Evil young husband, get down on the ground

Tong Junyan followed closely, also picked up another jar and smashed it hard. Clatter. "Ha ha ha!" Then he laughed, too. Ha ha ha The two men looked at each other, saw satisfaction in each other's eyes, and laughed even more happily. Laughing for a long time, until the face began to cramp, stomach pain can not stand, Mu Mingdong slowly stopped such wanton laughter, gradually short, and then a buttock sat on the ground. Tong Junyan immediately sat down beside her, and they snuggled up to each other. For a moment, there was silence under the sky. The two men stood shoulder to shoulder, head to head, looking straight at the chaos they had created in front of them, without saying a word. Until a long, long time later.. "Madam!" Taking her hand and clapping it in the palm of her hand, Tong Junyan opened his mouth. Uh Mu Mingdong turned his head and looked at him with drunken eyes. Face hands on her face, and then close to his face, and her nose to the nose, forehead against the forehead, Tong Junyan whispered: "Do you know, in fact, from the first day I saw you, my heart was hooked by you.". I want to consummate my marriage with you. I want to make you mine. It's a pity that you kicked me and tied me up. Otherwise, your people would have been mine long ago! "Well, you have the nerve to say that!" Speaking of the past, Mu Mingdong snorted coldly and stretched out his index finger to poke him in the face! My kick is still light. If you dare to hit me at the beginning, it's good that I didn't kick you out of humanity! "Whoo, how can you do this!"! We are husband and wife, and intimacy between husband and wife is a matter of course. Hurriedly hands cover face, Tong Junyan pretend to sob twice. Mu Mingdong picked the corners of his mouth and clapped his hand hard. Don't pretend to be pitiful to me! Cry again, do you believe I kick your job again,outdoor whirlpool, and then tie you up and throw you into the pond in the back garden? You, you, you. You are too cruel! Quickly put down his hand, Tong Junyan stared at her and complained in a low voice, "really, a woman, why are you so fierce?"? Still so fond of touching! You are an open and aboveboard lady! It would be nice to be quiet. "Cut, you won't be able to control you if you are quiet." Mu Mingdong said goodbye to the beginning and disdained to shout. Yeah, too. Immediately smiled again, Tong Junyan nodded, "if you are really quiet, then there is no difference with those so-called ladies, I will not be attracted to you bit by bit." "Hey, hey." Mu Mingdong gave a smirk. Well, then you can do it like this! It's good, really. With a low sigh, outdoor spa manufacturers ,garden jacuzzi tub, Tong Junyan tilted his head and leaned on her shoulder again. "I'm not going to change!" Mu Mingdong sneered. You.. "Hey!" Tong Junyan was so weak that he closed his eyes and played dead. Mu Mingdong grinned and pushed him. "Well, take your head back. It's heavy." "No." Rubbing on her shoulder and holding her other shoulder in his hands, Tong Junyan suddenly remembered something he couldn't accept. "I'm surprised. I'm better than that boy everywhere. Why can't you see me in your eyes and have to face him everywhere?" "I don't know." Mu Mingdong immediately shook his head and used his brain to think about it again, but he still couldn't figure it out, so he nodded, "Well, maybe he looks more suitable for my eyes!" "We look exactly the same!" Tong Junyan hurriedly stared and shouted. Then I don't know. Shaking his head again, Mu Mingdong turned to look at him, touched his chin with one hand, and whispered, "Maybe he's easier to bully than you?"? You're not funny at all. He's like a little white rabbit. Every time he's bullied, he just cries or doesn't cry. It's so funny and fulfilling! "If you want to bully me, you can." Tong Junyan hurriedly said. Mu Mingdong looked at him innocently: "However, I have been addicted to bullying him!" " Ouch! Tong Junyan's face collapsed and he wanted to roar to the sky. Mu Mingdong! Then he lowered his face again, raised his head, put his hands on her shoulders, and whispered in a harsh voice. Uh? What's the matter? Mu Mingdong blinked and giggled at him. Tong Junyan is not funny. Eye to eye with her, he shouted in a deep voice: "Do you know, you are very unfair to me!"! I am also the son of the Tong family, and I am also your husband! I am also sincere to you, even earlier than he was attracted to you, but why did you leave me and take a fancy to him! He said he wanted to be a fair-weather friend with me. I don't want to be your fair-weather friend! "So what do you want to do?" Tilting his head, Mu Mingdong asked softly. Be your man, the real one. "But I already have a man!" Mu Mingdong said that the innocence on his face was more obvious. I know Tong Junyan nodded and suddenly opened a gentle smile to her, "isn't that me?" Mu Mingdong was stupefied and looked at him foolishly: "Is that you?" "Yes, it's me." Tong Junyan nodded. No! "" Mu Mingdong hurriedly shook his head and shook his head, "My man is clearly, clearly." "It's me, it's me." Holding her cheeks in both hands, Tong Junyan put his face close to her and whispered, "I am Tong Junyan, your man, your son's father, you look carefully to see if I am this face?" "Tong Junyan?"? Yes, he is my man. After thinking about it and nodding gently, Mu Mingdong also raised his hand to hold his face, touched his cheek with his finger pulp, pinched it, and nodded again, "Well, that's the face, my man's face." "So that's me, your man." The corners of his mouth were high and curved upward, his eyes were deep and he looked at her, and Tong Junyan said word by word. Mu Mingdong also followed the late mouth, nodding: "Oh, yes, that is." It's you. "Yes, I am your man, and your man is me." Holding her gently, Tong Junyan whispered in her ear again. Mu Mingdong also put his hands around his waist, put his chin on his shoulder,endless pool factory, nodded and giggled: "Yes, you are my man, my man is.." You 。 monalisa.com
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