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After all, Zhou Ziwei now wants to start his own business, and what he wants to create is not an ordinary small business, but a group company that can directly compete with Huang Lianshu in the future, which naturally requires a large number of talents from all sides. However, he has not had much time since his rebirth, and the people he knows are limited, and few of them are really worthy of his trust. Until now, he has only trained Li Yifeng, and this is the only one who slept with him in the university in his previous life. Although Zhou Ziwei does not know much about Luan Yuqing, it can be seen from the process of her life-and-death struggle between a weak woman and such a rich and powerful figure in the arbor forest that this is a very courageous and principled woman, and seems to have a little cleverness, if he cultivates it well, and has experienced this period of time. Zhou Ziwei believes that Luan Yuqing should be a capable assistant in his future career. It's just that Zhou Ziwei didn't want Luan Yuqing to regret it in the future, so he explained his situation to Luan Yuqing in advance, so as not to frighten her if a killer came to assassinate him frequently in the future. Now all the words have been said clearly,Beverage packing machine, and Luan Yuqing is still so determined. Then Zhou Ziwei also had nothing to worry about, and immediately took Luan Yuqing on the return flight. No words all the way, when two people in the middle of a transfer, and then arrived in Dangyang, is the next day in the evening. Zhou Ziwei did not say hello to anyone, let alone let anyone pick him up at the airport. In fact,liquid bottle filling machine, he did not stay in Dangyang for a few days after his rebirth, and the number of people he knew was very limited, and he had not even had time to meet his nominal brother and father. To say that the more familiar person, probably only his cheap wife Wang Xuewei. But the relationship between the two people is also not very harmonious, Zhou Ziwei naturally can not let her pick up their own. What's more. How to say that the two of them are also nominally husband and wife, but now Zhou Ziwei went out and returned with a beautiful woman, this. Although Zhou Ziwei was not worried that Wang Xuewei would be jealous because of this, he always felt that if two women suddenly met in a public place, it would be a little bad, so he did not say hello to Wang Xuewei beforehand. Fortunately, Zhou Ziwei had left his Mercedes Benz in the parking lot of the airport, liquid bottle filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and the two of them didn't have to take a taxi anymore. Soon Zhou Ziwei drove Luan Yuqing into the city, and Luan Yuqing looked curiously through the window at the street scene that belonged to the market, frowning slightly from time to time. Seeing Luan Yuqing's reaction from the side, Zhou Ziwei smiled softly and asked slowly while driving: "Is it the first time to come to Dangyang?" "Oh.." Yes, for the first time. "Do you think the city is smaller and more backward than you imagined?" "Oh.." Yes, there is.. A little bit. Do you think that your future is likely to be spent for a long time in this humble town, so.. There is some imbalance in my heart. Even a little. What about regret? "Oh.." Yes Ah No, no, no. Luan Yuqing answered Zhou Ziwei casually, but almost poured out all his psychological words casually. He looked hurriedly and solemnly declared: "Although this city is really small, it really makes me a little disappointed, but.." I will never regret the decision I made. "Hehe.." As long as there are no regrets. "Zhou Ziwei smiled and said," This city may disappoint you now, but as long as I'm here.. It'll get bigger soon. Luan Yuqing was somewhat puzzled by Zhou Ziwei's words, and did not quite understand what Zhou Ziwei meant by saying that he wanted to make the city bigger soon? Can it be said that.. Does Zhou Ziwei want to invest in real estate and build many houses here? But not to mention whether Zhou Ziwei can digest so many houses regardless of the affordability of the market, and the size of a city does not seem to refer only to how much floor area and how many houses? There are also important demographic and economic factors involved, and these.. It is not easy for one or two people to change. Zhou Ziwei did not explain anything to Luan Yuqing, he is not a person who likes to exaggerate, although in his heart has long outlined a grand plan, but now the plan is not even a stroke of the eight characters, now and Luan Yuqing said that there is no point. Where are we going now? You You won't leave me alone at the hotel, will you? Luan Yuqing looked at the night view of Dangyang through the car window for a while, and then withdrew his eyes in disappointment. Seeing Zhou Ziwei driving silently through one busy street after another, he finally couldn't help asking in a low voice. Zhou Ziwei is also a headache for this problem, after all, although he and Wang Xuewei are only a nominal couple, but even if the former "Zhou Ziwei" is a bastard, how many women have played, but never brought any woman back to their "home", and now Zhou Ziwei and Luan Yuqing although there is no such thing. But the problem is that others will not believe it, so he swaggered to take Luan Yuqing back, I am afraid. Even if Wang Xuewei doesn't care about her fake husband, she will be very angry because of losing face. And Luan Yuqing because of the ghost of the treasure map implicated at any time may be sent by the tree forest to kidnap the past, so if Zhou Ziwei really left her alone in the hotel, it seems really inappropriate, very irresponsible. Originally,PET bottle Mold, if Zhou Ziwei stayed in a hotel with Luan Yuqing, it would be nothing. Anyway, Zhou Ziwei was the most beautiful young man in people's eyes. It was normal to go to a hotel room with a beautiful woman. It was estimated that no one would feel strange to see him.
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