The strongest abandons less

Nine red thunder arcs hit him at the same time, he knew that the thunder arc was much stronger than the Jinxian thunder robbery he had passed at the beginning. Kui's "Sansheng Jue" was fully operational, and a steady stream of thunder was absorbed by him and transformed into immortal yuan. And he also clearly felt that although the red thunder robbery arc was much stronger than the previous thunder robbery arc, he was hurt less. Apart from some superficial injuries, his internal injuries were not serious. At this moment, Ye Mo really realized the benefits of refining the body of immortals. He was promoted to the body of immortals, and even the robbery was much easier. Zhen Bingyu watched as he easily crossed the nine thunder sword arcs and was completely stunned. It was the first time she had seen such a powerful Xuanxian thunder robbery, and it was also the first time she had seen a person who had crossed nine thunder arcs so easily. At the beginning, her Xuanxian Thunder Robbery was 29 Thunder Robbery. Even if she was well prepared and had all kinds of defensive immortals, she was still black and blue in the end. How can there be such a pleasant way to cross a robbery? No wonder he didn't offer a magic weapon for defense. It seems that he has been prepared for it. Is the immortal body really so powerful? Without waiting for Zhen Bingyu to be relieved, there were more than ten explosions in the sky again, and eighteen thunder arcs fell at the same time, and this thunder arc seemed to be much thicker than the previous one, and even much fiercer. What's wrong Zhen Bingyu looked doubtfully at the fall of the eighteen thunder arcs, not yet fully understood. This is already 39 thunder plunder, I heard that in addition to a very small number of anti-heaven Jinxian monks, very few Xuanxian thunder plunder is 27. Zhen Bingyu seemed to have some clarity at the thought that he could slay Xuanxian with Jinxian. But even if the 39 thunder robbery,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, it is not two waves down ah? But Kui was not afraid at all, and had already gone up to meet him. He was already very glad that he had succeeded in Nirvana before crossing the thunder robbery of Xuanxian, otherwise he would not have had such a good time this time. Boom, boom.. Dozens of thunder robbery arc hit on the body of Kui, Kui crazy operation'Sansheng Jue 'to absorb the source of thunder. The light red Lei yuan is quickly absorbed by him and transformed into Lei Xianyuan, constantly improving his cultivation. He's all right? Zhen Bingyu was stunned again,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, eighteen thunder arcs only made the trauma more serious, but obviously did not let him be seriously injured. Boom.. Is two thunder arcs fell down, Zhen Bingyu completely do not understand what is going on, this is completely beyond the scope of the 39 thunder robbery. But at this time, the momentum of the body began to soar, after the two thunder arcs fell down, there was no stop again is two, then three, then two. The arc of thunder fell down continuously and became thicker and thicker, and in the end it was even completely submerged in the red arc of thunder. Zhen Bingyu gawked at the thunder robbery, she did not understand what the thunder robbery was. She knew that he was a Jinxian monk, otherwise it was impossible to join hands with her to deal with a Xuanxian monk. But how can there be so many ways in Xuanxian Leijie? Without waiting for her to understand, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic welding transducer, she suddenly let out a long roar, but rushed up against the thunder robbery, while the black thunder arc kept hitting out, against the pink thunder arc falling from the sky. Crazy, Zhen Bingyu finally understood why he said he liked thunder robbery best. But she had never seen anyone cross the robbery like this, this is not crossing the robbery, it is simply attacking the thunder robbery. Is this to show their power, or to offend the thunder robbery? Zhen Bingyu did not know that he had already passed the idea of offending the thunder robbery. At this time, he rushed up to fight against the thunder robbery with his own thunder arc, because he knew that only in this way could his thunder sword progress. Every time he uses the thunder sword to deal with a thunder robbery, his thunder sword power will rise to a higher level. Now he has completely finished the robbery, and successfully promoted to Xuanxian, and there is such a good opportunity, how can he give up the opportunity to refine the thunder arc sword? "Boom." The sound is continuous, in the air, the black thunder arc and the red thunder arc collide together, inspiring all kinds of thunder to overflow. After half a stick of incense, the thunder arc slowly dispersed, and the fairy cloud finally came late. He took his thunder sword and began to absorb the fairy cloud. It was really too easy for him to get through the thunder robbery just now, which was no threat to him at all. But I also know that Xuanxian Thunder Robbery is the worst of all the immortal Thunder Robbery, and it is also the safest Thunder Robbery. Feeling the powerful immortal yuan and divine consciousness of Xuanxian monks, he was very satisfied. It was really too difficult for Jinxian Friar to kill Xuanxian. If his skills were not too bad, it would be almost impossible for him to kill Xuanxian Friar. (To be continued) Chapter 1614 a premonition of danger. .. co Feeling the powerful immortal yuan and divine consciousness of Xuanxian monks, he was very satisfied. It was really too difficult for Jinxian Friar to kill Xuanxian. If his skills were not too bad, it would be almost impossible for him to kill Xuanxian Friar. At this moment, I remembered what the immortal in blue had said at the beginning. Your cultivation in this life is only the golden immortal. But it's only been a few years, and he's already Xuanxian. If the fairy in blue is in front of him, he can hit her in the face. His promotion to Xuanxian was not even half distracted, as simple as eating and sleeping. Even if he knew that this was not his credit, but the credit of Sansheng Jue, his heart was still very comfortable. Even if it is the credit of "Sansheng Jue", that "Sansheng Jue" is also derived from him, after all, or his own ability. After cleaning and changing a suit of clothes, he put away the extra fairy crystal and came to Zhen Bingyu. Let's go back to Jijian Gate. He offered Qingyue and said to Zhen Bingyu. Zhen Bingyu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, at this time she found that every time she suspected that she was bluffing, she finally proved that what she said was true. At the edge of the pool, she scolded him as an idiot when she asked for the'six-winged purple bell '. She also despised him when he spoke to the immortal nirvana body. When he followed the immortal nirvana body monk,ultrasonic dispersion machine, she thought he was speechless. Just now, when he said he liked thunder robbery best, he didn't even bother to talk to him..
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