Tiezui went down the mountain

After hearing this, Shen Yingzhe immediately went to play with his sword, and he practiced by himself without the supervision of Liangying, just like a fool. The fifth shopping mall is cool cherry, Shen Yingzhe wants to find a spacious place to practice sword is no problem, the walls and floors split flowers is no problem, redecorate it. While Master Liangying and his disciples were waiting for Master Wen to kick the door, a shocking murder happened. Master Wen was killed and died in the woods of the park. There was no wound on his body, but the blood of his whole body was drained. His death was terrible. The death of Master Wen caused a great uproar on the website, and everyone was speculating whether Master Wen and Master Liangying lost the fight and died directly in the hands of Liangying. And because of the special identity of Master Wen, Shen Yingzhe just downloaded such a war post on the Internet. Before long, Master Wen died inexplicably, and soon the police came to the fifth shopping mall. Master Liangying and his disciples cooperated with the investigation, and they had perfect evidence to prove that they had been staying in the fifth mall for two days, so they quickly ruled out the legal suspicion. But everyone knows that Liangying is a master with magical skills, even if the suspicion is ruled out, many people on the Internet still think that Master Wen was killed by Liangying. Under the hubbub of rumors, Liangying simply took advantage of the situation to close the fifth shopping mall. She wanted to return and compensate. Anyway, the cash she got back from Thailand last time was enough to compensate. Cool cherry such a move, the website spread the rumor that cool cherry killed Master Wen even more. After all,stainless steel edge trim, Liangying himself took the initiative to close the fifth shopping mall and passively closed the fifth shopping mall, outsiders simply do not know, anyway, they only saw the fifth mall closed. For a time, everyone felt insecure and regarded Liangying as a murderous devil. Master? Shen Yingzhe frowned slightly and looked at Liang Ying. Home and Tongjiacun side have called to care for them, Shen Yingzhe knows that Mo Zeyan that layer of relationship will not embarrass them, but the master so indulgent fermentation of the situation, always let Shen Yingzhe have a sense of uncertainty in the heart. It's all right. Cool cherry is still a light face. When Liangying's acquaintances were worried about her,stainless steel tile trim, the three members of General Manager Qin's family came to visit her respectfully. Now there is no property in the fifth shopping mall, and there are only Liangying and his disciples in the whole shopping mall. But cool cherry master and disciples are rich, the whole shopping mall water and electricity is normal, but no one, at night looks particularly gloomy. There are only two people living in such a big shopping mall, which is really a bit of a panic. In fact, what's worse is that Liangying didn't personally manage the water and electricity operation of the whole shopping mall at all. She sent Li Meng, the old ghost, out to be the property owner. Li Meng, the old ghost, relied on his ability to shuttle in the mirror and immediately knew that someone was coming to the locked door of the fifth shopping mall. After the cool cherry knew, let the old ghost Li Meng control the monitoring room to open the door for them. Qin has not had time to open his mouth to call people, see the locked electric gate suddenly opened without warning, it is not easy to summon up courage and disappear half. Fortunately, stainless steel tile edging ,aluminum tile trim, there are six big bodyguards around, Qin as a father can not shrink back, crustily skin of head to step into the brightly lit fifth shopping mall. Qin always wanted to visit in the morning, but his daughter's body could not wait, and the couple could not contact Master Liangying, so they had to take a generous gift directly to the fifth shopping mall to visit. Yunshu. Mrs. Qin held her daughter, who was wearing a down jacket in the summer, and her attention was all on her daughter, so Mrs. Qin didn't feel how weird the fifth shopping mall was. In fact, Lady Qin is much bolder than several big men. For the sake of her daughter's life, not to mention breaking into the ghost cave, even if she snatches the life-saving amulet from the hands of evil spirits, she will snatch it. Mom, I'm fine. Qin Yunshu's lips were blue and purple, and with the help of his parents, he went to answer every request. Fortunately, the elevator of the fifth shopping mall can still run, otherwise Qin Yunshu really can not go to the request. General Manager Qin's family of three was full of worries, and the six bodyguards who followed him were a little weak in their hearts. I don't know if it's a preconceived relationship, but I always feel that the fifth shopping mall is gloomy. Legend has it that this cool cherry master can kill people invisibly. The six bodyguards were all young men full of vigor and vitality. They were very competitive. Although they were weak in their hearts, their faces were not obvious at all. Their faces were always tight. They were a cool man. A group of nine people finally walked to the door with trepidation, and heard the voices of young men and women coming from inside, and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It's good to be human. Master Liangying, Qin Zong was about to respectfully say hello to Master Liangying, but as soon as he looked up and saw the dead Master Wen standing beside Liangying, Qin Zong was so frightened that he stepped back and bumped into the bodyguard. Had it not been for the strong bodyguards, General Manager Qin would have fallen on his back. Lady Qin had wondered what had happened to her husband, and when she looked up and saw Master Wen, she gasped. As for the others, needless to say, Master Wen's face spread all over the metaphysical website, and even on the social news network, these bodyguards all know what Master Wen looks like. Master Wen, who has now been confirmed dead, stands in front of him with a pale face. How can he not make people afraid? Eh? Can you see it? Oh, so this is the time. Cool cherry just remembered that it was time to suck once a month again. Under the effect of artificial gathering of Yin array, the Yin Qi of the fifth shopping mall was stronger than that of other places. No wonder they could see the ghost of Master Wen. Wen master died, cool cherry nature can not sit back and do nothing, the soul of the master Wen son to come over, originally intended to search the soul to see. Fortunately, the sorcerer here is not good enough to harm people, but it is not so easy to make people scared out of their wits. It took some time for the cool cherry to call back the soul of Master Wen. Who knows that before Liang Ying had time to start, General Manager Qin's family came to him for help. As soon as Liangying waved her hand, Master Wen's soul was received by Liangying in the small paper figure. But it was all the more embarrassing for her to show such a skill. Although Qin always tried to convince himself in his heart that Master Liangying was a good man, Master Wen must not have been killed by Master Liangying,aluminium tile trim profiles, but the ghost of Master Wen fell into the hands of Master Liangying. General Manager Qin, in a cold sweat, tried to suppress the idea of turning around and running away. jecatrims.com
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