Genius Girl Traveling in Jianghu

From that day on, Youyong took out Jiajie Yiwuzhi and began to promote it for a fee. People who had tasted the sweetness began to submit to Youyong one after another, because the profits here were too big. For a time, people competed with each other, and all kinds of infighting emerged one after another. Even if Youyong has three heads and six arms, it is difficult to suppress this kind of chaos. In this case, Li Hanqing began to look for Yi Pianran everywhere, and learned that the so-called Jiajie woman was Yi Pianran, a venomous girl he met by chance in Qianmo City. Then, Jin Zun was also interested in getting into this muddy water. Anyway, he had coveted Jiajie for a long time. With such a great friendship, it was a waste not to make good use of it! So, after finding out the whereabouts of Yi Pianran effortlessly, he waited for him to become a fisherman casting a net in this gluttonous pavilion. But unfortunately, what he was waiting for was not three big fish, but three crabs, and it was the kind of giant that could walk sideways when one of them was lifted up and put into the world of Jianghu. If he wanted to join in the fun, he not only had to guard against being killed by the venomous tongue of Yi Pianran, but also had to be careful to be trampled to death by the two giants. Brother Jin, it seems that you also know the identity of Miss Pianran! Li Hanqing smiled at Jin innumerable glances, this person, the sense of smell is still so keen. But he is to follow the breath of money to find,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, although this person has no bad intentions, but also a big trouble to Yi Pianran. The woman in the clip world! This title is now resounding all over the country! After a few pauses, Kim suddenly smiled mysteriously and said, "Miss Pianran, do you know how much you sold a portrait of yourself?" At the beginning, he ordered someone to paint a portrait of Pianran in Qianmo City. Later, after the Jiajie incident, he was bought at a high price. A portrait? Yi Pianran frowned. A portrait,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, how much silver? Even if she is famous, how many times is it at best? "Ten thousand taels." Kim held out a finger and compared it. Boring, why sell my portrait? Isn't this a violation of the right to portrait? "Alas!"! Who says it's not? I will regret if I sell it! So I spent thirty thousand taels of silver to buy it back! Is this man crazy or stupid? Yi Pianran rolled his eyes into the sky. Won't you have another painted? I want to, too! But ever since someone sold one of your portraits for eighty thousand taels, Youyong has banned anyone from copying your portrait and trading your portrait again, otherwise the clip world will regard this person as refusing to come and go. "You did the right thing!" You Yong knows that her heart is only eighty thousand taels? It's really amazing! "Pianran, now you are a hot commodity in the world, and everyone can't get it!"! But when we meet, you should let me enjoy it, right? Jin Zun is good at singing and writing, but he is a wily fox. Yi Pianran gave him a white look and said casually, "You are the goods!" Is this the ascension of one person to heaven? Should she cry or laugh when a portrait has been bid up to a sky-high price? Chapter 191 delimited names. "The world is really in a mess now." He frowned lightly. So, you have to show up. Li Han looked at her with a light smile. Yi Pianran sighed lightly, picked up the glass on the table and drank it down. It is said that wine can relieve sorrow, but I don't know if she, who is not drunk in a thousand cups, Glucono Delta Lactone ,L Methylfolate Factory, can rely on the things in this cup to relieve sorrow? "Miss Pianran." Li Hanqing wanted to say something but sighed and did not say any more. He knew that she did not like the disturbance in the world, but now she was riding a tiger, the road ahead was unknown and confused, she would be so gloomy is also expected, if possible, he really wanted to hold her in his arms, comfort her carefully, but. He noticed that Ji Wushuang's burning eyes had been staying on Yi Pianran until Yi Pianran raised a glass of wine again and suddenly raised his hand to hold her catkin. His soft voice was like a finger brushing the feeling of a good suet white jade, with a little charm and a little coaxing. Pianer, if you don't want to, we can go back to Fengya City at any time. "Pianer?" Before Jin could surprise Ji Wushuang's intimate address to Yi Pianran, he was so frightened by Yi Pianran's next words that he almost fell off his chair. Good! No matter what happens in the world, whoever likes to fight will fight, and whoever likes to rob will rob! I'll go back to Fengya City with you, and I don't care about anything! As if drunk, Yi Pianran put his cheek on the back of Ji Wushuang's hand and closed his eyes gently. What is the situation? The atmosphere froze for a moment. Jin was stunned, Li Hanqing restrained his smile, held his palm tightly, and his heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley. Pianran, what's going on? Ji Wushuang also could not believe the heavy stare at Yi Pianran, she promised him so easily, but he could not believe it. She's not serious, right? Moments later, Yi Pianran raised his head, put down his glass, and looked at the people present with a dull look. He smiled softly and said, "Well, I woke up!"! You can come to your senses, too! "Whew!"! Girl! Don't be so scary, right? Kim pinched a cold sweat and could not help complaining. Sorry, it's too much pressure, and I can't drown my sorrows in wine, so it's a harmless joke! Yi Pianran mischievously blinked and suddenly turned to look at Ji Wushuang: "You won't take it seriously, will you?" "What do you say?" Ji Wushuang gritted his teeth and squeezed out a few words from between his teeth. He raised his hand and drank the wine in front of him! Come on, he's drowning his sorrows in wine! Pianran smiled, looking at his performance, knowing that although he was angry, he did not blame her, so he was relieved! "Miss Pianran, if you really don't want to show up, I can." Yi Pianran suddenly interrupted Li Hanqing's considerate words, looking firm, "No!"! I won't back down! Since it is my responsibility, I will not escape, although I do not like these, but still can distinguish the importance! "Good!"! Sure enough, there is the spirit of the Lord of the world! Kim clapped his hands and praised it. One world? More than that? Li Hanqing said, "There are eight Jiajie dependencies in Jiucheng Jianghu."! Miss Pianran, how to connect these eight boundaries in series and manage them separately is a big problem. "Indeed,Sex Enhancement Powder, even if I have three heads and six arms, I can't control the eight boundaries, so I must set up a boundary master under me." 。
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