Mrs. Lu's Sweet Wedding Day

It seems that he really wants to take her back to live with him? Heh! She walked out of the gate without looking back. Half ring, did not hear someone behind her, she stopped subconsciously. There was a sound of tires crushing the ground behind her, and the car came slowly and stopped at her side. The window came down to reveal the man's gentle face. Get in the car. Angel'oh 'sound, turned to the front of the small lights in front of their own door and go. After Shao Baichuan's throat rolled a few times, he finally drove away behind her. Some things can't be pushed too fast. However, it can no longer be allowed to develop. If you don't communicate, you can only get stuck in a dead end. - When Angel went upstairs, Shao Baichuan just walked into the hall. She turned to meet his upward gaze. I don't want to move in with you. She licked her lips. "But you can move over here." Shao Baichuan raised his eyebrows and was surprised at what she said. You sleep in the guest room. Don't come into my room without my permission. "No problem." He answered good-naturedly. The mountain is not me, I am the mountain. It's all the same. Also She paused. You say "Don't mention that topic again." She lowered her eyes and looked away quietly. Which topic? Angel: "…" Ask knowingly, don't you? "Well,Glass Cream Jars, that night in my room." "Shut up." Angel's face changed and she interrupted him in a shrill voice. Okay, okay, okay. We don't talk about it. We don't talk about it anymore. OK? ". He reached out his hand and made a stop gesture to soothe her. After a few seconds of calm, Angel held her chin high and said her last and most important condition. Don't stop my card. It was obviously begging for help,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, but when it came out of her mouth, it was as proud as if someone had begged her. The response to her is still a "good" word for a man's good temper. Miss Ann went back to her room contentedly. Soon, however, she knew that she was really inviting the wolf into the house, and that she could no longer drive it away. - Shao Baichuan came out of the bath and found three missed calls on his mobile phone, all from Feng Ruofei. Sit down on the edge of the bed and wipe your wet hair while calling back. Ruofei, what are you looking for me for so late? His gentle tone was the same as ever. Feng Ruofei over there asked, "Are you still in the company?"? Why haven't you answered the phone for so long? "No." "You're not at home?" "At home." Then I rang the doorbell so many times and you didn't open it? Inconvenient? "No.". I'm not at the apartment. "So which house are you in?" Feng Ruofei's voice rose two degrees. I'm in the middle of the mountain with Angie. “……” Feng Ruofei was suddenly speechless. You're in such a hurry to find me that you won't ask me where I am and who I'm with, oil dropper bottle ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, will you? Relative to his calm and free, Feng Ruofei's face over there is very ugly. She swallowed her breath and then answered, "You and she are not going to live a normal husband and wife life, are you?"? Can that prodigal young lady live a good life with you? Shao Baichuan smiled: "Angel and I are husband and wife, and it is normal to live a normal husband and wife life.". You may have some misunderstanding about Angel. She likes to go shopping, which is not a prodigal. It's just a habit of life that she has developed since she was a child. I can afford such a life now. There's no need for her to change. And you, don't just work all day. You can stop a little when you meet the right person. Feng Ruofei laughed twice: "Maybe I can't meet him in my life, who knows.". Don't mention that. She knew him very well, and some things were said once or twice, but he didn't care. But the third time, no matter how gentle his temperament is, he will not be happy. She had talked about him and Angel several times, but he still insisted on it. If she mentioned it again, it would make him unhappy. So she kept all those words in her stomach. All right, let's not talk about personal matters. Let's talk about business. She must have come to him so late to ask more than just about him and Angel. When it comes to business, Feng Ruofei is not ambiguous at all. HY is going to have an interview with NSA executives tomorrow. After that, can I have an exclusive interview with you? Shao Baichuan: "I can't decide this." Feng Ruofei: "How about talking to Lu Shengti tomorrow?"? Now the industry is very interested in the NSA merger. ” "To be honest, Lu Sheng is not willing to accept any media interviews on this project." It means she doesn't want hope. But Baichuan, can you help me? It's really important for me to make this interview. It's about my promotion to chief reporter at the end of the year. "Ruofei." Shao Baichuan interrupted her: "Your efforts and ability to work are obvious to all. Even if you can't do this interview, it won't affect your rating at the end of the year." Feng Ruofei's voice was cold: "Do you mean you won't help?" "I can't give you any guarantees." "Forget it, I know." "Ruofei." He called out, and the other party had hung up decisively. He was about to put down his cell phone when a cold female voice came from his ear. Mom, your good son-in-law has finished chatting with his old lover. Now it's your turn. Angie leaned against the half-open door in her robe and saw him finally hang up the phone and come in in his slippers. Angie.. Shao Baichuan stood up and was about to come over when she was stopped by Angel's hand. My mother wants to talk to you. With these words, he threw his cell phone to him and stepped back to the door. Shao Baichuan took the cell phone that had been mercilessly thrown on the bed by the owner, confirmed that it had not been hung up, and chatted with his mother-in-law on the phone, explaining by the way that he had not talked to any'old lover 'just now. His mother-in-law had always trusted him very much and called to make sure that he and Angel were'living 'together,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, so she didn't bother the young couple any more and hung up quickly. Shao Baichuan wanted to come over with his cell phone and return it to the person leaning against the door, but she reached out and stopped him. "Just throw it over." "Angie, you don't have to be so defensive. I won't do anything to you." 。
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