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"Why are you here?" As soon as I turned my head, the man's enlarged face was right in front of me. I was so scared that I stopped breathing. He hooked me back to bed. He wanted to kiss me. I quickly pushed his face: "Didn't you agree with the charming gentleman not to harass me?!" "What the hell gentleman agreement, you forget the river to my abstinence to death, I do not get back now?" Half of his body pressed me, took my hand off his face, kissed it carefully, and then sucked it. My fingers were full of his saliva. I couldn't stand it! Leng Mo, are you a dog?! Do you lick your hands like this? Go away! Go away "Well, don't lick your hands, lick other places." What he said was very sentimental, and he gagged me without waiting for me to resist. In the quiet and dark air, I could only hear each other's breath, which was intertwined, and I couldn't tell whether it was his breath or mine. When he couldn't stand it, he couldn't stand biting my lips. My eyes were confused. I looked at him wrapped in fog, watching him pull his clothes and trousers irritably, watching him press up again. I suddenly realized that he was really going to mess up in this place. As soon as he woke up, he kissed me again. His breath is getting heavier and heavier, his chest is getting hotter and hotter, and the hot,glass cream jars, urgent and oppressive emotions from his body are all received by me. Do I know his body so well? It was as if I had complete control over his body, and this feeling was so wonderful that it was hard to express in words. I'm getting lost. What are he and I now? "Baby, look at me." He called me with his throat on fire. I stared blankly at him. My eyes were misty and I couldn't see him clearly. He couldn't stand me like this. With a heavy hum, he covered my body again and bit my chin: "You're good. I'll do it once. I won't tire you, huh?" "But tomorrow," my brain is confused, blurted out. Short exercise can help you sleep. I'm not afraid. I promise it will be shorter. His so-called short time I dare not think,30ml dropper bottle, people sober up some, want to push him, but he can not help but come in. After a while, he disliked me for scratching his face and shoulders, and turned me upside down with my back to him. He came in from behind, let me raise my buttocks, and spanked my buttocks. I was so angry that I couldn't scratch him. In this position, he was particularly easy to bully me at will, and it was very deep. I grabbed the sheets with both hands and gradually lost consciousness. He pressed up from behind, his hands covered mine, ten fingers interlocked, he kissed my back, deep to the extreme, he put my whole person on the chest, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,30ml Dropper Bottle, dead against me, in my ear dumb language: "can not leave you, how to do?" My heart is trembling. This time he unexpectedly didn't bother me much. After doing it once, he held me in his arms and kissed me from forehead to toes. He kissed and licked me all over. If it weren't for the green turtle in the bathroom, I really wanted to take another bath! What's wrong with this man! At last he was satisfied. He held my waist from behind and embedded me in his chest. His face was buried in my hair. I was so compatible with him that I seemed to be one, regardless of each other. You've been very good today, little one. I'm very pleased. The satisfied man's voice was sexy and hoarse. I feebly read him: "You and the charm clearly agreed, who will harass me who is a despicable villain, you." "I choose the latter between a mean and shameless person and you." Leng Mo is particularly shameless to say: "Charm that kind of, brain one tendon, still want to argue with me?"? He wants to be a gentleman. Let him be a gentleman. Nima this is simply too shameless, I rolled a huge supercilious eyes, and gradually some indescribable emotions blocked in the heart: "Leng Mo, what are we in the end?"? I used to like you, so I was willing to give you, but now you always want me, completely regardless of my feelings, what on earth is this? Leng Mo was silent. I feel a little uncomfortable. "What is it between us?" He said suddenly. Chapter 471 double love you. You used to love me very much, so much, but I lost your feelings, now I love you, double love. "Leng Mo said, holding me tighter:" You don't have to do anything, you don't have to think about anything, you just continue to follow your heart to go, the other to me, love you all the things, all to me to do. " I will do all the things that I love you. I was really moved by his words, but he then said: "As the saying goes, when you do it, you love it. When you love it, you can't leave it. If you make your body inseparable from me first, your heart will be inseparable from me." Leng Mo can always make you moved one second and want to kill him the next! I angrily pushed him away, and he came up again: "What I said is right. A woman's love is spirit, and a man's love is. It depends on how much a man loves this woman. It only depends on how much he loves this woman." "Oh, Leng Mo, why don't you publish a book?"? Did you write the thirty-six stratagems of love and the love analysis manual in the library? I had no good spirit to satirize him. He didn't care. He found a comfortable position and clasped my waist and said, "Sleep. After we go to the nineteen layers of hell, we'll take the time to have sex and grab your body first." ***! Is there such a man?! I lost my temper and twisted my body a few times. He hugged me so tightly that he ignored me. I asked for trouble, and sleepiness gradually swept up. It was strange that he had lost my trust. I should have been alert to him, but he was still greedy for the temperature of his chest, but he was still greedy for his strong arms, pillowed on his arms, and his back against his temperature. Extra peace of mind, extra Contradictory,Amber Dropper Bottles, right? Is it a contradiction? Contradictory, even my own, also confused. I don't know how long I slept. I didn't wake up. My body was shaken a few times. I heard Leng Mo in a daze. He wanted to go back to the underworld for a while. What did he want us to do? I really didn't hear the words behind. Then I heard the sound of rustling clothes. Leng Mo opened the door and closed it gently for me. I fell asleep again. It was not until the charm and Song Tianhen knocked at the door that I officially woke up. penghuangbottle.com
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