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Original title: The Second Evaporation and Crystallization New Technology Industry Development Conference in 2022 The Second Evaporation Crystallization New Technology Industry Development Conference in 2022 All relevant units: 2021 is the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the first year of China's "14th Five-Year Plan", and the first year of our March towards the goal of the second century. With the concept of "green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the construction of ecological civilization in China is developing in a high-quality direction, and China attaches unprecedented importance to environmental protection. According to the forecast, the annual market space of chemical wastewater in China is 200 billion yuan, which is nearly three times that of urban sewage. For chemical wastewater, our country has also promulgated strict wastewater salt limit discharge standards. How to treat high salt wastewater efficiently has become an urgent problem to be solved in our country. As we all know,thin film distillation, the treatment process of organic high-salinity wastewater is complex, and the target of resource utilization and zero discharge is heavy and demanding. Under the general trend of vigorously promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, the national industrial policy encourages the evaporation and crystallization equipment industry to develop in the direction of high-tech products. Evaporation and crystallization are important technical units in the treatment of high-salinity wastewater,winterization filtration, and they are the key technologies to realize the recycling and reduction of waste. In order to promote the application of new evaporation and crystallization technologies and equipment, save energy consumption, improve the quality of target products and solve the problems encountered in the application, the Joint Authority of Industrial Environmental Protection Network will hold the "2022 Conference on the Development of New Evaporation and Crystallization Technologies Industry" in Hangzhou from March 11 to 12, 2022. At that time, authoritative experts from relevant scientific research institutes, cbd crystallization equipment ,thin film distillation, senior executives of well-known enterprises and engineers and technicians will be invited to participate in the discussion and exchange. All relevant units are invited to actively send personnel to participate, and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: I. Contents of the Meeting (I) New Evaporation Crystallization Technology 1. Industrial application of low temperature evaporation technology; 2. Case introduction of MVR evaporation and multi-effect evaporation combination process; 3. Selection and maintenance of pumps, compressors and centrifuges in the evaporation and crystallization system; 4. Scale prevention measures and treatment scheme of evaporation system; 5. Application of evaporation system in waste acid disposal and recycling; 6. Selection of materials for evaporation and crystallization equipment; 7. Form, type selection and material selection details of the evaporator; 8. Application of evaporation and crystallization technology in "zero discharge" of chemical wastewater; 9. Key points of organic matter removal, particulate matter removal and grease removal in evaporative influent water; (II) Water washing fly ash saline resource reduction 1. Domestic status and direction of fly ash treatment 2. Co-processing of fly ash in cement kiln; 3. Key issues of design optimization of potassium and sodium salt separation process and separate crystallization; 4. Discussion on the new technical route of extracting sylvite; Expand the full text 5. Optimization design of equipment combination of fly ash washing and dewatering system; (III) Resource reduction of waste salt 1. Centralized disposal route of regional and park waste salt 2. The long-term operation of the dual crystallization technology route 3. Harmless disposal technology of crystallization mother liquor 4. Concentrated brine water salt crystallization recycling technology 5. Seawater desalination and evaporation device for industrial waste heat 6. High-salinity wastewater concentration treatment technology 7. Selection and maintenance of pumps, compressors and centrifuges in the evaporation and crystallization system; 8. Resource treatment technology of mixed salt and strong brine 9. Analysis of the long-term operation of the dual crystallization technology 10. Application of MVR evaporation and crystallization technology in zero discharge of high-salinity wastewater; 10. Relevant engineering cases of salt-containing wastewater and waste solid crystallization salt separation (IV) Application of evaporator in wastewater treatment of lithium battery industry 1. Characteristics of wastewater from lithium battery industry and new treatment technologies; 2. Application and case sharing of MVR evaporation crystallization technology in lithium battery industry; 3. Selection and application of steam compressor in MVR process; 4. Selection and application scope of evaporator in wastewater treatment of lithium battery industry; 5. Evaporation crystallization homogeneous multi-component separation technology; 6. Research and application of low temperature heat pump evaporation technology in lithium battery industry; 7. Common problems and solutions in the application of evaporation crystallization process equipment in lithium battery industry; 8. Feasibility analysis of MVR evaporator to realize zero discharge of wastewater treatment in lithium battery industry; 9. Application and successful case sharing of multi-effect evaporator in lithium battery wastewater treatment. II. Participants Experts from evaporation and crystallization equipment manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutions, environmental protection engineering companies, colleges and universities, engineering and technical personnel, representatives of wastewater treatment units, chemical enterprises and power enterprises, etc. III. Time and Place of the Meeting Meeting time: March 11-12, 2022 (all-day registration on March 10) Venue: Hangzhou (registration place after registration) IV. Speech Collection This seminar will collect new technologies, case sharing and conference speeches related to the theme for the whole country. 5. Participation fee: Conference fee (including preparation fee, venue fee, expert fee, lunch, conference journal, etc.) is free for members of Industrial Environmental Protection Network and 3500 yuan per person for other units. Remarks: Please consult the conference affairs group for conference co-sponsorship,rotary vacuum evaporator, corporate speeches, conference journal covers, inserts and other related information. VI. Contact information: Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com
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