Heroes of the Ming Dynasty-Duguhong _ txt Novel Paradise

"I think so," said the Arhat. "If you must take these broken tiles with you, I won't let you." "You're right," said Zhao Xiaoni. "We should be grateful to that man.." He took out the package of broken tiles from his bosom, shook it out and threw it on the ground. "How do we know who that man is?" She asked. "Look for it!" "There's a mouth under your nose," said the arhat. "Are you afraid you won't be able to ask?" "What are you going to do if we do find it?" Asked Zhao Xiaoni. "Thank him, of course," said the arhat. Zhao Xiaoni said, "It's not enough just to thank you for saving my life." "Then what do you think we should do?" Asked the Arhat. Zhao Xiaoni hesitated for a moment and said, "I can't think of any good way at the moment. Let's talk about it after I find him." Arhat did not speak, reached out and pulled off a piece of clothes, he wanted to wrap the wound. "Let me do it," said Zhao Xiaoni. She went over to take the rag and carefully bandaged the wound for the arhat. "You see," she said, "what good is fighting? This knife is like cutting my heart." Lohan didn't speak, but he was excited! The sun is rising so high! There are already people everywhere in other places, and they are starting to do a busy day again. In this wilderness, there were only two people, one running ahead and the other chasing behind. Running, running,ceramic bobbin heater core, Li Dewei suddenly stopped with a big spin. The yellow-clad moustache immediately stopped outside Zhang Yu and said coldly, "You're not running slowly!" Li Dewei said indifferently, "You ran after me for a long time. What was your intention?" The yellow-clad moustache suddenly gave a sneer and said, "You've taken the initiative. Let me ask you, what are you doing sneaking around in the'Zhongtou Temple '?" "That's a joke," said Li Dewei. "I'm hiding in the Zhongtou Temple. What's it to you?" "I happen to be outside the temple.." said the yellow-clad moustache. "I happened to be sleeping in the temple," said Li Dewei. "I didn't blame you for waking me up,Ceramic Band Heater, but you blamed me.." "I'll see how long you can argue," said the yellow-clad moustache with a sneer. Did not see him move, he has been nearly three feet, raised his hand to grasp Li Dewei. Li Dewei smiled indifferently and said, "You can be called a master in front of others, but I'm afraid you're almost the same in front of me." Straighten the palm hard to meet up. With a bang, Li Dewei stood firm and did not move, but his yellow moustache shook his figure. "Isn't that right?" Asked Li Dewei with a smile. "You shouldn't try to be brave," he said. "I won't let you go." He raised his hand to draw his sword. Li Dewei turned and ran. With a sneer, the yellow-clad moustache jumped up and ran after him! There is a hill in the south, next to the hill there is a big house, a few big willow trees in front of the door, quite grand, Li Dewei went straight to the house. It is not known where this great house is. But watching Li Dewei run and stop, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic igniter electrodes, stop and run, straight to the big house, he seemed to intentionally lead the yellow moustache past. It's a pity that the yellow moustache is so angry now that he doesn't notice it. Li Dewei's posture was so fast that he was close to the big house in a twinkling of an eye. After passing the willow treetops, he plunged into the big house. The yellow-clad moustache followed closely and rushed in. In a twinkling of an eye, Li Dewei turned out from the back wall of the big house. The yellow moustache went in but didn't come out. No, he also came out, and that was a moment after Li Dewei turned out from the back wall of the big house. The time is almost counted from one to ten. He rushed in and out, discomfited, dragging his long sword, his beard cut off, his long hair hanging loose, and his left shoulder covered with blood. Where is this big house? Who lives in it? How could he make the yellow-clad moustache, who was more powerful than Li Sanjue, run away with his wounds? I do not know? Because I didn't see anyone chasing me. Li Dewei must be clear. But he didn't say. Mouth. Mouth At noon, the autumn tiger was shining high, and the ground was burning hot. Separated by a layer of soles, although not hot feet, but at this time is still very few people out to walk. The shade of a big tree is the best place to enjoy the cool air, and then drink a cup or two of herbal tea, which is a rare pleasure in life. Li Dewei is enjoying it now. Some people set up a small teahouse under the shade of this big tree. Business is good. There are only five or six stools, but there are more than a dozen people. It doesn't matter. People are willing to stand and drink. On the way came another man, a small man in beautiful clothes, with a wide-brimmed hat on his head, whose face no one could see. Li Dewei had already seen the man, but he still drank his tea leisurely and did not move. In the twinkling of an eye, the short man with a big hat and beautiful clothes approached and entered the shade of the big tree. The tea seller hurriedly handed over a bowl of herbal tea. Huafu guest took the bowl of herbal tea with his left hand, took out a letter from the bottom of his sleeve with his right hand, and handed it to Li Dewei at once. The hand was small, tender, and white: "Master Li, the master of the house ordered me to send a letter." The voice is clear, sweet and pleasant to listen to. Li Dewei thanked him and reached out to take the letter. Huafu guest put down the bowl of herbal tea, did not drink a mouthful, turned around to give money! "I'll give it to you later," said Li Dewei. Huafu guest pulled his hand out of his bosom and said, "Then I won't stand on ceremony." Turned out of the shade and walked away. Li Dewei opened the letter, not knowing what was written on it? As soon as his face changed, he stood up. He frowned, hesitated for a moment, put the letter in his arms, gave the tea money and hurried away. The way he walked was not in the same direction as Huafuke. As soon as he left, I don't know where he came from or how he came, two tall men came into the shade of a big tree, one with a full beard, the other with a lion's nose and a face like the bottom of a pot. Both of them were dressed in white. Two people four fine awn flash,Ceramic Bobbin, Wei Leng pressing eyes, tightly staring at Li Dewei that has been out of dozens of feet on the back. "Is he the first one?" Asked the bearded man. "It's him," said the black-faced man. "You can't go wrong." 。 global-ceramics.com
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