A drama wife dressed as a gloomy boss.

Chu Wenzhou thought about it and stretched out his hand to Nanyan, who was somewhat confused, and Chu Wenzhou was irritable: "Give me the script!" Why is there no tacit understanding at all! South smoke has not moved, Michelle actively, ran over and handed the script to Chu Wenzhou. Chu Wenzhou turned to this scene and looked at it again. In the brief silence, only the rustling sound of Chu Wenzhou turning over the script was left. Chu Wenzhou reads, ask a question: "They two make trouble, how is female 3 got hit?" The scriptwriter is on tenterhooks: "General Manager Chu, it is to transfer the contradiction, so that the third woman can give the first woman a head." The voice is rare gentle, afraid of a bad, Chu Wenzhou lost his temper again. Female three and female one.. I think it's a good friend. Chu Wenzhou turned over the script again. Yes Chu Wenzhou looked up and thought for a moment and threw the script to Xiao Fang. Was it the female number two who couldn't play well before? Director He: "Yes." "All right, change the play." Zhao Peipei had a sudden shock in her heart. The biggest investor said he wanted to change the play, but when the producer came, it was also a "change" word. He Daoxin was forced to lie down and asked for instructions: "What do you want to change, General Manager Chu?" How to change.. Chu Wenzhou pointed lightly on the armrest, as if he had touched the hearts of the director and the scriptwriter. He pondered: "If you can't shoot well all the time.." Think of what, fingertips slightly. Why do you need so many people if you can't shoot well? Pick out the southern smoke and let the female number one and the female number two play. Isn't it a romantic drama? The heroine is all bitter. As it happens, the vicious female partner slaps the heroine in the face. How pitiful it is. Later, we can continue a wave of scenes in which the hero loves the heroine. Nan Yan felt that Chu Wen Zhou's play had been changed. Spirituality. One breath accurate revenge two and oneself have enmity? "Well,whirlpool hot tub, yes, that's it!" Chu Wenzhou saw that there was nothing on Nan Yan's face that he didn't want to, so he patted the table. Ah Wei Xinnuo is confused. The author has something to say: Chu Wenzhou: I don't care, listen to me. Chu Wenzhou: There is no need to discuss this problem. Listen to me. Sentiment Wei Xinnuo is confused or shocked, since Chu Wenzhou clapped the board, then the director and the scriptwriter have to discuss. Wei Xinnuo and Zhao Peipei two people have a blank mind, big eyes to small eyes, staring at each other,endless pool swim spa, Michelle look at this scene, how to see how funny. But she is not Nanyan, she is just a small assistant, dare not laugh wantonly, put his head down. Just the corners of the mouth has been turned up, really ah really happy ~ Michelle did not know Wei Xinnuo and Nanyan's festival, but simply felt that since entering the group, the good and bad Wei Xinnuo had never been alone, did not help others to say a word, when it came to her head, it was also the present world. Hee hee, I didn't expect that the big man behind my second young lady is so awesome. And the director He Xiang and the scriptwriter, who were discussing on the side, also had a headache. Screenwriter Na Na: "Lao He, jacuzzi manufacturers ,jacuzzi suppliers, what should I do?" He Xiang lit a cigarette with the vicissitudes of life at the moment. As the ash rose, his heart was helpless: "What can I do?" After all, you have to do it according to Chu Wenzhou's meaning! Who is Chu Wenzhou? This God of Wealth is not the boss of the flourishing age, but the boss of Chu's Group! Since the age of prosperity into the Chu group, they have almost never seen the general manager of the Chu, that is not the age of prosperity qualification is not enough, the Chu group can not see. What does it mean to come here now? He Xiang sighed: "I can see that Nanyan can't arrange kissing scenes or bed scenes, nor can it really beat and scold." "Well, there's not much good to do. Otherwise, I wouldn't dare to use such a good seedling if he came a few more times. I'd have to offer three sticks of incense every day." He Dao actually did not know that Nan Yan was Chu Wenzhou's wife who had received the certificate. But the writers know. When the scriptwriter heard He Xiang's helpless feeling, he simply shed tears in his heart: "Lao He, you just think so. I thought so after General Manager Chu came over that day." Not only think so, everything involves Nanyan, never care about this small role before, now have to ask Nanyan. He's so hard! He Xiang smoked a few more cigarettes, and the scriptwriter Lao Zhang was in the corner, not talking about the plot, first lamenting to each other that life was not easy and meals were hard, waiting for this cigarette to reach the tail, He Xiang cut into the theme. "In fact, General Chu has not changed much, and what he said is reasonable. Let Zhao Peipei beat Wei Xinnuo. The line of the third woman is broken, but it can continue the line of the man caring for the woman. What do you think?" How can the scriptwriter feel? The scriptwriter is numb. I can change it like this. As long as Chu Wenzhou needs, even if it is unreasonable, he can also put the plot back, not to mention the relatively reasonable logic line! He can, as long as General Manager Chu likes, he can. He Xiang: "After that is changed, do you think should borrow a seat to shoot or really shoot?" The scriptwriter gave a wry smile: "Do you think that if Zhao Peipei had not been able to shoot well in Nanyan, she would dare to borrow Wei Xinnuo to shoot this effect?" Didn't you tell Chu Wenzhou that she just wanted to slap Nan Yan? Zhao Peipei is a new actor on the second line. Does she dare? The scriptwriter thought of this, and Zhao Peipei and Wei Xinnuo thought of it at the first time. Zhao Peipei doesn't look well. Wei Xinnuo's nails sank into the palm of his hand. But the idea is Wei Xinnuo, in addition to the south smoke, Zhao Peipei hit who will feel guilty, but also only hit Wei Xinnuo she will not. She hit Wei Xinnuo, but it was just a rollover, Wei Xinnuo did not dare to complain about this matter. Because the beginning is from Wei Xinnuo, if she dares to take it outside to say, she Zhao Peipei dares to shake it all out. Zhao Peipei wants to get, Wei Xinnuo's heart is also like a mirror, today hit, she is to eat a dumb loss, have to smother in the heart. He Xiang finished smoking a cigarette, and the matter was settled. Anyway, he and the scriptwriter are lying flat, how to say,China spa factory, but three words. It's all right. Wei Xinnuo is an actor brought by the producer. He took part of the producer's way. He Xiang called the producer out of respect and said that the producer heard the three words of Chu Wenzhou, which was more grandson than them, so he did not refuse. monalisa.com
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