Edwards has the potential to outplay this ranking

Edwards has the NBA 2K MT potential to outplay this ranking, as his upside is enormous thanks to the fact that he scores at three different levels as well as ridiculous athleticism. It will be interesting to discover the way Towns and Gobert mesh, both elite centers, but in different ways.Under different conditions, we could have seen The Los Angeles Clippers' Big Three place higher at the top of this table.

The way he is now, Paul George is probably underrated at an 88. The uncertainty over Kawhi Leonard's return from a major knee injury will make his 94 rating quite understandable. To complete this Big Three is Norman Powell, a reliable role player who can be hot and fill out the score sheet on specific nights.With NBA 2K23 out and the reviews praising the game as among the top in the recent history of the franchise and we've decided to examine the game's player ratings and look at the top Big Threes of the NBA as per 2K's own franchise.

It's a fascinating study for this year as the NBA isn't governed by trios as it was not even five years ago. The league is more equality now, with most Cheap NBA 2K MT top teams boasting the best one-two punch and being with strong roles players.With this in mind we didn't have a clue what the most effective Big Threes of the NBA for the 2022-23 season will be due to NBA 2K23 we have a better idea.
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