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Chen old man was stupefied did not react to come over for a long time: "Base, what base do you do?!"! If you don't open a grocery store, what kind of base do you have? Old man Chen couldn't figure out whether those desserts were desserts or not. Anyway, he thought they were non-staple food stores, and he couldn't understand why these college students didn't study hard to get those shameful things! Study hard, and when you graduate, you will be assigned a good unit and an iron rice bowl, which is not better than anything! Make a mess of this! But after all, he was not a relative, and he did not have the nerve to say where Lu yuanzhi's "family origin" was. But today this is not the same, open a non-staple food store, and fool around with what base, this is not nonsense! Old man Chen is both heartache and anger, good reading is better than what?! You have to make such a mess instead of focusing on your study! Idiot! Lost the watermelon and picked up the sesame! "He felt the money burning in his hand." Lu yuanzhi said casually, "He didn't listen to me.". Uncle Chen, please help him. You can't throw money down without seeing anything, can you? Old man Chen was so angry that he looked at him and wanted to hit someone, but he felt that he had no position and sat sullenly biting the steamed bread to vent. When Wei and Lu yuanzhi did not speak again, the two sides deadlocked down. Da-da.. The big black dog came over, swept his long tail on the ground, and sat down demurely. Lu yuanzhi's eyes lit up. The big black dog was not old man Chen's biggest dog, but it was really the most handsome dog. The tendons under the shiny fur were very smooth. His ears stood high and his eyes were bright. He was the leader of the dog group. Old man Chen's dog is well raised, and the best one is this head dog. He is very cool, but very handsome. He looks like his brother, but he looks much more powerful than his brother. It is also one of the dogs that do not like to be close to people. Lu yuanzhi specially picked out the biggest piece of meat and put it beside him, but the big dog didn't even look at it. He just stuck to the old man Chen persistently, and his eyes were not floating. Don't bother. It's not what I gave you. He won't swallow it without my orders. Old man Chen's bad temper was much better after he met the dog, and his expression softened. Reaching out his hand and rubbing it on his head,Blue Bottle Serum, old man Chen ordered, "Eat!" The big dog immediately lowered his head and bit the meat, raised his neck and swallowed it. Old man Chen didn't like anyone except the dog. After lunch, he drove them away and whistled. Jiro, who was still playing crazily at the door, immediately stopped and rushed over. Then he braked and stopped at the next second when he was about to hit old man Chen. Although Dalang and Jiro are only medium-sized local dogs up to the height of people's knees, they can't stand such an attack for people of Chen's age, so in training, they can't attack people indiscriminately, which is strengthened training. The two puppies are very good, although out of the dog's nature, they want to be touched and played with, but they are still very good and restrained, obediently squatting in front of the old man Chen seriously, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Oil Dropper Bottle, but their tails are wagging from side to side to show the expectation of "come and touch me". Old man Chen's legs and feet are not neat, although it is only a squat action, but it is still very difficult to do. Da Lang, Jiro. Old man Chen held their heads and rubbed them one by one, and then tied one end of the rope into the hole of the collar. "It's done. You two will be obedient in the future. Only the dog that can't be trained well will come to me for the second time. Don't come again in the future, ah!" Old man Chen tied the rope to Da Lang Erlang and slowly tried to stand up, but his body suddenly shook. Careful Subconsciously, Shi Wei wanted to go up and help him, but old man Chen soon tilted his body and flashed over Shi Wei's hand. What are you doing? Old man Chen stood up menacingly, his eyes staring like brass bells. "What are you worrying about? Go, go, go!"! Let's go! When the captain touched his nose, he felt embarrassed. He knew that older people were more concerned about face, so when old man Chen squatted hard, he just thought he didn't see it, but he didn't expect old man Chen to be so stubborn that he would fall down and still insist on showing off. Shi Wei and Lu yuan, one of them, had a dog. When they were walking, Da Lang Jiro was still very happy. He felt that he was going out to play. He wagged his tail and was very happy. But as soon as the two men and the two dogs went out, the gate was immediately closed. Big Lang and Erlang were a little confused. They looked at each other and looked up at Shi Wei and Lu yuanzhi. He whined a few times and ran to old man Chen's house, pawing at the door twice, but no one came to open the door for them as usual. Both Shi Wei and Lu yuanzhi couldn't bear it any more. Just as they were hesitating, they heard the roar of old man Chen in the yard: "Why are you dilly-dallying?!"! Go, go, go, go! Da Lang Er Lang listened to old man Chen's scolding, as if he suddenly understood something, and ran over with his tail hanging down to rub against the legs of Shi Wei and Lu yuanzhi. All right, I'll bring you here to play when I'm free, OK? Shi Wei touched their dog's head and comforted them. The two men and the two dogs dawdled for a while before they continued to walk home. Lu yuanzhi was particularly silent, and then suddenly turned around and stopped at the corner: "I don't think Uncle Chen is trying to be brave." Lu yuanzhi looked at the wall made of straw, wood and mud and said in a low voice, "Because there is only one person, no matter when, we can not have the mentality of dependence.". Once you have it, you will have expectations, but after that, you will be more disappointed. After a few more steps, old man Chen's house was completely out of sight. When the captain in the heart a astringent. In fact, whether it is a strange temper or a lack of contact with people, it is just a clumsy attempt to protect oneself. Because of the fear of losing, so do not contact. But I'm still lonely, otherwise I wouldn't have so many dogs. Lu yuanzhi and old man Chen can get along, in addition to saving their lives, there are some complex relationships between them,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, probably because they can not integrate into the loneliness of the world, which connects them. Because you can almost understand the situation on the other side. When the captain reached out to hold Lu yuanzhi's hand, and then put it in his pocket together.
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