Iceberg Demon Kisser

Yu Mo, Dad has no other wish in his life. His only wish is that you can find a good partner. Dad has come into contact with Zhou Xin, a girl who is very good, sensible, educated and polite. Trust Dad, she'll be perfect for you. Yu Mo, Dad has never begged anyone in his life, but today Dad begged you to associate with Zhou Xin. Because This is the only wish your mother left to your father before she died. -Mom? Dad, you didn't see mom for the last time before she died. How do you know! When I took you and Yu Na back to Zuo's house, your grandmother gave me a letter that your mother left me before she died. Your mother mentioned in the letter that the Zhou family had helped your mother, so your mother hoped that you could associate with Zhou Xin, the only baby daughter of the Zhou family. And make him your fiancee.. -Hey.. Yu Mo, Dad owes your mother too much in this life. And the only thing Dad can do to make up for your mother is to help her fulfill her only wish. Yu Mo, I believe you don't want to let your mother's only wish come to nothing. Yu Mo, you.. Think about it.. Dad, I want you to say yes.. I'm sure your mother will be very happy. “…… Let him associate with Zhou Xin, the only baby daughter of the Zhou family,water filling machine, and let Zhou Xin become his fiancee. Yu Na, that. Did Yu Mo say yes? I lost my mind and looked at the coffee in the cup, but I couldn't recover for a moment. "No.." At first, I didn't agree. I know it's hard for me to agree. Because one side is you, and the other side is her mother. If it were me, I wouldn't know how to choose. One side is me,PET blow moulding machine, a girl who has only been in his life for about four months, and the other side is his biological mother whose blood is thicker than water. He must have chosen his mother. "Ruofei.." My future sister-in-law, don't be so negative. "But he finally chose his mother, or chose to let Zhou Xin be his fiancee." Chapter 152 of the main text Chapter Words: 2041 Updated: 09-05-01 08:53 It's not what you think! Ouch, I knew you would think so! Please, Miss Ruofei, my future sister-in-law, do you still think that my brother's acceptance of Zhou Xin is his intention? I thought my brother had the heart to break up with you! "That's not true?." "It's all because of the appearance of Feng Xiaoran!" "Senior Xiao Ran?"? What's the relationship with the senior?! My brother was annoyed with your birthday that day, but he never forgot that it was your birthday, and he still wanted to celebrate it for you. I bought a gift, but my phone is always off when I call you! As a result, I ran to the amusement park and saw you with Feng Xiaoran, water filling machine ,Edible oil filling machine, and so. Intimate action, do you think people can not misunderstand it? "It seems to be true." However, I told him that I had nothing to do with Xiao Ran, but he just didn't believe me! Ruofei, didn't you think about it? When such a thing happened to my brother, he was very spiritless and needed to be comforted. The spirit is not good! Seeing you and Feng Xiaoran together again, of course he will be sad and angry! Put yourself in others' shoes. If you saw your girlfriend with another boy when you were most frustrated, would you still understand? Will you still be happy? It must be very uncomfortable! What's more, my brother is such an impulsive person! Yes! I never thought about Yu Mo's feelings. He would be like that that day, would be so wrong, I found out, but I never went to ask him seriously! Damn me! How could it be so wrong! Still suspect Yu Mo! "Because of this, so impulsively, he came back and promised my father to let Zhou Xin be his girlfriend and fiancee!"! Fortunately, I know my brother, and I know that he must have been stimulated by something so impulsive that he tried his best to get the truth out of his mouth! In fact, I have carefully analyzed it for my brother, and my brother has some regrets. But in our Zuo family, there is a family rule handed down by our ancestors through the ages-insist on keeping one's word and never go back on one's word! That is to say, you can't go back on your word if you promise something to someone else. "This is the purpose of our Zuo family, so my brother can't go back on his word at all." So I can only decide to break up with you so that you can give up! "Why do you have such aging family rules in the left family?" "Because our Zuo family used to be a martial arts family." Later, it was changed into a business family. Originally, there were hundreds of family rules, all of which have been eliminated, but in order to commemorate our ancestors, it is also a reverence for our ancestors, so our left family decided to leave a family rule. Slowly, it has been handed down forever and can never be eliminated. "So what now?" I don't know! My brother and I have no choice! That's why I'm looking for my future sister-in-law, Ruofei. Looking for me? What are you looking for me for? Your own family can't solve their own problems. Do you want me to solve them as an outsider? "No!"! I just want to explain to you clearly and tell you not to doubt my brother's sincerity to you! My brother still likes Ruofei very much, my future sister-in-law! "Return the future sister-in-law?"? Now that he has broken up with me and is going to be someone else's fiance, how can I still be your future sister-in-law? "Because I know that if you and my brother really like each other, you won't give up your true love so easily, will you?" Of course! Since all this is unavoidable, of course, I will try my best to recapture the feelings between me and Yu Mo! But the question is-how can I do my best! My head is in a mess now, and I can't help it! "No, Ruofei!"! You have to believe in yourself, and I will believe in you and support you! Because my brother likes you, not that Zhou Xin,bottle blowing machine, forced to be with someone he doesn't like, so my brother won't be happy! I don't want my brother to be with someone he doesn't like! I don't want to see the two of you who really love each other separated! So I decided to take your side! I have identified you as my future sister-in-law, Ruofei! You must come on!
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