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Lian Bao has a good relationship with Shen Qing, and naturally he has a good relationship with his two younger brothers. Even the good ones make outsiders wonder if they were born by the same mother. Sister, you are too partial. Lian Xin curled his lips and said, "I even made a fake action just now." You are seven years old. Do you think I will hug you? Why are you so stupid? "Whoo." Lian Xin pretended to cry, "I am not eager for my sister's love." Lian Chen gave his stupid brother a white look and looked up at Lian Bao. "Dad said you went to Haihai for a holiday. Why did you come back so soon?"? Did something happen? Lian Chen was much keener than Lian Xin, and noticed that Lian Bao's face was not good when he entered the door. What? What? Is someone bullying our baby? Lian Xin learned to speak to Liancheng Fu and heard Lian Bao knead his face as dough. The seaside is not fun, and there are many people in the sun, so I might as well come back to accompany you. Said, Lian Bao felt that he could not waste his vacation: "Do you want to go out?"? I'll drive us to the amusement park? Or ride a horse? Lian Bao didn't know where he could take the child, and he was a little distressed. We can't play if we want to play in the playground, and we have to queue up. Baby, you can't stand it. Lian Xin stuck out his tongue. "Go ride a horse." When Lian Bao saw that Lian Chen had no opinion, he talked to Shen Qing and took them out. When I see the right foal, I'll buy one for each of you. Gu Sheng is rich and powerful, Liancheng means that Lian Bao did not want the design fee, but Gu Sheng gave her a deposit higher than her order. He was so generous that she didn't refuse,portable gold wash plant, and she could spend it today. My dear sister, love you, love you! No matter how much Liancheng Fu loves them, he won't burn money to buy horses for them when they are so small. Lian Xin hugged Lian Bao and kissed him heavily. Like the little old man, Lian Chen's expression was also somewhat excited. Today's racecourse is finally back to normal, but not many people,mineral flotation, even Bao can not meet Gu Sheng again. This last point is the most comfortable for Lianbao. There is a coach in the racecourse, and Lian Bao personally taught Lian Chen and Lian Xin for a while. Boys seem to prefer the sport of riding to girls. The two boys are still young, and they don't want to get off the horse. Seeing that their heads were covered with sweat, they were still in high spirits. Compared with their lack of interest in Lianbao, they took a three-hour ride back to Feishi City, and their excitement was used very quickly. Handing them over to the coach, Lian Bao sat aside and rested his head on his hands. But she didn't rest too long, basically touching the phone for less than five minutes before she suddenly got up and stared at the screen of the phone. She saw Tian Zhenzhen's circle of friends, and the content was simple. I'm very happy today. The picture is simpler, a small helicopter on the empty apron. Lian Bao wouldn't be jealous that Tian Zhenzhen's means of transportation was a helicopter. She was tired of taking a car, so she asked ten people to borrow a helicopter. She was too lazy to bother, gold cil machine ,magnetic separator machine, and felt that she had to wait again. The parking place was some distance away from her home, and it would take two hours to get down, so she chose the car. What made Lianbao stand up suddenly was the message below the circle of friends. In the past, even Bao didn't know that her circle of friends with Tian Zhenzhen could overlap like this, so that she could completely watch the long dialogue that could not fit on the screen under the picture. I didn't say it explicitly, but the implication was that some handsome hybrid arranged a plane and sent someone home thoughtfully. And who is this hybrid, can let Tian Zhenzhen specially ambiguous show off, besides Gu Sheng also can have who. Lian Bao enlarged the picture and saw a piece of clothes on the left side of the picture. Too paste can not see the texture of the cloth, but according to the degree of Gu Sheng considerate gentleman, presumably Tian Zhenzhen took this picture when he was beside her. Lian Bao wanted to pretend that she didn't care about anything, but she couldn't pretend at all. She was so angry when she saw the picture that she wanted to stamp her feet and get angry. Gu Sheng in the end how can after kissing her, not long can go to provoke other women. Or if he was going to mess with another woman, why did he kiss her. At that time, if not for the ten interruptions, she did not think that Gu Sheng would stop, so she thought that Lian Bao felt even more sick, if Gu Sheng wanted to retaliate against her in this disgusting way, then congratulations on his success. Why did she stretch out her hand last night? If she hadn't pulled Gu Sheng's trouser legs, there would have been nothing after that. The opportunity for Gu Sheng to trample on her self-esteem was handed to him by her, which was enough to make Gu Sheng happy for a long time! Lian Bao threw the mobile phone aside and let the white rabbit come out and get on the horse neatly. When Lian Bao got on the horse, Lian Xin and Lian Chen stopped and looked at the figure galloping on the racecourse: "The baby looks so fierce." "Call sister," Lian Chen corrected Lian Xin's name, "Dad said that sister is very talented in riding." Even Chen's serious tone could not hide his excitement. Her slender legs rose and fell in the stirrups, and she controlled the horse rope to jump over the hurdles. Even if she wore a full set of equipment, she looked slender on the horse, but the strength she showed on the horse could make people ignore her figure. Naturally, it can attract everyone's attention. Ji Hanyu followed the guidance of the carriage staff and saw the scene on the racecourse with a slightly surprised expression. He originally thought that Lian Bao was a charming daughter, but he didn't expect to see such a scene when he came over. She immediately concentrated seriously and was so charming that people were dizzy. Chapter 19 When Lian Bao dismounted, Lian Chen and Lian Xin were already standing on the side. See Lian Bao came over and quickly handed over water and towels. Lian Bao took it, but instead of rushing to drink, he looked at the strange man standing next to them. Brother Ji was sent by his father to pick us up. Aware of his sister's eyes, Lian Chen said with a straight face. In the family, Liancheng Fu would worry about Lian Bao's life, fearing that she would not be able to marry and become an old maid, while Lian Chen and Lian Xin did not want their sister to live in someone else's house in the future, so Ji Hanyu,coltan ore processing, the blind date in Lian Chen's mouth, was like a car driver sent by Liancheng Fu. Lian Bao's eyes slid from his shoes to his expensive watch, and finally stopped on his face with gold-rimmed glasses.
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