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There was a "cooing" sound in her stomach, which was too loud to ignore this time. She looked plaintively at the emperor, who could not restrain a smile. The melodious sound of the lute sounded, and the song "Spring River Flowers and Moonlight Night" came leisurely in the quiet night. Following the sound, I could only see a clump of bamboo swaying in the wind at the wall of the courtyard. The shadows were whirling, and no one was seen. The emperor took Awa by the shoulder and walked slowly, saying, "You still have such a delicate arrangement. This song sounds very good." "My arrangement?" He asked in surprise? I have no plans! Didn't my brother arrange it? The emperor was stupefied, waved his hand, and Huya hurried out. She didn't take the matter to heart and said, "Maybe it came from Niyi's yard.". Those beauties can all play the lute. The voice fell, and she suddenly stopped, looking a little incredulous. "What's the matter?" The emperor asked nervously? Little tiger, what's wrong with you? Come on, pass it on. "Brother, no," he grabbed his arm and put his hand on his stomach. "She kicked me, she kicked me!" The emperor's face was full of surprise, and his voice changed with excitement. "Really?"? Come and sit down and let me touch it. The stone bench was already covered with a thick brocade cushion,Kava Root Extract, and the emperor helped Awa to sit down, but his hand was not willing to move away from her lower abdomen. Why aren't you moving? She curled her lips. "Did I feel wrong just now?"? I can't. Although the emperor was burning with anxiety, he did not show it on his face. He had to comfort her: "Don't worry. She is so small. She may be tired if she moves. She needs a rest." "The big string is like a heavy rain, the small string is like a whisper, and the courtyard is quiet, only the sound of the lute can be heard." Moved. She just moved again. He was excited. "Brother, do you feel it?"? Do you feel it? "Yes,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, there is." The emperor could not hide his excitement. The little thing in her belly moved more frequently, and the expectant parents were as excited as a child. Brother, do you feel that she seems to be moving with the music? "Yes." Huya stood at the gate of the yard, not daring to disturb him. Embarrassed, she looked up and said, "Brother Huya is back." Only then did Huya hurriedly step forward. After saluting, he said in a low voice, "Your Majesty, it was Kong Meiren who was playing the lute in the courtyard." If put in peacetime, I'm afraid the emperor will be angry, but today this situation is somewhat special. Sure enough, the emperor said, "Let her go on. Don't stop without my order." Awa: "…" After the emperor accompanied Awa to sleep, he took Huya to the residence of Kong Meiren. Kong Meiren, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, who had been dressed up carefully, was already full of sorrow at the moment, and his tune was already out of tune, but he dared not stop. Seeing the arrival of the emperor, she put down her lute and stood up to salute as if she had been saved. However, the lute sat on her lap for so long that her legs were numb and she could not stand still and throw herself at the emperor. The emperor turned aside and watched her fall to the ground. Kong Meiren fell so heavily that she could hardly get up and cried out. "My woman," said the emperor coldly, "only I can give her a look. Others do not stand out, not because they do not want to please, but because they know that shooting the first bird! "Your Majesty, forgive me." Kong Meiren begged. "I'll let you off this time for the sake of your father and brother," said the emperor, "but I won't let you off lightly next time." Kong Meiren endured the pain on her body and said, "Yes." She lay on the ground, describing the mess, watching the emperor's tall and straight figure gradually disappeared in the line of sight, eyes desperate and painful. Huya followed the emperor step by step, secretly hating Kong Meiren for spoiling the scene. He understood that the emperor had let Kong Meiren go because he had interacted with the eldest princess for the first time by mistake, and he was excited. It was also because Kong Meiren's father and brother really should not move now. Thanks to his "treasure", he was not afraid of the emperor's low pressure when he went back. The emperor, "back to the imperial study, tiger teeth to the emperor tea, and then laughed," the big girl also prepared a gift for you, but she forgot. When Gang Qingwan sent us out, she gave it to me. ” "Why don't you hurry up and present it?" The emperor asked. Huya smiled, took something out of his sleeve, and respectfully put it in front of the emperor. The emperor lowered his head and fixed his eyes on it. It was a picture album. He painted it himself, although the painting was a little rough, but it was vivid. The tall boy is him, and the little baby smiling at him in his arms is Awa; the one holding the flower in his arms is Awa, and the one being bitten on the leg by a poisonous snake but looking at her with a smile is him; the one wearing silver armor and riding on a tall horse hand in hand is them together.. She drew the moment when they got along with each other in her memory, and the emperor saw that the corners of his mouth were raised and his eyes were full of affection. Who said his tiger cub was rough? Her mind is so delicate. The emperor picked up his pen and drew a little girl on the last page, with braids facing the sky and a small bellyband rolling on the ground. Chapter 1549 fright. Shang Niyi came when she was washing the next day. Listen to her to last night's things in detail, she was overjoyed: "Ni Yi, how do you also love to join in the fun?"? I used to think you were highbrow. "Now you think I'm a lower man?" Shang Niyi said, "I used to be severely controlled.". Do you think if I'm such a good guy, I can sneak up on the money and open my own shop? Not to mention the shocking secret deal with Baijiang. Awa looked at her worriedly. She was afraid that she would expose her wounds. I'm fine. Shang Niyi seemed to see through what she was thinking and smiled. "Since he traded his life for my safety, I must help him, otherwise he would have sacrificed in vain." Time can't heal the wound, but it can stop the bleeding and calm her mind when she mentions it now. "We all go to the same destination in the end," Shang Niyi said again. "He just went ahead of time and waited for me there. We will meet one day." They are only temporarily separated, but the temporary interval is a little long. The heart is stuffy and uncomfortable,Thyroid Powder Factory, not only for Shang Niyi, but also because of the thought of death, thought of all people will eventually be separated. pioneer-biotech.com
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