the old nun Miaotong," you can't say what's on your mind. Why don't I say something simple for you? " The woman stood up and said, "Master, how can it be so simple?" Wonderful channel: "Buddha bless, marry a proud big show early.". How are you? "Don't make fun of me," said the woman! The slave family was born with a bitter fate. Their father died and their mother grew old, and they had no one to depend on. Therefore, they worshipped the Buddha and prayed for blessings and protection. Miaotong laughed and said,uns s31803 sheet, "The general idea is not far from each other." The woman also laughed. Miaotong put on the tea, the woman ate two cups of tea, got up and said goodbye.
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