I have four bosses after wearing the book.

Perhaps there are racial differences in the situation, and the situation is also different, so no one takes this situation seriously. Hua is naturally asked to rest, then the blood clan is not so good treatment. He was asked to do some work even though his body was as hot as if he had been roasted by fire. The constitution of the blood clan is cold, not as warm as human beings. So when there is a temperature on their body, it means that their body is feverish, not to mention that it is burning like a hot pot now. The blood clan fainted before they were busy with half of their work. The vampire didn't take it seriously. He picked up the stick and wanted to greet the fainted blood clan. Louis stopped him. In the collective resistance of the blood clan, Carol happened to come down with Mu Ruowen. Carol frowned slightly, as if she didn't like the noise below. "What's the matter?" Asked Mu Ruowen curiously. It's as if she didn't do all this, and everyone is confused by the appearance of her concern. As soon as Louis saw her, his eyes lit up and he told the truth: "Billy, he has a fever and needs to rest, but the vampires won't let him rest and want to torture him." Mu Ruowen blinked her eyes. She knew better than anyone that the reason for the fever of the blood clan named Billy was the potion she had given. Depending on the situation, the first omen was a vampire named Hua, and then the blood clan named Billy. It won't be long. I hope my brother hasn't left the nearby area yet. Let me see. After saying this,D BHB Factory, Mu Ruowen loosened her arm around Carol. There was some impatience on the latter's face. The vampire who was going to teach Billy a lesson looked at Carol, "My Lord.." Without waiting for him to finish, Carol said in a cold voice, "Let her see." With a snort, he sat aside with his legs on his legs and sat gracefully. Mu Ruowen also no matter how uncomfortable he is, after all,S Adenosyl Methionine, as far as the recent situation is concerned, this person seems to be unhappy at any time and anywhere, I really do not know what he is unhappy about. Louis seems to be very trusting of Mu Ruowen, when other blood clans do not want Mu Ruowen to approach Billy, Louis directly angrily stopped. After he stopped, the blood clan did not dare to speak, which showed how much pressure he had in this group of blood clan cubs. If he grows up, although he can't compete with Mu Zhixue, he will also become a tough opponent. How's it going Louis looked at Muruowen's face and asked. Mu Ruowen shook her head and put her hand under her chin. She seemed to be very entangled. She said, "Because the body of the blood clan is different from that of human beings, Quillaja Saponin ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, I don't know what the symptoms of his body are for the time being. Wait for me to observe for a few more days." It should be no problem to fall out with all these vampires in a few days. Mu Ruowen shook her head helplessly while calculating. Suddenly a sneer of laughter came from the pile of people in the blood clan. Mu Ruowen looked at the person who gave a sneer. It was Yala. She is not as beautiful as before, no beautiful clothes, no good rest time, no good food and drink, and even to work constantly, her beautiful hands have appeared scars and cocoons, although the facial features are still good-looking, but there is no sense of surprise. Mu Ruowen did not expect to be able to change her so obviously in just a few days. The blood clan cubs were afraid because she laughed, after all, they had suffered a lot here, and now it was clear that they could not afford to offend Mu Ruowen. Louis pursed his lips and ignored her. Instead, he looked concerned and asked Mu Ruowen directly, "As far as I know, a vampire seemed to be sick yesterday. Is it because the weather here is too cold?"? You are a human being, and your body is weaker than ours. Have you been uncomfortable recently? Yala was so angry that she couldn't stand it any longer. She wanted to poke her long fingers at Louis and Muruowen's foreheads. Her voice was so sharp that she could no longer hear the arrogant temperament before. Louis! What's your situation! What kind of life is she living! What kind of life are we living! Don't you care about us! And care about a scumbag who crawls the bed! As soon as the words fell, Carol smashed the table with a black face. And faster than Mu Ruowen standing in front of Yala. She slapped Yala, her face was very unhappy, and the sound of the slap in the hall made the listener feel a pain in his face. Yala was directly hit on the ground, covering a red face of disbelief: "How dare you hit me!"? Louis! You just let her hit me!? Louis put aside his eyes and said in a faint voice, "Yara, you shouldn't say that about Mu Ruowen." Yala was so angry that she cared more than being beaten by Mu Ruowen that no one dared to come and help her. It's all this fox spirit. She confuses everyone, whether it's Louis or Carol. What did I say about her? Yara couldn't help contorting her face and looking extremely unbearable: "Isn't what I said the truth?"? She's not.. Without waiting for her to finish, Ji Wei, who had just come in from the backyard with a bucket, threw down the bucket and rushed over directly. Without saying a word, she punched Yala in the face without any mercy. She directly beat Yala's swollen face into a pig's head. Seeing this, Louis hurriedly stopped: "Ji Wei!"! What are you doing!? Ji Wei did not care about Yala's begging for mercy at all, as if her blood clan had a blood feud with her. With red eyes, she lowered her voice and said, "Louis, this is the first time." Louis looked blank. "What?" Ji Wei beat Yala's face half swollen before she got up to move her wrist. Her face was as cold as the frost outside. "If the next time I see someone say these words to Sister Mu, and you don't move anything, then my fist will swing at your face." Louis's face was ugly, but he did not speak. These days, he has been in trouble,Heme Iron Polypeptide, in pain. One side is the people who support him, and the other side is the people he cares about but has done nothing wrong but is rejected by his compatriots. No matter what he said or did in the middle, he was in a dilemma. He thought he could maintain a good relationship as long as he did nothing and stood neutral. I didn't think things would get worse. pioneer-biotech.com
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