Stay with you after rebirth -- Yu Huan

In the faint light of the fire, she almost lost her mind. She immediately calmed down and said with a sneer, "Does the princess feel incredible?" "A simple prairie woman is not sophisticated." Hearing her words, Zhao Wanru frowned deeply, "You.." "Your Highness is so skillful that he can even put people in our tooth tent, which shows that he is much more capable than the commander." "There is no way out for you to take refuge in him." "Then it's feasible to take refuge with you?" Li Jinyue smiled, "the way out is to find it by oneself." So, Zhao Wanru's calm face is no longer, if really as Li Jinyue said, she took refuge in Ding Shaowen, then now Ding Shaowen most want to do is in addition to Li Shaohuai this roadblock. I know you are good at martial arts. She just smiled indifferently and moved the hairpin in her hand, and the sharp part of the gold hairpin against her neck oozed bright red. Zhao Wanru stepped forward anxiously, "let her go, I'll go with you!" She raised her head sideways and looked at the eager person in front of her in a trance. Li Shaohuai saw that she was distracted and wanted to avoid the gold hairpin. But people without martial arts always move slowly. As soon as she stretched out her hand, the gold hairpin on her neck was pulled away. I don't know whether she didn't pay attention or she did it on purpose. When the gold hairpin was pulled away, it gently crossed her neck, leaving a long red mark. "So dishonest!" "Ah Huai.." "Don't come over!" She pointed at Zhao Wanru with a gold hairpin, completely restrained Li Shaohuai with her other hand, pulled back her hand, bent her knee and pressed it on Li Shaohuai's waist to lock her hand together,steatite c221, so that Li Shao Huai's whole body was pressed to the ground. Hair floating, half a step out of the people deadlocked in place, a pair of slender hands tightly wrapped sleeves, "you do not touch her, I will do whatever you want." Li Shaohuai's eyes were bloodshot, and he was forced to break free from his head on the ground. "You killed me, and you wanted her,Alumina Ceramic C795, it's a capital crime.." Li Jinyue moved her feet away and was frightened by her eyes. "Hey, as for you, your wife and I are both women. Can I still be frivolous with her?" As she spoke, Li Jinyue noticed a few traces of her weirdness. This is the so-called jealousy and possession, and just this person's performance, is clearly very afraid of death, afraid of death, do not want to hand over the wife, in the end is love, or take into account their own face. She chose the latter. Song men have the best face, which she knows, originally she looked down on Ding Shaowen, now feel that this Li Shaohuai is just empty a pair of skin, really all crows are black. She let go of her hand and said with a sneer, ceramic welding tape ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "I've never seen you use martial arts before. You fight every morning?"? The book is always in hand all day long, and now it's really useless without internal force. Say, a palm push away. The sissy man threw himself in front of Zhao Wanru. Under the flickering candlelight, she saw a smear on her yellow neck. "Aren't you afraid I'll turn against you and kill you?" She said angrily. You can't kill me. Li Jinyue said with a smile, "Even if you can, you won't kill me. You care about him so much, and everything about him depends on you. If you kill me and break your promise to those in power, how can you calculate the gains and losses?" "I made a mistake, and sure enough, you can't judge a person by his appearance." She looked back at Li Shaohuai and said coldly. Zhao Wanru's indifferent words forced her to smile at the corners of her mouth. "I don't want to be an enemy of you." Looking at Li Shaohuai, he seemed to have no strength to be supported by others. Apart from being insidious, cunning and glib, he really had no responsibility as a man. "There are many true and false gentlemen in the world." Today did not succeed, and swept the interest, because she did not understand Zhao Wanru's personality. Watching Li Jinyue leave, Li Shaohuai fell into Zhao Wanru's arms and panicked: "Ah Huai, Ah Huai!" "Come, come!" Hearing the news, the palace people carefully carried the emperor's son-in-law back to the room. Zhang Zemao lives far away, so he goes to a nearby pharmacy first.. No way Tell Zhang Zemao to come quickly! "Only." After a burst of orders, there was a sound of hooves in the backyard of the emperor's son-in-law's mansion. Zhao Wanru closed the door and walked back to the couch anxiously. "How can this disaster be on you one after another? You call me.." "How about you?" The bleeding man on the couch suddenly opened his eyes and sat up with a smile on his face? "You?" Zhao Wanru looked at her dully, "you.." "Just now someone in the courtyard was spying, and this man's martial arts are not weak, at least his flying skills are excellent." "How did you detect it?" "I.." Li Shaohuai stopped and changed the subject. "The Lord of Changze County is changeable and very suspicious. She won't trust anyone. Pulling her into the game is just a counter-attack on Ding Shaowen." "On your neck.." Li Shaohuai touched the neck oozing blood, "the hairpin just scraped, just as well." Zhao Wanru went to the cabinet behind the mirror, took out a small porcelain bottle from a small drawer, went back to the couch and sat down beside Li Shaohuai, glanced at the wound, "Next time, can you not be so rash, can you tell me in advance?" "Can you.." Don't get hurt, don't make fun of your body. Li Shaohuai nodded hurriedly, "It happened suddenly, and I didn't know she was today.." Looking at Zhao Wanru's worried expression, "Ding Shaowen dares to take medicine, and the Lord of Changze County will not be partial to him in the future, but I don't know why she will.." "If it's as you think, I think it's good. Is it true that in this world, you are the only one who is allowed to play around, and I am not allowed to.." Li Shaohuai turned his head and lowered his eyes, and his tone was a little lower. "Of course, whatever the princess wants, she should." Of course, as a princess,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Zhao Wanru could not stop anyone she wanted. The person who wiped the wound for her was stunned, just a few jokes, "Li Shaohuai!" "Yes." "Do you recognize this?" She put the porcelain bottle into Li Shaohuai's hand. Li Shaohuai trembled his fingers and looked at it. "I gave you the medicine for trauma when I was in Puyang in the spring of the second year of Jingde." He opened his eyes slightly and sighed with emotion. "Has it been two years?" 。
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