Through the legitimate daughter of the official family

"Mmm" Lu Wencai said early thought good words to the mouth but do not know how to say "outside-outside-outside-hot" "It's okay" "This is the book I borrowed last time" said tea with a smile "Second Daughter-in-law hasn't finished reading a travel book She said she would send it to me next time" "Yes" Lu Wencai said Lu Wen-tsai didn't talk much and tea didn't think much about it but just went straight to pick out books Wu Yi liked the travel notes of the ancients and the novels of gods and spirits and had little interest in the poems and songs that most women in the boudoir liked Tea also picked up what she liked and remembered that Wu Yi wanted to look for gynecological medical books to read so Cosmetics Materials she went to the place where the medical books were placed Not knowing that Lu Wencai was there angrily wanting to slap himself in the face he had thought of so many words but in the end he said less than ten words and he could not follow the young girl into the book which was really too frivolous When tea finished picking the book see Lu Wencai lying there do not know what to think also just think this is the scholar's eccentricity smiled "this book list I have recorded five days later will return the book" When Lu Wencai plucked up his courage to say something to tea tea had gone Lu Wencai pushed the door open and saw only the back of tea He wanted to think and ran to the second floor open the window continue to look at the back of the tea trance-until the discovery of things wrong- "Tea girl!"! There's someone behind you! Tea is looking at the water by the lake but don't know behind her more than a sneaky little girl Lu Wencai shouted loudly upstairs tea is unaware when she felt someone behind her but felt a push on the waist a slip under her feet-she wanted to catch something in the air but didn't catch it directly into the water Wu Yi was in her room making clothes for the baby in her belly Xia He took the material of the clothes and was choosing them The two of them were gossiping while they were working They saw the red clothes coming into the room in a panic "Girl!"! Not good tea fell into the water! Wu Yi's hand shook and the needle pricked her finger pulp "What did you say" "Tea fell into the water!"! He was rescued by Mr Lu who was watching the Academy In the middle of her words she was cut off by Wu Yi and hurriedly explained the important things Oh save up Wu Yi's heart finally put down put down and then brought up "please the doctor" Who was there next to you "Mr Lu saw tea fall into the water upstairs in the Academy and the young masters'followers also saw it so they shouted There were a lot of people at that time but only Mr Lu was a southerner and he was good at swimming He jumped into the water and saved tea Tea just choked the water It was all right" "It's good that people are all right" Wu Yi said in a low voice it was her negligence forgetting that although tea looked shrewd and clever it was not a defensive girl In the past tea had no disadvantage in the Wu family because she was a girl with a face Everyone gave in to her and went to the Shen family-especially at this time tea was the biggest target GlobalChemMall How did tea go alone Didn't you ask Cui Xi to go with her "Xia he obviously thought of going with Wu Yi tea is also she watched grow up like his sister this time a thing no matter how tea is not when the meditation of the Tongfang summer shirt and thin a girl fell into the water was rescued by a man there are so many people around-tea life is saved what will happen in the future no one can say clearly" "Cui Xi greedily ate more watermelons and was having diarrhea Tea was not willing to find someone else so she left alone" Red clothes said she thought less at first now see Wu Yi and summer lotus expression also want to understand tea this wench's luck it is too bad Tea back when already changed clothes just frightened face some pale see Wu Yi just wry smile "girl this time don't want to stay I want to stay all my life" "Don't talk nonsense" "Wu Yi took tea's hand and said" Girl the maidservant is not a fool to say rather than a bad reputation old age is casually pulled to match the boy the maidservant would rather follow the girl all her life unless the girl also does not want the maidslave that maidservant can only twist her hair to do the aunt ” "Shut up!" Xia He glared at her "that's what she said about being a sister-in-law which made the girl sad for no reason" "Relax" Wu Yi said now she really can't guarantee what tea let tea follow her for a lifetime Now tea is still small ten years twenty years later A woman has never married and given birth all her life after all she is incomplete Now tea is too small to understand so it is easy to say When it came time for dinner Meditation Qi came to accompany Wu Yi for dinner as usual Seeing Wu Yi's gloomy expression he couldn't Detergent Chemicals help wondering "But isn't the rice and tea delicious" "Huh" Wu Yi looked up at him She didn't know what dishes were on the table "Second Master wants to drink" Meditation Qi put down his chopsticks "but you are worried about the matter of tea" "Don't worry I'll talk to Brother Lu later and make sure he's responsible for tea" Saving people has become the responsibility-the logic of the ancients and the solution to the problem is so simple and direct "Mr Lu must have a high wife in his home how can he be responsible" Let tea be a concubine I can't bear to part with it "Brother Lu is not married he once said that fame does not marry a wife if he is an ordinary family the Lu family is also a prominent local family in Hunan brother Lu is to study this sojourn in Hou Fu-" This is a bit difficult to meditate on Qi in the thinking of Qi like Lu Wencai such a famous and well-born person with tea such a girl is worthy of it Although it is to do concubine room see in his face even if Lu Wencai later became an official will also look at tea differently What do you mean by that "Tea is a native of Yangzhou and her father is also a scholar with fame I returned her indenture and let her go back to her hometown to marry" As for the fact that she was going to write to Qiuhong and ask her to find an honest and honest family to propose marriage she did not intend to tell him for the time being
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