Wulin Yama

One of them suddenly turned and rushed out and grabbed the teapot beside the coffin, but now the man had even taken the teapot down. Suddenly he opened his mouth to scream, but he could not even make a sound, only to hear a "hissing" sound in his throat, and his man had fallen down. His companions also turned around and ran out. Two of them ran out of the bamboo shed before they fell down. One of them fell down in the arbor. As soon as it falls down, the whole thing begins to shrink, just like a leaf meets a flame and suddenly withers. Even Yama felt cold hands and feet, and cold sweat as big as beans broke out on the forehead and the tip of his nose. The moment before the four porters died, their faces became so terrible. It's not the first time Yama has seen this. When Xing Yunfei was poisoned, there was the same change on his face, his eyes suddenly dulled, his pupils suddenly contracted, the muscles of the corners of his mouth and eyes suddenly stiffened and cracked, and his face suddenly turned black. The most terrible thing is that when this change happens on their faces, they don't even feel it at all, and this deadly toxicity can make people feel it completely. Not only do you feel the full button when you are a virgin, but you don't feel it at all when you have a toxic attack! Before you know it, this poison has entered your body, destroyed your nerve center, and killed you! The fat young man and his companions,Small Geared Motors, who were sitting in the bamboo shed, were still squatting behind the bamboo shed, and the four pole men who had come to carry the sliding poles for them had slipped away long ago. There is no doubt that there is a road behind the bamboo shed. Encounter this kind of thing, as long as people have legs, will slip away. The black iron man suddenly sighed and said, "Is it true that the teapot is poisonous?" He was asking Yama. Now there were only three living people left, which made them seem to be much closer to each other suddenly. If you have had the same experience as them, you must have the same feeling. "It seems that there is no other possibility except that pot of tea,Planetary Gear Motor," he said. "I didn't do it," said the Black Iron Man. "I believe it," said Yama. "Who poisoned him?" Asked the Black Iron Man. "I don't know," said Yama. The black iron man was silent, with a painful expression on his face, sweating more. "Do you have anything else to say to me?" Asked Yamama. The Black Iron Man was silent for a long time. Suddenly he shouted, "I don't want their lives, and I don't want this damned coffin. I didn't know the four of them would carry a coffin." He spoke as loudly as if he were shouting, not to Yama, but to himself. Yama understood his feelings, so he didn't ask anything and waited for him to go on. "Someone told us that there is a batch of'red goods' hidden in the coffin, which is worth at least 500,000 taels," said the Black Iron Man. The word "red goods" is the incision of Jianghu, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Brushless Gear Motor, which means "jewelry". "This man is famous and powerful in this area," said the Black Iron Man, "but he has a secret deal with us.." Xing Youping couldn't help asking, but Yama covered her mouth, because the less you know about this kind of thing, this kind of secret between big people, the better. But the black iron man went on to say, "We have had many similar transactions with this man before. If he knows that there are some unknown red goods passing by, he can't make a move himself, so he will inform us. After doing it, he will divide the account between three and seven." He added: "Although we are robbers, but only do'red goods' and must be unknown red goods." In normal times, these words would not be easily revealed to outsiders, but under the pressure of death, fear and extreme grief, he suddenly felt that he must spit them out. Just like an alcoholic, he must spit out a lot of messy things in his stomach before he feels comfortable. These vomited filth, Yama actually learned to endure without covering his nose and frowning, he knew that what this man needed most in front of him was an object to talk to. Yama did not ask who "this man" was? It was someone else's secret, and he had no right to ask about it, and he was always reluctant to pursue other people's privacy. The voice of black iron man is lower and lower, appear more and more sad, dejected way: "Although I already understood how to return a responsibility now, regrettablly already too late." Xing Youping couldn't help but ask, "What's going on?" "It's a trap," said Hei Tiehan. "A trap?" Said Xing Youping? What kind of trap? "This man wants to get rid of the Twelve Flying Roc, but he can't do it himself," said the Black Iron Man. "He also wants to kill us." "You've worked so well together," said Xing Youping. "Why did he kill you?" "Because we're the only ones who know he's a hypocrite who divides the spoils," said the Black Iron Man. His grief turned to anger again, and he said, "So he set up this serial plan to kill people with a borrowed knife. He killed two birds with one stone. Let's kill each other. It's better to die clean!" Then a table that had fallen to the ground moved. A fat man, as fat as a ball of pork, struggled to get up from the ground. "You have a point, but you have no proof.." he gasped, trying to dust himself off. "So you didn't run away?" Asked the Black Iron Man. "Look at my fat body," said the fat young man. "How can I run?" His handsome companion, as well as the four pole-men, had long disappeared, and no one could blame them for the real danger and emergency of "the sun is hot, and people's lives are taken care of"! The black iron man looked at the corpses all over the ground. The six of them came together, and now they were the only ones left. Who could they take care of? But the fat young man looked at him and said, "You have no proof that this is a trap, do you?" "He is the proof," said the Black Iron Man. Yama was startled. "Me?" "Is this coffin yours?" Asked the Black Iron Man. "Yes," said Yama. "Did you hide the red goods in the coffin?" Asked the Black Iron Man. "No,brushless gear motor," said Yama. "Since there is no red goods in the coffin," said the Black Iron Man, "what is this if not a trap?" 。 ichgearmotor.com
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