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In their eternal kingdom, the most powerful forces want to open the furnace, even if they prepare for tens or hundreds of years and search one ancient star field after another, they may not be able to find the required God minerals, which can be carried out immediately as the people here say. Several important captives of Eternity are qualified to watch the Mother Qi Medicine Furnace of All Things and wait here, because their opinions are needed when necessary. Of course, Ye Fan could not trust them, if someone would look at their knowledge of the sea and correct the flaws in the process of refining medicine. In the first few days, they never left each other. In the past half month, they finally had a normal heart and began to do their own things. The extraction of the fourth stage of evolution is not so simple, it is very tedious, even if it is carried out by the method of ancient gods'alchemy, the fastest time is four months. These days, the outside world is even more restless. There have been many bloody incidents. It is no secret that all races are fighting for the mineral of God. Everyone knows about the evolution of liquid. However, none of them can refine it alone, and they can't get together the most important ingredients at all. Expedition to Eternal Prime, where they have ready-made evolutionary fluids, and those big families must have accumulated a lot of materials in the treasure house over the years in order to extract them. Advocate war, attack, this has become a consensus, into a phoenix storm! The ancient royal families all want to go on an expedition to capture the eternal main star, in order to revenge, in order to seize the strongest blood evolution liquid, it is worth rushing into the starry sky. Tianzhi village characters at the end of the calm down, Li Heishui, Li Tian, big black dog and other people quite calm, from time to time go out treasure hunting, holding the more the better, very relaxed attitude to find minerals. Ye Fan left for two years, the time is not long, wait for the day of the village of refining medicine on the right track, everything is stable after began to look for some old friends. Unfortunately, Gai Jiuyou, Jiang Shenwang and other dragons could not see the end of the dragon, so they could not find it at all and there was no news. After that, he went to the important place of the demon clan to see the Red Dragon Taoist, the Peacock King, and so on, and secretly went to Jiang's house to see Xiao Tingting, which made her very excited. He also went to the Jade Pool to visit people, and also observed the nine orifices. Ximo,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Nanling, Zhongzhou and Beiyuan also left his footprints, but she did not see Anmiaoyi in the Buddhist kingdom. She had been in seclusion for two years in the nine-storey stone pagoda. In the south, Taixuanzhuo Peak is overgrown with idle grass, broken walls and ruins, and the scenery is still the same. Zhang Wenchang's progress is really slow. For so many years or in the secret land of the dragon, did not ascend Sendai, see Ye Fan for a while quite speechless. However, he observed carefully and found that Zhang Wenchang's foundation was very solid, even too solid, which was really tamped up bit by bit. Just as Ye Fan treats Komatsu so strictly, Li Ruoyu does not let Zhang Wenchang break through easily, every step is very steady! Meet again, Zhang Wenchang more a kind of calm, even when talking about his wife, children and parents can also calmly face, Ji Jiao dyed into frost s s è, eyes more a kind of vicissitudes of life. If you had the chance to go back, would you start? Ye Fan said. Now, there are two mother ships in Tianzhi Village, which can make a space jump. He knows the coordinates of the earth in the starry sky, and naturally he can set foot on the way back. However, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, if he wants to go back, he must keep it strictly secret and not allow others to follow him, because he does not want to be a sinner, in case the flames of war bow there, the trouble will be big. Moreover, he was a little worried about the mother ship, fearing that the hull would be in constant contact with Eternal Prime, and that if they detected it, it might be a disaster. Going back won't change anything. The children have grown up, the wife has another home, I appear in front of them, only add to the sadness, rather than so.. When Zhang Wenchang said this, he was silent for a while. He has changed a lot, no longer like in the past, just remember the past, unable to extricate himself, and now many things in his heart seem to let go. In the future, I will go back, just look at them from a distance, just a glance, I. Will not appear, will not meet. The more Zhang Wenchang spoke, the lower his voice became, and finally he burst into tears. Finally, Zhang Wenchang took out a path book, which recorded numerous and miscellaneous things, such as flowers, birds, fish and insects, ancient medicine planting. All sorts of numerous, the pleasant sentiment smelts X xìng, sharpens me. This is an ancient path, which was given to Ye Fan by Princess Yudie of Zhongzhou. It recorded the method of the natural road and was given to Li Ruoyu by him. Once upon a time, Li Ruoyu said that when Ye Fan was about to hit the throne of the sage, he could come here to take it back. Li Ruoyu had already traveled all over the world. Before he left, he told Zhang Wenchang that if Ye Fan came back from the starry sky, he would return the path to him. Ye Fan left, walking on the earth, watching the sun, moon, rivers and mountains, in and out of the mountains and lakes, looking for the dragon Xu xué. There will be a big war in the future, and the Big Dipper will be the main battlefield, all for the sake of the "immortal". Chengxian Road. Ye Fan began to think in the long run, he will inevitably become the source of Tianshi, just a thin line, the mountains and rivers will become his weapons in the future, and now watch carefully. He met a lot of people, but he had been away for only two years, not very long, and he had no special concern. But deep in his heart, there was a kind of unnaturalness. He thought of a little one and came to Yan unconsciously. It was here that he saw the little girl in the past. But now the city has been destroyed, people have been empty, only desolate everywhere, so many years have passed, she seems to have disappeared from the world, never seen. The black emperor almost turned the earth over, but could not see her trace. Ye Fan was rewarded with immortal materials such as Phoenix Blood Red Gold and Immortal Tears Green Gold, and no one could provide valuable clues except some people who wanted to cheat. Expedition Eternity! The Archaic Royal Family finally put into action, the first group of expeditionary forces assembled, because the number of mother ships is limited, this is a multi-ethnic coalition! The ancient people did not kill the past all at once, and these people were also exploring the way. Although the people clamoring for the eternal main star were ants, they did not dare to be careless. After all, in the last war,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, the Eternal Lord Star destroyed some of the ancestral kings of the ancient race, and some of the races were worn out by the bottom of things, which made them afraid. Chaos is about to break out. Are the two civilizations finally going to collide? Ye Fan witnessed the departure of the ancient allied forces.
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