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The game is finally almost over. Erbei Qiuzhichichich has become dispirited (° A ° `) Chapter 47 evasion. Lin Junyu was hiding from him, and Lu Li clearly felt this. Lu Li's EQ is really not very high, but the EQ is not high does not mean that the IQ is also low, ah, and Lin Junyu also showed so obvious, a look of not wanting to talk to him. Lu Li is really confused, obviously before the time in the tower is still good, and Lin Junyu also sacrificed his life to save him. But now Lin Junyu is a retreat look, in the end what is going on? Lu Li is suffocating badly, and in the heart still some uncomfortable, want to vent but do not know how to vent. Lu Li was so depressed that he wanted to catch Lin Junyu directly and ask him why, but whenever he saw Lin Junyu's indifferent expression, Lu Li was weak. It has been in this state for a week, and Lu Lichou's hair is about to fall out. Get up early in the morning with the intention of luck to call Lin Junyu, but Lin Junyu still left as early as before. At the thought that Lin Junyu had to get up early and didn't want to see him, Lu Li was so stuffy that he wanted to vomit blood. A burst of anger rose in his heart, and Lu Li walked angrily all the way to the hall, without even the smile that had always been on his face. The younger brothers and sisters who wanted to say hello to Lu Li along the way did not dare to come forward, for fear of Lu Li's bad luck. Came to the hall,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, ignoring the surrounding disciples look, Lu Li walked to Lin Junyu's side, just want to say something, Lin Junyu is suddenly turned his face. Into Lin Junyu's blank line of sight, Lu Li's anger instantly withered down, opened his mouth, Lu Li held back for a long time and finally opened his mouth and said. Did you have breakfast? Lin Junyu's eyes became complicated in an instant, and he looked at Lu Li's head slightly wrinkled,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, his cheeks a little red, but he was angry. You are very irresponsible, do you know? If you can't, don't do anything that will make people misunderstand! After saying that, Lin Junyu directly pushed Lu Lifei away from the hall. Lu Li stood in place with a dull face and did not know how to react for a moment. The disciples around him who just heard Lin Junyu's words were also ignorant. Looking at the dull Lu Li and thinking about Lin Junyu who had just left angrily, the disciples all thought of a rare reason in their minds. Could it be that Lu Li and Lin Junyu are no longer pure brothers? Han Qingyi, who wanted to find Lu Li to gossip in the crowd, was pulled back by Xiao Yi on one side before he got up. Before he could curse, the master came. Had to sit back obediently, Han Qingyidu mumbled and did not know what to say. Move to transform essence, refine essence to transform spirit, refine spirit to transform spirit, refine spirit to return emptiness, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, return emptiness to combine Tao, and prove true immortals.. Lu Li's eyes were empty, thinking about what Lin Junyu meant just now, and why he could understand every time, but when these words were combined together, he could not understand them. However, Lu Li understood why Lin Junyu was hiding from him, but he did not understand why Lin Junyu was angry with him. Lu Li's eyes emerged some helplessness, he really want to break the head do not understand ah. Lin Junyu, who had left before, was sitting on the big stone in the back hill, angrily throwing the stone in his hand into the river, and said bitterly in his mouth. Nasty! Dengtuzi! The person I hate most is you! The stone fell into the stream and splashed a circle of ripples. Lin Junyu, holding the stone, looked at the small fish in the stream and said in a low voice. So how can I like you? …… Author Gossip: Looking forward to May 1? Heh heh heh, make an appointment at the tenth watch and ask for a recommendation ~ Chapter 48 turnaround. Since the failure of the negotiations in the hall, Lu Li found that Lin Junyu was hiding from him even more, as if he had some virus on his body. Lu Li just wants to find Lin Junyu to ask the reason, he does not know the person, Lu Li these days sad feeling his hair is almost white. However, what Lu Li did not expect was that a chance for him to be alone with Lin Junyu would soon come. This day still did not get Lin Junyu half a look in the eyes of Lu Li is preparing to water the spirit grass, but received a summons from the master. I don't know why I went to the master's residence. To Lu Li's surprise, Lin Junyu was also there. Lin Junyu, who also saw Lu Li, wanted to go subconsciously. Lu Li frowned and grabbed Lin Junyu's hand. His tone was rarely cold and hard. Why do you want to leave as soon as you see me, so you don't want to see me? Lin Junyu's cheeks were instantly stained with a blush, half angry and half dry because of Lu Li's touch, and Lin Junyu simply hated the reaction of her body. He looked up at Lu Li, beautiful Danfeng with a little bit of crystal, angry tone, but with a trace of trembling in his voice. You let go of me! I have made it clear before that I, Lin Junyu, cannot be a substitute for anyone. Even if there is a feeling so what, it may just be my illusion! Lu Li frowned more tightly, looking at the stubbornness on Lin Junyu's face, that pair of beautiful eyes seemed to hide a dazzling Milky Way in general, burning its brilliance. Lu Li's heart softened in an instant, and for a moment he could not maintain the anger in his heart. He sighed softly, and his voice softened. What the hell are you talking about? What substitute? Lin Junyu pursed his lips, listening to Lu Li's soft voice, Lin Junyu's heart suddenly rose a burst of grievance, eyes instantly dyed a circle of red. Lu Li panicked and said hurriedly. What happened all of a sudden? Why are your eyes red? Lin Junyu pulled out his hand, lowered his head and did not want Lu Li to look at him at this time, and roared with chagrin. I just got sand in my eyes! As soon as Lu Li choked,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, how could there be sand in his eyes indoors. But Lu Li said against his will. I know you just got sand in your eyes, so.. Before Lu Li had finished speaking, the door was pushed open again and Lin Yuyang came in. Asked when he saw Lu Li and Lin Junyu's strange standing posture. What are you two doing standing here? 。
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