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Xie Yunjie smiled and said, "There are jackdaws in Jin, and there is also an organization called Feiyu in Tang." "Flying Feather?" Mu Shen Xi looked up at him, "is it..?". It's you ?” He nodded, "Feiyu was founded not long ago. It was created by your father before his death.". But before he could grow, he died. On his deathbed, when he told me the secret of the jackdaw, he also gave me the feather to fight against the jackdaw. Mu Shen Xi remembered the last time Xie Yunjue blocked the knife for her, and still had a lingering fear. She clearly felt that from Wang Yumian to Qi Feiheng, and then to the flood in the south of the Yangtze River, the resistance she encountered was also getting stronger little by little. So what exactly is this jackdaw doing? Xie Yunjue thought for a moment: "They are the forces cultivated by Jin. They are numerous and jumbled. There are peddlers and pawns in all walks of life.". I used to think that they were only at the bottom of the Tang Dynasty, but later I found that their influence had penetrated into all aspects of the Tang Dynasty. Even There may be some of them in the palace. 。” Mu Shenxi suddenly stopped and turned to look at Xie Yunjue. "Your Majesty said today that all the people around him wanted to harm him.". Could it be.. Xie Yunjue nodded: "Your Majesty may be true.". It's just that he can't tell who's trying to hurt him. Mu Shen Xi suddenly felt creepy, if even close relatives can not believe, a person's situation is how terrible?! "那 . . . The emperor said these words to me today. Do you want me to ask for help? "It's not impossible," thought Xie Yunjue. He is the king of a country, and the people around him can hardly believe that if there is one person in the world who can never be involved with the Jin forces,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, it is only you. He can only believe you. The only person in the world who can be trusted is the one who has a blood feud with him. What kind of desperate situation is this? But I.. I don't want to save him. ...” "If you didn't want to save him at all, you wouldn't have hesitated." Mu Shen Xi looked away and murmured softly, "But..". But I saved him. Then my parents.. "Xi'er, your father left you a letter in prison before he was executed." Mu Shenxi was stunned: "What letter?"? Why are you giving it to me now? "Because he told me that if one day you were in a dilemma, he would give you this letter." Xie Yunjue took out the letter from his sleeve and put it in Mu Chenxi's hand. Her fingertips trembled and she could hardly open the letter. The familiar words came into her eyes, and at that moment,outdoor palm trees, two lines of tears rolled down from her eyes. Mu Shen Xi did not rush to read the letter, but carefully stuck it to his heart and closed his eyes. There are not many things left to her by her parents, each of which is more precious than the treasures that are hard to find in the world. As time goes by, it will only become less and less. It was a long time before she slowly unfolded the letter and read it word by word. Shen Xi, my daughter, Zhan Xinjia. When I read this letter, I was separated from you by Yin and Yang. Before the imprisonment, your mother also asked me, if I knew today's situation, after not regret back to Changan. I really regret it. But if I choose again, I will come back. On that moonlit night, when you and my father and daughter were talking heart to heart, artificial banyan trees ,Faux cherry blossom tree, I had already made up my mind to put life and death aside. It's just that in this world, the only thing I can't let go of is your children, especially you. A Nian is weak and untrained. All he needs is to be honed. But your temper is too strong, I am most afraid that you take things too hard, go to find your majesty to fight a dead fish to break the net for our revenge. So I specially asked Zhong Baiqi and Xie Yunjue to take care of you. Now that you see this letter, I think they must have taken good care of you. You didn't kill the king on impulse, which means my daughter has grown up. Although Dad wants you to be innocent forever, he can no longer protect you. But the father's death can not blame your majesty, at that time the situation is extremely dangerous. At the moment of life and death, it was my father who chose to leave your brother and sister. Tang can not have a prime minister, but can not have a monarch. It's just that Dad didn't expect that your mother was so cruel that she wanted to go with me. Dad can't stop her, so he can only leave you alone in this world. Dad's biggest regret before he died was that he failed to wipe out the jackdaws and leave you in peace and prosperity. Maybe you and Ah Nian have to face all kinds of dangers together. It's just that you have to believe what your father told you when you were young. When you die, you will turn into stars in the sky and look at your relatives on the ground. If you miss your parents, look up at the sky. Mom and dad are watching you. Dad knows that my Xier always has a good taste, and Xie Yunjue is a good man. If you could marry him, Daddy would be relieved in his grave. Mu Shen Xi finished reading the letter, feeling that the wind and snow seemed to stop. As soon as she looked up, Xie Yunjue was raising his hand to block the snowflakes on her head. She folded the letter and put it away carefully. Xie Yunjue wiped the tears from her face. What did the letter say? "My father-" Mu Shen Xi choked, his voice a little hoarse, "he said he was willing to die." Xie Yunjue sighed, "Actually, Your Majesty didn't believe it when the three families of Wang, Meng, and Qi were accused by Prime Minister Luo Zhimu.". But I wasn't involved, and I didn't know much about it. Just Mu prime minister said, your majesty's imperial edict, is he holding your majesty's hand personally under the seal. He asked me to protect his family, so the imperial edict was full of beheadings, but in fact only the couple went to the execution ground. Mu Shen Xi opened his mouth, but could not speak. Xie Yunjue hugged her, and his tall figure covered the wind and snow tightly. "What's the truth? Maybe you can ask the emperor." Mu Shen Xi looked up at him: "But I said that today, he-" "He won't mind.". At the end of the year, the New Year's Eve banquet in the palace. You can take the opportunity to ask him. Mu Shen Xi nodded, a little relieved in the heart. Although Dad left her a lot of mysteries, he also let her know that only if she lived well, he would have peace in his grave. She stood on tiptoe and whispered in Xie Yunjue's ear, "My father also said that I have a good eye." He looked down at her and raised the corners of his mouth. "Well,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, better than ordinary people." "How can you not be so self-deprecating?" She said reproachfully. Okay, I'm sorry. My taste is not as good as yours, and I have to wait so long to see your good. 。
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