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Being shot by so many people's eyes, Xiu Jiurong could not help blushing slightly, and his eyes could not help looking for Xiyun. When he saw the insipid and encouraging eyes, he could not help but take a reassuring pill and immediately regain his composure. What General Xiu said is true. Let Chuanyu nod. How to arrange the time and manpower? Ren Chuanyun asked his brother, "go to the raid." As soon as Ren Chuanyu's eyes swept, Ren Chuanyun swallowed the second half of the sentence. Ren Chuanyu raised his eyes to sweep a circle in the tent, and then his eyes fell quietly on Xu yuan. He said with a slight smile, "From Dongchafeng to Dingcheng, the mountain road and the abdominal road must be extremely steep. It needs to be an agile person. Arson and surprise attack must be done with caution. They must not be discovered by the White Army." Said at this point a slight meal, eyes seem to have no intention to take a look at Xiyun, and then fell back to the body of Xu yuan, who did not change a cold face from beginning to end, "Fengyun riding is famous all over the world, all of them are agile, martial arts are superb, it is not difficult to enter Dingcheng, and General Xu.." Along the way, we are all obvious to all, not only calm and calm, but also extremely detailed, so this raid is not General Xu do not think twice! As soon as Ren Chuanyu's voice fell,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Ren Chuanyun could not help looking at He Qishu, but saw that he hung his head as if he were studying the embroidery on his lapel, and had never heard of Ren Chuanyu's words. When Xu yuan heard this, he just moved his eyes to Xiyun, and Xiyun's eyes looked at Ren Chuanyu without waves, as if he wanted him to go on. When Ren Chuanyu saw that no one spoke, he drew his fingertips on the gate tower of the map, and his eyes turned to Cheng Zhi,dap diammonium phosphate, who had been busy fanning and wiping his sweat since he entered the tent. "General Cheng Zhi has the courage of ten thousand men. With his peerless spirit, the White Army must be frightened and fled, so it is General Cheng who will attack the city!" ※ Rainbow ※ Bridge Book ※ Bar ※ BOOK. HQDOOR. COM ※ Verse 58:36, Fire of the Tripod City (4) As soon as Ren Chuanyu's voice fell, the eyes of the four generals of Moyu Riding came together, but he seemed to feel nothing. His eyes fell on Xiyun, and he bowed his head respectfully: "My subordinates have arranged this. What does the Wind King think?" After listening to the arrangement of Ren Chuanyu, Xiyun's eyes fell lightly on him. The strategist of Moyu Riding had facial features similar to those of Ren Chuanyu, but he did not have the kind of vigorous and heroic posture between his eyebrows. He was white and gentle, always with a kind smile on his face. He looked like a learned Confucian scholar. It's just. There must be a lot of things in the stomach of the strategist who can let the scheming man be higher than the sky! Actually In some ways, he is like his master. All the generals of Moyu Riding and Fengyun Riding cast their eyes on Xiyun, guessing her reaction, but only saw her calm face, eyes like the quiet autumn lake, without waves, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, they could not see any thoughts from it. Ding! With a light sound, it was Qiao Jin's sword returning to its scabbard. Then he got up slowly and turned his eyes to Ren Chuanyu. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw Xiyun's eyes sweeping silently, and the words to his mouth were swept away. She seemed to know what he was going to say, and she. And you stopped him! At this moment, Qiao Jin, who had never served only the childe, was deeply impressed! Compared with the other three generals, Qiao Jin did not have the bold atmosphere of Duanmu Wensheng, the gentle and delicate spirit of He Qishu, or the handsome and heroic spirit of Ren Chuanyun, but he had a kind of outstanding attitude, a kind of magnanimity between words and deeds, and a pair of eyes always showed a calm spirit, which made people feel a sense of trust in him. It is not unreasonable for this man to be the head of Moyu Riding. Xiyun looked at him with a smile of gratitude on his face, and his clear and soft voice sounded softly in the tent at the same time, but it was said to Ren Chuanyu. Ren Junshi thought about everything carefully, and the king was deeply relieved. When the voice fell, Lin Ji could not help clenching his fist, and suddenly he was about to get up. Unfortunately, the cloud's eyes seemed to glance at him unintentionally, which made him swallow the words he was about to rush out. He took a deep breath and sat quietly. But that extremely light smile actually lets Qiao Jin be speechless. Lan Xi, who had been sitting quietly and tasting the wine, finally finished tasting the last mouthful of wine, put the jade cup gently on the table, and slowly stood up. When Mo Yu's four generals saw it, they could not help getting up. "What does the king think?" Ren Chuanyu respectfully asked for instructions. Xu yuan changed to abandon Shu and led the light feather to ride. Lan Xi said lightly. As soon as this remark was made, the four generals of Fengyun did not know it, but the four generals of Moyu knew it. Ink feather ride is the world's fastest cavalry, and light feather ride is one of the best, and four will, DuanMu WenSheng good attack, he abandoned special attack! "Yes." He Qishu bowed his head and answered. As for the luggage needed for the light feather ride. Lan Xi's eyes moved to Xu yuan. "Please ask General Xu to take charge of the preparation." "Yes." Xu yuan got up and answered. Set out at the time of abandoning Shu Xu, and sent a hundred thousand troops to attack the city at the time of Zi. Lan Xi glanced at Qiao Jin, "General Cheng's main attack, Qiao Jin and Chuanyun's left and right." "Yes." Cheng Zhi got up and answered. The moment he stood up, a string of sweat beads fell on the carpet. He involuntarily raised his hand to wipe the sweat. To be honest, he didn't care who attacked and who attacked. He just wanted to go out quickly and look at the people around him. Although he couldn't say that the ice muscle was cool, he was the only one who sweated since he entered the tent. He would rather go into battle to kill the enemy than sit like this. Yes Qiao Jin and Ren Chuanyun also bowed their heads and answered. Like this There should be no problem. Lan Xi's eyes moved gently to Xiyun. Uh Xiyun nodded gently and stood up as well. "When attacking the city, Lin Ji led the Arrow Rain Team to cover it." "Yes!" Lin Chi answered. Well, that's even better. Lan Xi nodded, "go back and get ready." "Yes, I will retire." The generals bowed down. After everyone left the tent, Xiyun moved to the door of the tent. Xi Yun. Behind him sounded the gentle voice of Lan Xi. After a pause, Xiyun turned around and said, "I don't know what else King Xi has to do." Lan Xi looked at her for a long time before he shook his head and sighed: "It's all right." "Since there's nothing to do, Xiyun will leave first." Xiyun nodded slightly and turned away. At the moment when the curtain fell, the two men breathed softly at the same time,Magnesium Oxide powder, one looked up at the sky, the other looked down and clenched his fist, separated by the curtain.
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