It is said that I am a white lotus flower?

At this moment, the expectant Shen Huachu did not know that the door of a new world was opening to him, and his three views were about to be destroyed and recast. Right after he read the book. 【………………………………】 Listening to his own host with a little anticipation of speculation, one side knows that the world probably set the system can not bear to turn its head, its host is actually very sweet ah. The system silently prays in its heart. The beginning of the plot, very ordinary, it simply tells about the protagonist's life experience, Shen Huachu looked at the past, for the protagonist's identity setting, Shen Huachu has long been clear, this protagonist's life experience is very consistent with the setting of the protagonist in the novel he read before.. It seems that it should not be much different from what he thinks (there is a novel called Tanbi in this world, also known as pure love). The protagonist of this article is named Shen Yan, whose father is unknown. He has only two relatives, namely, his mother and grandmother. Shen Yan's mother loves Shen Yan very much, but this maternal love has become powerless under the physical reasons. Since she gave birth to Shen Yan, Shen Yan's mother's body has not been very good. Finally, when Shen Yan was six years old, because of the medical conditions at that time, inner depression and other problems, her mother died, leaving the young Shen Yan alone in the face of a strange world. As for Shen Yan's grandmother, also do not know because of what reason, grandmother for Shen Yan,coltan ore processing, attitude has been cold and light, perhaps in this cold also with a little hate and rejection? However, after the death of Shen Yan's mother, her grandmother chose to take Shen Yan to live together. Grandma does not like himself, this matter Shen Yan is very clear, after living with Grandma, Shen Yan rarely said anything, he wants to use his ability to prove himself, he has been working very hard to help Grandma. Finally,Portable gold trommel, with his efforts, Grandma's attitude towards him has improved a little, but. Fate still does not want to let him go, the attitude finally softened grandmother not long before the sudden serious illness, because of lack of money for medical treatment, soon died of illness. Shen Yan is really alone at the moment. The brief introduction of the previous identity is over, and the plot has officially begun. Grandma died, when Shen Yan was sad and helpless, a group of people suddenly came to Shen Yan and told him that he was the child lost by the president of Shen's group carelessly. Now the president of Shen's group wants to take Shen Yan back to be a young master. Although Shen Yan has been looking forward to his father since childhood, but for this sudden emergence of a cheap father, Shen Yan is very resistant, but how can he resist when he is young? Naturally, he ended up being forcibly taken away by those who came to carry out the order. So Shen Yan's miserable life began. Was forcibly taken to a strange mansion, everywhere is strange luxury, Shen Yan saw his father, in addition to his so-called father, he saw a father's "main room" wife, chrome washing machine ,gold shaking table, and this "main room" wife and his father have a younger son than Shen Yan. After seeing my father, there was nothing else. In this family, the so-called father ignored him, his father's wife hated him, as for the younger brother who was younger than Shen Yan. Heart vicious, just do not like Shen Yan this reason, so everywhere against Shen Yan, in this'brother 'to do things, insult and ridicule are light. When the wife of the main room knew that her son had bullied Shen Yan, she chose to ignore him. Anyway, she hated the child. In this cold and strange'home ', Shen Yan just hold on, he grew up a little bit, fortunately, although his father ignored him, but the give will not be less of him, was sent to school, Shen Yan in high school when he knew a senior called Qin Heng, in Qin Heng specially under the care of, has been in the cold world of Shen Yan easily fell in love with the whole body with'warm' Qin Heng, After a few years together and a little older, they finally confirmed their relationship. However, for Shen Yan, happiness can not last long. After being with Qin Heng, Shen Yan found that Qin Heng had many men and women besides himself. In order to maintain this relationship, Shen Yan chose to remain silent. Abuse. Masochistic.. Continue to abuse.. Three years passed in Shen Yan's forbearance. Once he came home from work, Shen Yan found that there was a sound of breathing in the house. This was almost something he would encounter every time he came back. Shen Yan was in great pain, but he dared not and did not want to quarrel with his lover. He endured and endured. He chose to go around the kitchen to cook alone with heartache as always. He could not do anything. The only thing to do is to take care of each other silently behind Qin Heng's back. But Shen Yan did not expect that this time the other party would be? And the sound of the bed shaking stopped, the door opened from the inside, and Qin Heng came to Shen Yan with a delicate person in his arms. At that moment, Shen Huachu only felt cold all over. The face of the man in Qin Heng's arms is very familiar to Shen Yan! After all, that's his brother! The'younger brother 'who made his whole childhood almost miserable! This is the first time Shen Yan broke out, in the younger brother that malicious smile, he and Qin Heng quarreled, the final result is Qin Heng tired of a slap in the face. Blood flowed down the corners of the mouth, wiping away the blood from the corners of the mouth, Shen Yan was silent, and then he apologized to Qin Heng. Under his brother's laughing'persuasion ', Qin Heng hummed coldly and accepted Shen Yan with great dissatisfaction. The next part of the plot, the plot is basically the same, or abuse and abuse. Then Shen Yan was desperate, Qin Heng did not believe in himself again and again, hurt again and again, and finally made Shen Yan decide to let go. Qin Heng did not care much about the breakup proposed by Shen Yan, and agreed at will. He thought in his heart that Shen Yan loved himself so much, just like a dog, he must be inseparable from himself. This time, he was just making trouble casually, and it would not last long. Just day after day, Shen Yan disappeared in Qin Heng's world, Qin Heng's life became a mess, at this time, Qin Heng finally found the importance of Shen Yan, he felt that he loved Shen Yan,tin beneficiation plant, so he began to look for Shen Yan. After Qin Heng found Shen Yan, he spent nearly a month to prove his love for Shen Yan with his actions. Finally, Shen Yan was moved and agreed to resume his lover's relationship with Qin Heng.
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