Colorful countryside

Zhao Guoqiang rubbed his eyes, smoked a few cigarettes hard, and his mood gradually calmed down. He looked to the west. The sun had already set, and the red glow made the scenery beautiful. A flock of birds flew from the air, chirping, as if to tell people that spring was coming. I don't know where the mountain blasting shook the earth. It was said that a expressway would be built, and it would pass through Sanjiang. Had it been started. "What are you thinking about?" Asked the pillar. Zhao Guoqiang said, "I think what you said just now is that the situation is not good for me." I can't figure it out. Our village's agriculture has had a bumper harvest year after year. As long as the dam is reinforced and the irrigated land is implemented, this year's bumper harvest will certainly not run away. Enterprises, fruit tea is still in production, almond dew has come out again, sales are absolutely no big problem, brick factories and so on, contract fees are also well implemented. A warm day, and more than a dozen households to build, we have planned, in less than two years, three will change the whole village. What disadvantage does this situation have for my branch secretary? Pillar Hei Hei smiles: "We two say two roads go up.". There's nothing to say about this. It's pretty good. I'm talking about the other end. The national elder brother must have participated in the fund-raising. It is said that the sister-in-law herself has received hundreds of thousands of yuan. They found out the remittance documents from the post office. As for Jiaquan, many of the supply and marketing cooperatives have signed notes from the town. In fact,small gold wash plant, they are for his personal use, cigarettes, alcohol, and even gifts for his own use. But many of them have recently moved a teacher's salary to raise funds to build a house in the county town. What about us? Large piece of land, Jin Juhai has been sold to the tannery, the money may be in his hands, he can not? Shall we give it or not? Heard that he is eyeing our fruit tea factory again,Portable gold trommel, the town wants to buy what'leading shares', as long as there is income, there will be money, as well as the town's project fund-raising, these things have to fall on your head, do you think this situation is good for you? Zhao Guoqiang smiled: "Things at work can't just fall on my head.". It should be on your head, the party and the government are separated, and the specific things have to be implemented by you. The pillar said, "Guoqiang, to tell you the truth, I don't want to be the village director any more. My relative who opened the mine asked me to go to his place to weigh and give me 800 yuan a month. I have to go to such a good job.". Furthermore, Guang Tian, as well as Man Tian, gold CIP machine ,sodium cyanide price, all want to fight for the position of village director. Why do I bother not to earn money and talk to them here? What do you think Zhao Guoqiang winked and said, "It's not a bad job. I can earn eight hundred yuan a month.". What else is there to make more money? "What for?" Asked the pillar. Zhao Guoqiang said, "I will go too." The pillar shook his head with a smile and said, "No, no, you can't go." "Why can't I go?" Asked Zhao Guoqiang. Pillar says: "You went, 3 will this how to do?"? This is a big mess. I can't do without you. You're the head of the family. You can't leave. Zhao Guoqiang said: "It's been a long time. You all want to be quiet and make money. I'm just a fool. I'm tired here. I won't do it. I'll find a comfortable place to make a lot of money. Whoever likes to do these things in the village will do them.." The pillar lowered his head and smoked for a long time. Then he patted a small tree beside him with his hand and said, "Well, I understand. I won't go. But if I'm elected to step down, can I go?" Zhao Guoqiang nodded and said, "Of course, the common people are the most comfortable people in the world.". It's up to you not to be the village director. "It's a deal," said the pillar. Zhao Guoqiang said: "Go home and tell your daughter-in-law that I will emancipate my mind again this time and immediately increase the subsidies for village cadres, so as not to say that I am tired in vain." The pillar is happy: "Without your words, I have to fight when I go home today.". How much? Zhao Guoqiang said, "Add to.." Let's talk about it later. Let's go. Don't you see they're all finished? The people working on the dam went to the village, and the dam was empty. Zhao Guoqiang told him not to tell the old man the news of the national and family power, so that he would not worry blindly. The pillar said that was of course, and then he asked how to receive Jin Juhai, whether it was a letter or a martial art. Wen's was to find a restaurant to arrange a table, drink some wine and get in touch with each other. Wu's was to pull the dog's face, ignore it, and do whatever he liked. Zhao Guoqiang was happy and said that you were going to work on the way to step down. That's no good. You have to write a letter. If you come forward, you will say that I have a headache. Don't get in touch with others. Just drink a lot and listen to what they say. The pillar nodded and said that it was easy to handle. I was the best at drinking. I was full of wine. No one could leave without drinking. Zhao Guoqiang let the pillar go first, waiting for him to walk for a while, Zhao Guoqiang got up and walked eastward along the dam, then went down the dam and took the path to the town government four miles away. At this time, the day has been dark down, Guoqiang think at home, know Xiuhong will go to cook for his father, his heart will be at ease. However, when he thought of what had happened to Gao Xiuhong, he couldn't help being a little anxious. Although he didn't dare to move a finger on Xiuhong until now, it was said outside that they were very evil, as if they had become husband and wife. If this matter is put on the general public, it is no big deal. At present, the rich people in the countryside who raise concubines, or whose daughters-in-law are clearly with whom. It is not new. Everyone knows that it is a laugh. As long as it is not a dog's head, the principle of peaceful coexistence is grasped accurately, and no one cares. There were a lot of cars on the highway, running next to each other with lights on. The waitress of the roadside restaurant stood at the door and raised her hand: "Come and park here!"! It's convenient to eat and live, and the price is cheap. Occasionally,manganese beneficiation plant, a car slowed down and drove off the road, and the little girls surrounded it like wolf cubs, wishing they could dismember the driver and passengers.
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