As in the past, there is Tang [wear quickly]

Shang Jiu was thin, and his young master was wearing only an ordinary coarse linen gown, without dazzling and gorgeous decoration. The light blue color was pale after repeated starching, reflecting his handsome and beautiful face. Silver-white long hair, and young face should be a discordant match, but inexplicably show a bit ethereal and cold. Yu Feifei stopped, and the brilliant light of the sword went out in an instant. It seemed dark all around. The author has something to say: The fourth story begins: In order to dominate the realm of cultivation, the unscrupulous female devil X is defeated by his own father to the evil man who is the servant of his bitter rival. —————————— Recommend the same good serial article, Yu Nianyuan's "If a Beautiful Woman Encounters", slow heat, more than 20 chapters of the male protagonist came out. Helan Jue looked at her, and in her eyes there was deep reluctance and love, deep pain and despair, which finally turned into nothingness, leaving only a cold self-mockery and self-disgust. If you don't want to see it, don't see it. He picked up the flagon, staggered behind Qingyao, found a corner and sat on the ground casually. "This poison is really good. It doesn't hurt at all. It's a pity to use it on me.". With the princess's hatred for me, shouldn't she be looking for a more powerful poison,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, such as a tractor? Chapter 161 04 Servant-02. "Nine young masters." Yu Feifei wrote Wanfu to Shang Jiu, and the chill of the sword dance completely melted into the tenderness of water in her shallow smile. The female disciple was a little relieved. I heard that there used to be a maid beside the nine young masters in the mansion. She was also in her prime of life. She had been instructed by the master of the house to learn some methods of cultivation. Although her cultivation was not as orthodox as her own branch, she was good at sword dancing and was very beautiful. The maid suddenly disappeared three years ago, is it the woman in front of us? Had it not been for the people who had lived in the mansion, all kinds of magic weapons in the mansion would have started the alarm. Then look carefully at the woman born in the color of Qingcheng, eyes mixed with a little uneasiness and confusion, but can not hide the deep tenderness of the nine young masters. With the same woman's intuition,precision welded tubes, we can be sure that this is another person who has feelings for the nine young masters. Feifei, you're back. Tang Yu has already received Shang Jiu's memory completely these days, and naturally he can recognize the former maid. Although he can vaguely perceive that her disappearance and return are strange, it is not convenient to disclose them for the time being. Just one look, and he already knew that this man was not as peaceful as ever. Why hasn't his Ruxi appeared yet? Tang Yu turned his head and said to his female disciple, "You go back first. Please tell your father not to worry. Now that I have promised, I will honestly wait for the people of the Immortal Sect of Yu Fu to come. I will never run away and make trouble and humiliate the family of Shang Fu." Naturally, the female disciple will not think of anything else. This time the master of the house made up his mind and imposed those prohibitions on the nine young masters. Unless they were really immortals, no one could take the nine young masters out of the house. So according to the young master's command, put down the food box and turned away. Spare the maid, Feifei, to catch up with the nine young masters. After the female disciple left, Shang Jiu walked up to Yu Feifei, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, who was close at hand. He pretended to be gentle and said, "Feifei, are you a disciple of Yu Fu Xian Zong?"? Three years ago, under the guise of someone else, she entered the Shang Mansion as a maid. She must have achieved her goal before she left without saying goodbye. Why did she come back today? Are you afraid that Shang Fu will not obey the contract and send his heir to your house as a servant? Yu Feifei turned pale when she heard this. Yu Feifei is indeed the blood of Yu Jiguang, the current suzerain of Yu Fu Xian Zong. At the beginning, in order to recognize her ancestors, she took a great risk to infiltrate Shang Fu as an orphan girl to spy on intelligence. She was ordered to be a slave and a maidservant for four years before she retired successfully. As for the agreement mentioned by Shang Jiu, it was something that happened after she returned to the mansion. It turned out that Yu Fu Xian Zong and Shang Fu Di Zhi had not been dealt with. Yu Fu is the head of the four governments, and his position in the realm of cultivation is built up by the number of people who have successfully crossed the line and ascended to immortality. Shangfu, on the other hand, took the line of being close to the people, had a large number of disciples, promoted the cultivation of truth to the public, pursued the principle of teaching without discrimination, and greatly lowered the threshold of cultivation. Shangfu's spiritual practice method is very simple and easy to learn at the beginning. The control of wind, fire and water has really improved the quality of life of ordinary people, and naturally won higher prestige among the people, competing to send their children to practice. If things go on like this, shaking the tree and swallowing the elephant, Yu Fu is not only worried that his position in the realm of cultivation will be shaken, but also suspects that the widespread use of magic among ordinary people has reduced the awe of true practitioners. After all, people who can really achieve success actually have to rely on their roots and blood vessels. Ordinary people may be able to master one or two low-level amulets through hard study and practice, but they can never touch the artistic conception of a higher level of cultivation. Shangfu has cast a wide net for hundreds of years, and there are only a handful of disciples who can enter the golden elixir period. The highest realm of successive family leaders is only the cultivation of the period of integration, and the success of crossing the plunder and becoming immortal is only the three great powers of Shang Fu in his early years. To put it more popularly, Yu Fu takes the elite line, pinching the top from the best people, avoiding the world and focusing on cultivation. Shangfu is mixed in the secular world, with a wide range of disciples and many offerings, but the quality of disciples varies from good to bad. In the past, Shang Fu was partial to a corner, but Shang Jin, the father of Shang Jiu, the new head of the family, was ambitious and a rare good root. When Shang Jin was less than 40 years old, he broke through the yuan Dynasty and became the leader of the younger generation. He challenged the masters of the three mountains and four houses everywhere and won many battles. Yu Fu Xian Zong spent a lot of effort, and the first disciple of his own line almost lost 30% of his cultivation, so he won Shang Jin once. Seizing the opportunity this time, Yu Fu proposed not to accept the challenge of Shang Jin unless he was willing to send his parents and children to Yu Fu Xianzong as servants for ten years. In the eyes of ordinary people, this is the most euphemistic refusal of Yu Fu. As long as Yu Fu has not accepted the challenge, Shang Jin can only be defeated by Yu Fu in this life. After nearly three years of grinding,Precision Welded pipes, Yu Fu insisted on his own opinion and refused to let go, so Shang Jin had to give up his ninth son, Shang Jiu.
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